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Prodigy-X  +   973d ago
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Septic  +   973d ago
Well, this isn't good news but I think that Nintendo is the only company that can not only survive without strong third party support but also be successful.

Still, had Nintendo invested more in the tech inside the Wii U, they could have better secured more third party developers AND have their own games library to attract potential customers.

Nonetheless, I think gamers and the general public know what to expect from Nintendo and a 'hardcore' military FPS with strong PC multiplayer roots isn't really it.
aCasualGamer  +   973d ago
Wow, i'm starting to feel bad for the Nintendo WII U owners. There are alot of titles that aren't coming to the WII U.

Nintendo must reveal a new WII U with more power during E3, or they are doomed in next gen battle. They'll be the afterthought of many gamers.
Starfox-17  +   973d ago
What are u pn about the wiiu will have good 3rd party games kid Beyonetta2,Watchdogs,Rainbow6, New COD,all NFS games same day as ps4 confirmed by Criterion,Best digital download only games by far,in fact its getting lots of cross platform steam/eshop games,and with games like Windwaker,X,Mariokart,and Smash bros i think 3rd partys will be licking nintendo's back side in 10 months.
Ritsujun  +   973d ago
Totally expected.
BattleTorn  +   973d ago
If they didn't need hardcore gamers, then why did they launch boasting ZombiU, Assassin's Creed, Batman, and Black Ops II?

(which was a lousy lineup, btw, I personally regret buying my Wii U considering how litte use it's gotten, and how many game (and only more to come) that are skipping it)
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TheTwelve  +   973d ago
Nintendo doesn't want the WiiU to "survive". They want it to "thrive" with the other two competitors, I believe. The WiiU is supposed to take a share of 3rd party games and it is not happening.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   973d ago
The only game that's not coming out on Wii-u that made me cringe a little was Metro:Last Light, everything else mentioned is a big "meh" for me. I mean I wouldn't even waste my loot buying them for my other consoles.
fatstarr  +   972d ago
they been doing it for years.

not 1 mainstream battle field or call of duty game was on the wii
or any non gimped , chibi or child morphed games on the wii,

I really dont mind, its a 2 system era anyway. I rather they make the decision easy then the game not sell and people bitch about wiiu's lack of sales. Nintendo gets their exclusives and different games,

next gen when everything is cookie cut on the next gen twins the wiiu will be shining with a bunch of exclusives and new ish games.
Muffins1223  +   973d ago
Who actually thought this could run on a wiiu?
Kennytaur  +   973d ago
If it can run on a 360, it can run on Wii U.
DeadlyFire  +   973d ago
Well Need for Speed Most Wanted U runs fine on WiiU with better than current gen graphics and Frostbite 2.x engine.

This is purely EA looking at the numbers with skepticism when they see Black Ops 2's sales numbers. EA won't skip WiiU if it had a larger install base.

Nintendo should reach out to EA if they want it on the system. Anyone want it on WiiU they should contact Nintendo. If X360/PS3 run this then WiiU definitely can and even make it look better while doing it. As most see WiiU as basically a X360/PS3 with a better graphics card. Either way.
nolifeking  +   973d ago
I don't think it can run on the 360. I think what we saw is reserved for next-gen.
SUKMELONGTIME  +   970d ago
More important question is;

Who actually bought a Wii U to play Battlefield 4?

I know I didn't. Real 'hardcore' gamers already own a gaming rig on which we can enjoy titles like BF4 in glorious 1080p and 4x MSAA.

We've basically been enjoying the stunning graphics that PS4 promises for many years now. Do I really need a $599 PS4 so that I can play 16 vs 16 matches of Battlefield with no dedicated servers and no mouse and keyboard?

No thanks. I'd rather spend my money on Nintendo exclusive experiences which can't be enjoyed on PC
Starfox-17  +   973d ago
Wiiu will be fine and Dice will need WiiU more than they think soon enough,and without early support they shouldnt expect fireworks if when they do decide to support it and every wiiu fps gamer is just happy with COD,then that will be there own fault because if you want to build fans on a console you have to either be willing to break even or make a small loss or profit to build momentum end of HOW THICK OF EA,there putting all there eggs in Sony and Microsofts basket i just hope they do well because it's no guarantee.
FriedGoat  +   973d ago
You're hilarious.
seanpitt23  +   973d ago
I know dice is a big company but its just to much for them with bringing it to ps4 and next box and probably thinking thy wouldn't get the return back from the wiiu
Starfox-17  +   972d ago
Well lets see if they get there return then ?

Did u know Smash bros wiiu is out very soon and guys that is the most sold game in the US that isnt a multiplat ?
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   973d ago
"Speaking to last night, creative director Lars Gustavsson explained that the decision to skip Wii U was to "ensure that [the team] deliver something good", rather than "risking" the project by stretching the team too thin."

I guess this confirms that Nintendo is difficult to develop for. Needing separate teams to "innovate" the U version using the tablet and Nintendo software. Teams that EA doesn't want to "risk" the integrity of the product by developing for the U in fear of using to much resources, and manpower.

Man, I really hope Nintendo's developmental problems doesn't apply to all devs.
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Whymii  +   972d ago
This does not confirm anything about the supposed difficulty of developing games for the wii u. Fact is that games have been cheaply ported to the wii u and run reasonably well, so it's not hard to code. Problem is they haven't made profits.

It simply is DICE walking a fine line between keeping their masters at EA happy and not offending Nintendo. From EA's point of view they will only fund the game if they are confident to make a profit and the wii u looks shakey from a profit making point. No doubt if EA threw money at Dice to make a wii u version they would be saying something completely different.

It's nothing personal, just business. Maybe Nintendo should use some of the truck loads of cash they made with the wii and DS to fund third party titles. That may help with people's perception of Nintendo and lack of third party AAA title support.
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lizard81288  +   972d ago
EA is still butt-hurt that Nintendo didn't go with Origins, simple as that. Ever since then, they have been spitting on Nintendo. They have canceled all of their wiiu games and making this, it isn't next gen crap up. They were big supports of when the wiiu first was anncouned, but after nintendo said no, they did a 180 and now are saying it isn't next gen.
jony_dols  +   973d ago
Youch. The Wii U doesn't seem to be attracting the support of 3rd party devs...
MikeMyers  +   973d ago
Nintendo needs to build relations from 3rd party by actually listening to them when making the console. Trouble is Nintendo has and will always live within their own bubble and do things their own way.
lilbroRx  +   973d ago
EA isn't the entirety of third party developers. Nintendo was fine without there support during the GC and Wii era. They will be fine during this one.

Honestly, Nintendo should "ban" EA from releasing anything on the console. They cause nothing but harm with their terrible, sub-par, overpriced ports
MikeMyers  +   973d ago
What about GTA 5 or Bioshock Infinite? These are high profile games by well known developers.
jony_dols  +   972d ago
Add to that list Tomb Raider, DMC, Metro: Last Light & still no conformation whether MGS is coming to the Wii U...

With the exception of Ubisoft, there is very little 3rd party support.
SonyNGP  +   973d ago
Guess they really are assmad about the whole Origin on Wii U thing xD
n4f  +   972d ago
i was thinking of the same thing
Lior   973d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
alousow   973d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
sherimae2413  +   973d ago
what will iwata do now? he promise to bring the core gamers back,

-saints row 4
-the witcher 3
and now this..
thank goodness there still Ubisoft
what now?
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redDevil87  +   973d ago
Reggie or Iwata to step down or be fired.

Someone needs to take the bullet because the strategy Nintendo have pursued so far is failing.
jcnba28  +   973d ago
You fanboys don't seem to realize Nintendo don't need third party games to survive like Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo can be successful with just their first party titles, look at the Wii. It won last gen, almost 100 million sold.

Haters gonna hate. Nintendo don't give 2 sh**s.
andrewer  +   973d ago
This will never enter their heads :/ Since the beginning Nintendo wasn't much of a third party admirer neither dependent. For example, I buy Nintendo consoles for their games mainly, and have a PC for the rest.
BattleTorn  +   973d ago
You have to recognize that this is a doomed-mentality, right?

You can't have a COMPANY be able to "survive" on it's own.

There's a little thing that CONSUMERS greatly benefit from - it's called competition.

Nintendo can't do wihtout it!!! (As a company, and nor should consumers want them to)

Nintendo, and it's fans, are outright lying or foolish in ever saying "we don't concern ourselves with what MS/Sony are doing"
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TheTwelve  +   973d ago
Hahahaha, jcnba28...the Wii sold those 100million primarily to a demographic of people who aren't buying the WiiU, based on a passing fad. Luckily, Nintendo knows this and will be trying to make sure they get more 3rd party on their system and that this doesn't happen again.

lilbroRx  +   973d ago
Logically, they will just get the 3rd party games from everywhere else.
LOL_WUT  +   973d ago
From who exactly? Just Ubisoft? Nintendo needs these 3rd party companies wether you like it or not, to develop for their system if they want the Wii U to be successful.

Comments like:

"Nintendo was fine without their support during the GC and Wii era. They will be fine during this one."

Bunch of back peddling. You guys don't want a price cut but instead want more games and when things like this happen you guys just write it off. ;)
DigitalSmoke  +   973d ago
Every gamer with some insight or atleast friends who know a thing or 2 about a thing or 2 should know by now Nintendo is in its own league.
They did the same but with more success with the Wii by moving away from direct compitition with Sony.
In my opinion just like Microsoft is dong right now, going for a TV box/game system.

Can't beat Sony being Sony it seems.
jetlian  +   973d ago
only problem with that is time casuals have moved on to tablets and what not. I'll probably get the wii u in a few years W101 and bayonetta 2 looking pretty good.

After that I dont know
KrystofKage  +   973d ago
With each major release avoiding Wii U i'm starting to regret my purchase.
PS4isKing_82  +   973d ago
Same here. I want to sell mine but my fiancé is a huge bayonetta fan and since the sequel is exclusive, I sorta have to keep it. Here's hoping more quality software comes for it within the coming months.
BattleTorn  +   973d ago
Same here!

I'll likley sell mine over the summer..
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tinezedw  +   973d ago
If anybody is interested in selling a wii u let me know, I'm a sucker for monster hunter but there is no way I'm paying full price for a console to play just one game.and I know they'll get mario, zelda and metroid at some point but I don't care about those games.
NateCole  +   972d ago
Hey, at least they are only $250?. It's not much of a loss imo. I can buy one now if i wanted to but time more of a problem.
iNathan  +   973d ago
Wii U is dead in Water
People rather get 360 or Ps3, and next year people will rather get Ps4 or Xbox 8.

Wii U is jusr as dead as Wii for 3rd Party support, the difference is that Wii set the world on Fire, Wii U is a major fail.
colonel179  +   973d ago
Xbox 8?
andrewer  +   973d ago
That's exactly what they say about PS Vita, that it's dead because of lack of games. Do you think PS Vita is dead? And I'm not a fanboy. I have a Vita. I like it, and agree that it doesn't have much support.
PS: just wait for Zelda and a new super mario 3D game (In case you don't know what it means, Galaxy' Style game).
M-M  +   973d ago
That's because most game developers want to push forward when it comes to making their franchises more appealing. The Wii U reminds me of the Leap Frog toys.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   973d ago
seriously nintendo should stop producing home consoles and start releasing their games on ps4 and XB720
Eyeco  +   973d ago
Ummm no , that's a bit extreme
XabiDaChosenOne  +   973d ago
Not surprised.
Sandmano  +   973d ago
WiiU's woes continue, what's wrong Nintendo? Casual market not big enough? Hah!
coolasj  +   973d ago
Wow. When you see the differences between the big three on developer support. Until MS reveals what they're are doing SONY is hitting it off big. And Nintendo is just getting completely shunned. It's embarrassing.
first1NFANTRY  +   973d ago
not looking good for the Wii U at all. I'm sure it'll get it's fair share of first party exclusives but let's face it, majority of the time it's the third party games that drive sales of hardware.
paul1974  +   973d ago | Well said
what seems more apparent to me is this companies such as EA and Dice look at the potential cost and profits and current user base! PS360 have millions, their engines have been designed and for battlefield 4 it's very little work needed to get the game running on the current/past gen platforms. It's all about the profit and numbers! wii u has a 3 million user base, this game will skip ps4 and xbox 720 because those platforms use the same tech inside as the wii u. Until those 3 new platforms start shifting units then developers look at the cost of developing to the potential profit made so will skip until the install base is there!

I dont think this is anything against nintendo, its just about the money! we know the wii u is much stronger then ps360 so this game would run better on wii u then current gen! just look at need for speed most wanted which not only looks better but runs much smoother then ps360 as it has no clipping.

Ps3 missed loads of games when that came out, I expect better 3rd party support in years 2 and 3+ of the life of wii u, what may stop that is if the console does not shift the units that many expect once the big AAA games such as zelda and mario 3d come out which are big system sellers.

For people to say on here its a baby system or rubbish really are sad, its a great system and better then ps360, we know its not as powerful as ps4 or xbox 720 but come on people maybe you should invest some time in it to see how good it really is
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   973d ago

Countless developers have echoed your sentiments-

BUT few people read those articles.

(Also, I do think that the Origin rumors play some part, hopefully the President change would come to some good for Nintendo [I wish the former good luck]).
TongkatAli  +   973d ago
Not a big loss, Nintendo fans for the most part strictly play Japanese games.
krazykombatant  +   973d ago
As expected EA is still pissed at ninty for not incorporating origin.

Thank goodness I didnt buy the wiiu for 3rd party support
GreenRanger  +   973d ago
Was this DICE's decision, or is this EA saying: "That's what you get for not using Origin, you mooks!"
IIC0mPLeXII  +   973d ago
Who bought the Wii U for Black Ops or Battlefield? You dont get a Wii U for bro shooters how is this a surprise.
Adolph Fitler  +   973d ago
EA have every right to shun Nintendo, as back in the day, Nintendo were complete a-holes to 3rd party developers, & for 3rd party developers outside of Japan. I implore every gamer to read the story of how EA broke into making console games in the 16bit era, for the Sega Genesis/MD, as it is a completely amazing story of what EA had to go through to get the floodgates open for Western developers, until Sony came along & broke the f%$king gates down.

The hell that 3rd party & especially western 3rd party developers had to suffer in those days & even for many years after, with Nintendo's attempted scam, with that old hat, cartridge crap that they were trying to milk all the 3rd party developers with.

For anyone that doesn't know, Sega & moreso Nintendo, charged 3rd party developers a massive fee to use there proprietary cartridge formats, that on top of hardware kits that were so stupidly expensive for western 3rd parties, that EA built there own, & even for the poor bastards that could afford them, after you purchased it for Nintendo's astronomical price, Nintendo would give not a clue into how to use it & make games for there system, not so much as a single bit of development software, or A THING. I'm sure the Nintendo bigwigs sat around after selling a dev. kit or 2 in the afternoon, laughing manically & saying things like, "stupid gwi lo, hahhahahaha, those round eye's will never figure this out, hahhahahah".

Not only that, but if the poor buggers did figure it all out & put a great little game together, it would then have to go through Nintendo's control process. In other words, the game had to be green lighted by Nintendo....What that meant was, that if some bunch of poor sons of b!tches had slaved over the computers & Nintendo dev. kit, to make a great little game, but that great little game, just happened to be in the same genre as Nintendo's inhouse games, & Nintendo saw it as "TOO CLOSE" to one of there titles, they could then just knock it back on whatever grounds Nintendo felt like. So, if EA slaved away & made a side scroller & Nintendo had a new Mario recently out, or on the way, well, they would just disallow it's release on there platform, for whatever reason they wanted to make up. In other words, the communist-a-like Nintendo, were obviously threatened by western developers.

So, I say, if developers now want to give Nintendo the big finger, then so be it, & in all honesty, out of any console manufacturer, ever, through the span of time, Nintendo deserve to be shunned by all these western 3rd parties, & even just 3rd parties in general, regardless of whether from Japan, or anywhere else in the world.
They treated these developers like crap, & even tried to continue that with the floptastic N64, that saw nearly every great developer run at 1oo mph the other way to Sony, & to a lesser degree the hard to develop for, Saturn.
Ck1x  +   973d ago
Your comment makes no sense. So basically you view the world as a son should be punished for his fathers sins! Nintendo isn't even the same company that they were when Yamauchi was running things into the ground back then. So because that was his views on how to run the company, no 3rd party publishers in the future should ever do business with Nintendo again. So I guess because Hitler hailed from Germany that all Germans in the future should be punished for that as well... Ridiculous really! Not to mention that once again this is an EA game. The same company that canceled a finished version of Crysis 3 that was already done on the WiiU. Its becoming more apparent that its about the failed Origin business and nothing else. EA wouldn't seem like such major tools for keeping up these actions, if most of us didn't remember them prancing out on stage at the WiiU's announcement to proclaim an unprecedented partnership! Lol, what a joke now
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Mr_Writer85  +   973d ago
They obviously haven't changed enough. Look at PS3 designed to make it harder to develop for which annoyed 3rd parties and that's why the 360 got alot more love and care.

However the PS4 has been made to give 3rd parties an easy time and all you see is positive news from 3rd parties re: PS4.

They are not talking the same about the WiiU, so somewhere along the line Nintendo are doing something wrong.
Majors  +   973d ago
@ Adolph
Wall of text babble = Disagree
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supremacy  +   973d ago
Man i wonder what is going to happen when GTAV comes out. By then thats when their former exclusive rayman game will finally hit, only on two other platforms as well.

People's perception of Nintendo has been you buy their machines for their exclusives. The only problem with this is, that each exclusive tend to come out 6 or so months apart from each other.

Super Nintendo besides the handhelds the only platform to have a balance between 1st and 3rd party releases. Now, you could almost exclusively find that sort of balance on PlayStation platforms.

Nintendo has the money to make a simple, yet powerful machine like the ps4, but choose to play apple's game of profiting of their hardware. If they take a hit it ill usually be something they can manage without much compromise.

Also, they really need to start thinking about their online infrastructure, because thats a key going forward.
DwightOwen  +   973d ago
Losing money on the hardware is exactly the reason Sony is teetering on the edge of ruin. Microsoft can afford to outspend Sony, so expect the next Xbox to be priced lower than the PS4. Nintendo hasn't managed to stay in the game for over 30 years by being stupid with their business. They know what they're doing.
supremacy  +   973d ago
Please, everyone but Nintendo has lost money on hardware. Everyone knows these companies make up the losses through game sales and eventually through both hardware and software as ofcourse the hardware gets older.

Sony's financial situation has more to do with tvs than anything else; heck i bet if Nintendo were making tvs they too would be losing money.

Ms can afford a lot of things and whats your point exactly? i mean so can apple and google; if those two ever decided to step in the industry and give ms a hard time they would. But, ifs are not the same as dos and done.

Ms is big with ad campaigns and buying time exclusivity here and there. But, since when has ms made a device with all the bell and whistle and outpriced its competitors? As far as the 360 is concerned, you "had" to buy a 99 dollar wifi adapter, no HDMI, pay for live, an HD DvD adapter? please MS would never opt for anything like that.

Nintendo have only survived this long because they've manage to monopolize the handheld market and struck gold with the wii. Both the N64 and Gamecube were disaster and thats a fact that no one can deny. The fact that they had to drop the price on 3DS only 6 months in is a clear indication that they like any other company dont always get it right. And that has nothing to do with being stupid or any of that degatory nonesense.

Nintendo is an innovator like no other, but even so they too have to adjust to change and get with everyone else or get left behind. MS and Sony are adapting to these changes and are making their mark in their respective areas. Sony i am sure will adapt MS xbox live approach and make up whatever they lose in hardware and MS will find other ways to get more dollars out of their consumers.

Its that simple... no need to get riled up.
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deafdani  +   972d ago
"Nintendo have only survived this long because they've manage to monopolize the handheld market and struck gold with the wii. Both the N64 and Gamecube were disaster and thats a fact that no one can deny."

Actually, it's pretty easy to deny it. N64 and Gamecube, while not selling anywhere near the levels of PS1 and PS2, still turned out a nice profit for Nintendo. Nintendo only had ONE console flop in all of their history, and that was the Virtual Boy, which didn't manage to even sell one million units.

To give you a bit of perspective: Microsoft bled money with the original Xbox, selling it at a loss for the entirety of its run. They sold about 24 million units.

Nintendo, on the other hand, sold the Gamecube at a profit since launch, or almost since launch. They sold about 21 million units.

So, actually, Nintendo did BETTER with the Gamecube than Microsoft did with the original Xbox. :P

Also, being last doesn't mean "disaster". Sony earned a lot of money with the PSP, which sold, at most, a third of what the DS sold... yet it's the most successful non-Nintendo handheld of all time, so calling it a "failure" is beyond stupid. 50 million units sold (or something like that) isn't anything to scoff at. Same logic applies for N64 and 'Cube. :)

I agree with almost everything of what you said, except the part I quoted. Saying that Nintendo has only survived thanks to their handheld is doing them a huge disservice.

I give them credit where credit is due. Even with their least successful consoles, even with consistently poor third party support, they've always managed to do well with their consoles, financially. Not to mention the absurd sales numbers they pull off with their IPs, which are stupidly profitable. Even if the Wii U only managed to pull off Gamecube numbers, Nintendo probably would be fine.

That being said... yeah, it would be nice if the Wii U received tons of third party support in the end, and tons of Nintendo's own games, as well, both from their regular franchises, as well as a couple new IPs... and a couple old franchise revivals, too (F-Zero? Star Fox?). Along with a superb online platform. Miiverse is great, and the online play on Wii U is pretty good, but it can definitely be improved, and Nintendo should seriously free the Nintendo IDs from the machine, having them tethered to the console is stupid.

Welp, only time will tell how everything turns out. I bought my Wii U simply because of the exclusives I know it will get (Mario Kart, 3D Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash, etc), but yeah, Nintendo can do much, much better than that.
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whamlollypop7  +   973d ago
EA knows better, simple as that.
derrickdaniels569   973d ago | Trolling | show
Clarence  +   973d ago
Another game skipping the Wii U. I think we all knew this was going to happen. The Nintendo fans on here refuse to except that Nintendo is in trouble.

@derrickdaniels 569, and starfox 17
So you both made up new accounts to spread the news that Nintendo is not in trouble. Why would Sony and M$ pay a company to keep them from making a game for Nintendo.

The truth is the game won't sell on the Wii u. Every fps that came out on the Wii barely sold over a million. It's not worthy for them to waste their time and effort developing a game that will not sell well on the Wii U.
Notice a trend on this list? Only Mario, Wii sports, Zelda, Animal crossing, and rock band sold well.
Nintendo is in trouble. The tablet gimmick is not working.
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AZWification2  +   973d ago
The tablet gimmick doesn't work? That's why Human Revolution will be the best on Wii U....... Oh wait.
deafdani  +   972d ago
Terrible counterargument. Deus Ex isn't out yet, we don't know how well (or bad) it will implement the Gamepad, and even if it did it well, we don't know how well the game will sell, nor if it will be a system seller (doubtful).

The truth is: the Wii U has been out for barely 4 months now. To have a shitty first year is just standard fare for modern consoles, so to condemn the Wii U this soon is stupid.

So, Clarence's argument doesn't hold much water now, and neither does yours, really. It's just too soon to judge, but I think it's safe to assume that, in the long run, Nintendo will do just fine, even if the Wii U ends in third place in sales.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   973d ago
Its not because the system isnt good enough to run the game its due to the lack of sales and install base.
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donman1  +   973d ago
Not to mention that EA is still butt hurt over Nintendo's decision not to use their Origin service.
fsfsxii  +   973d ago
Nintendo catering towards the casual this gen has worked but not every casual dude has a smartphone/tablet for casual games, sorry nintendo, it won't work twice
NYC_Gamer  +   973d ago
The Wii-U fan base wouldn't support BF4 anyway
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zeldafreak404  +   973d ago
Huge blow to nintendo man I think its tome iwata.steps down
lilbroRx  +   973d ago
The hate Iwata gets around the web is how we know he is doing a good job, because the people who hate are anti-Nintendo.

He has pushed Nintendo to new heights at every turn. This will be no different in the end. They survived 2 gens without much support Electronic Arts. EA will need Nintendo before Nintendo will need EA.

Second, EA is a western dev. The best games on Nintendo console and in general, in my opinion, don't come from the west.
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zeldafreak404  +   972d ago
Im not hating dude Im prettys sure iwata himself said he would step down if needed
StraightedgeSES  +   973d ago
I give up on Western support for the Wii U.
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