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MorfiTM  +   974d ago
Vita up by 5k? I'm loving it.
MikeMyers  +   974d ago
Good to see Vita sales weren't just a blip in increase but remain strong. Hopefully they can do the same outside of Japan.
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kae344  +   974d ago
PS3 – 22,942
Wii – 1,720
Xbox 360 – 610

nice job PS3.
Dj7FairyTail  +   974d ago
|System | This Week | Last Week | Last Year | YTD | Last YTD | LTD |
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----------------------------
| 3DS | 76.553 | 69.439 | 94.011 | 1.191.415 | 1.118.524 | 10.971.295 |
| PSV | 41.073 | 36.028 | 10.302 | 304.264 | 190.399 | 1.435.089 |
| PS3 | 22.942 | 20.676 | 25.750 | 284.845 | 396.851 | 9.144.929 |
| PSP | 12.690 | 12.721 | 19.875 | 197.516 | 259.618 | 19.826.527 |
| WIU | 11.398 | 9.539 | | 204.131 | | 831.418 |
| WII | 1.720 | 1.323 | 9.270 | 24.407 | 150.875 | 12.663.243 |
| 360 | 610 | 543 | 1.084 | 8.950 | 16.859 | 1.622.784 |

360 sales are suppose to be low. 1.622.784 million lifetime

PS3 is at 9.144.929 million lifetime

Wii is at 12.663.243 million lifetime

PS3 stills hasn't surpass Wii.
Yet 3DS has surpass PS3.
G20WLY  +   973d ago
Holy crap - assuming those figures are correct Vita is set to catch X360's lifetime sales in Japan in the next 6-8 weeks :O

That's pretty mental - great to see Vita has picked up pace now! :)
3-4-5  +   973d ago
and it only took 2 years.
T2  +   973d ago
Xbox should just pull the plug in Japan
chukamachine  +   974d ago
Vita – 41,073
3DS LL – 40,924
3DS – 35,629
PS3 – 22,942
PSP – 12,690
Wii U – 11,398
Wii – 1,720
Xbox 360 – 610
Dj7FairyTail  +   974d ago
3DS and 3DS XL are one.
DarkHeroZX  +   974d ago
lol its only 1 when the Vita outsells each indivdual version. Oh i see! Well before the vita started doing good in Japan the 3ds was doing 100k on average. Now they fell down to 70k. I think it's safe to say that the Vita is beginning to dig into Nintendo's market. Maybe Sony should release a larger screen vita at $199 and drop currnet vita models down to $179. then when the Vita starts doing 40k for each model we wont have any excuses lol.
AWBrawler  +   973d ago
Dude its the same handheld just bigger screen. Everyone always count them together. Do you separate PS3 by slim model or HDD size??
r21  +   974d ago
Second time topping the charts, pretty good news for the ps vita :)
Neonridr  +   974d ago
well.. topping the charts only because the 3DS has two flavours. Combine the 3DS hardware and it's a significant gap between the two..

But agreed, good news for the Vita.
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Tei777  +   974d ago
Exactly, 3DS lite and XL are the same system. Its like separating Vita wifi vs 3G.

But anyways, I think we can all safely say the Vita is saved and will do well over there. FFX, Toukiden, Project J versus, Gundam breaker... Just a few titles that will continue to push hardware.
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r21  +   974d ago
True, didnt say it outsold the 3DS total buts its nice to see it topping the charts. Its a pretty solid handheld.
miyamoto  +   974d ago
What boggles the mind is Sony is said to be the least financially strong of the Big 3 yet its the only one that produces the most new exclusive games and IPs without fail year in and year out. So Sony is all about making games after all.
Ck1x  +   974d ago
Well to argue your point, back in the day Sega released more new IP's than Nintendo as well but that didn't get them anywhere with gamers in the end... At the end of the day these companies need very profitable franchises in order to make ends meet. But even Sony isn't going to continue to bring out games that cost $30-50mil to create if it only sales 1-2mil games across an install base of 75mil+.
Protagonist  +   973d ago
Yes let's discredit Sony Playstation, no matter what the company actually does for gamers.
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BitbyDeath  +   973d ago
'Sony isn't going to continue to bring out games that cost $30-50mil to create if it only sales 1-2mil'

1 million sales at $60 a pop is still $60 million.
Making a $10-30 million profit sounds pretty decent to me.
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insomnium2  +   974d ago
Sony's handhelds are doing quite nicely against Nintendo's in Japan. Also the PS3 is killing the competition over there.
Godmars290  +   974d ago
Does this mean that Vita and DS3 fanboys will soon take over N4G?
Losyak  +   974d ago
We already have
Qrphe  +   973d ago
If they haven't already
plmkoh  +   974d ago
I'm currently on a business trip in Japan, I saw a kid holding a Vita and then a businessman walk onto the train with a Vita. I had to rub my eyes to confirm what I was seeing, a huge turnaround from only 3 months ago when I was last in Japan.
boybato  +   974d ago
whattabout grandma playing cooking mama? jk
plmkoh  +   973d ago
Grannies and Women ain't playing Cooking Mama, they're playing Animal Crossing, hence the software sales.

Sexist, but it's the truth, you always see women outside 7/11 convenient stores downloading those free items for the game.
izumo_lee  +   974d ago
It looks like both One Piece 2 & Luigi's mansion did pretty well on their respective systems. Wanna see the software charts to see how these 2 games did overall.

Although the combined numbers of the 3DS are higher than the Vita the attach rate for games are probably better on the Vita.
knifefight  +   974d ago
Re: "Wanna see the software charts to see how these 2 games did overall."

Here ya go ^_^
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izumo_lee  +   974d ago
Cool thanks. Just as i thought both Luigi & One Piece did great. Nice to see niche games like Disgaea D2 & Meruru did well too.
DarkHeroZX  +   974d ago
So in total One piece sold the most. But seperately Luigi's mansion was number 1.
Tewi-Inaba  +   973d ago
Glad that Castlevania game failed.

I hope someday Konami will learn it's mistakes with the series.

Castlevania shouldn't be a GoW/Ninjagaiden/DMC-esque game It should have just kept it's original formula of sidescroller that will make you break your controller.

And the Belmont family shouldn't look like a bunch of drag queens. shouldn't sacrifice aesthetics to follow things that are working, especially when your original setting was better than what you're following.
Doing that is like if Capcom releases a Megaman.... with a fur coat.... on the iOS.....

Oh a side note, How the hell is Animal Crossing still selling THAT many units...granted it's not at the top anymore but damn this is like it's 16th week? Japan sure loves it's simulations. Wii U is failing terribly.
and Soul Sacrifice didn't turn out to be a monster hunter.
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miyamoto  +   973d ago
Sega made mostly short arcade games ported to home consoles as opposed to Sony's high budget console games that require long gametime and save features. So its a different situation altogether.

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