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Ck1x  +   857d ago
When very large companies like this refuse to publish certain games on particular platforms there usually is a reason for it. With the Wii most 3rd party developers didn't put their main franchises on that system because it wasn't HD!(ok simple enough) Enter the WiiU and now developers don't know what to say the reasons are now. At least Ubisoft is putting all of their games on the WiiU, because it is an HD capable console. Games like Watch Dogs has just as much going on and looks far more impressive at this point than GTA5, but I just wish people would come out and be truthful. If Rockstar doesn't want the game on the WiiU because they just don't want to support the system, they should say that! Why make it seem as though your game is doing something so amazing with Ai and animations that the WiiU simply wouldn't be able to run it at all? The most current situation of this kind of hypocrisy is Square/Enix choosing not to publish Tomb Raider on the WiiU. Because they just knew this game was going to sell more than 3mil+ over an install base of more than 150mil consoles and they didn't see the WiiU as a viable source since the install base is low at the moment. So my question is, how come they couldn't manage the game sales that they needed? All the games Square listed, none of them were on the WiiU. So at least they can't blame the low install base this time for poor sales... Great job guys keep up the good work and for any of the other companies that think they are to big to fail, just ask THq how that mentality works out, I'm sure that they thought the same thing once upon a time!
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CPTN MITCHELL  +   857d ago
Nintendo jaguar or revolution are better names than the u which i think would have equal in better sale
Agent_hitman  +   857d ago
that's not surprising cause Wii U's CPU only clocks @1.5GHZ tri-core. BF4 requires more power
deafdani  +   857d ago
Lol you. BF4 is coming out for PS3 and Xbox 360, and both consoles are, overall, weaker than the Wii U.

B4 isn't coming out for Wii U simply because the install base is too small for EA's tastes. It's as simple as that, really.
Stroke666  +   857d ago
Can't say I'm disappointed. Everything that is skipping the wii u are games I've honestly never gave a crap about. Now if an elder scrolls or streetffighter come out and skip wii u then I'll lead the charge but I don't need remasters of games i didn't like from jump.
strigoi814  +   857d ago
To be continued........
lovegames718  +   857d ago
star fox and others are very delusional lol Comparing a simpler game like Need for Speed to a 3d fps shooter with massive things happening at one time lol

Hey Star fox stop always being defensive about your supposed next gen console all the arrows point in one direction in terms of power its lacking!!!!! I dont even have to tell you that Digital Foundry and many others have already spoken on this!


And iwata gets hate because hes a fool and all you nintendo drones eat it up lol Like when he said the wiiu and next gen consoles in terms of graphical fidelity wont be much different lol hahahahahaha that alone should have made you a non believer. While wiiu has absolutely no 3d games in 1080p native and very few 2d simple side scrollers in 1080p native ps4 is coming out swinging with killzone confirmed to be 1080p native 30fps off the bat and thats only a launch title lol

Nintendo is so full of it its amazing. Whats even more amazing is that you guys eat it all up and believe any bs they spur lol
ThaBlackBaron  +   857d ago
LOL Why are so many ppl acting like the Game has been announced for PS4 & 720?? LOL

Cause all signs indicate that the game Will NOT be on those consoles either
brew  +   857d ago
You sir , have somehow managed to make one of the silliest posts I've ever read on this site.
Thepcz  +   857d ago
this is embarrassing for nintendo
they create a hd console capable of next gen graphics, but all the next gen games are not even being published on wiiu.

this wont end well for nintendo. they are losing out on a gigantic market share by not actively securing these big games.
NastyLeftHook0  +   857d ago
i love nintendo but come on get a little more third party support.
Bumpmapping  +   857d ago
Wii U was D.O.A....

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PopRocks359  +   857d ago
It's 2013.
Spookshow  +   857d ago
An EA war FPS sequel? ... we're not missing much! They can keep their microtransactions and their COD clones for all I care.

gpturbo81  +   857d ago
who gives a shit
NateCole  +   857d ago
It's business. What COD i am not sure if EA wants to spend extra dough on a Wii-U version.

EA and Nintendo have had one of the weirdest relationship.

In the end though it's really is about money.
stragomccloud  +   857d ago
Well duh. It's an EA game.
ylwzx3  +   857d ago
With all the $ Nintendo made on the Wii. They should have been able to put out an amazing piece of hardware, but they failed.
ylwzx3  +   857d ago
I would be willing to bet the Wii U could not handle the BF4 engine without it being dumbed down.
Jagsrock  +   857d ago
Before Devs worried about getting over shadowed by nintendo's first party titles. Now when NIntendo gives them the opportunity to play a bigger role they simply choose not to support the system anyways. It's up to Nintendo now to bring out the big guns themselves now. I really don't know why Nintendo didn't do this in the first place but I have a feeling we're gonna see some hard hitting stuff from them at e3...if not it may truly be time to panic.
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