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neogeo  +   978d ago
I been saying this for years. I want my Mario Pizza parlor and next door they have a Peach massage parlor... Ya know, for the dads:)
TruthbeTold  +   978d ago
Could be an awesome thing. But would probably be aimed at very young children and the parents of very young children like Disneyland unfortunately. But then, all even the most kiddie amusement park needs is one or two solid roller coasters and good food to bring in the average gamer.

Would be awesome though if anyone who bought admission could attend special events for the unveiling of new games, hardware, special hands on sessions, etc.
HmongAmerican  +   978d ago
It only print money. Don't know why Nintendo didn't do these long ago.
guitarded77  +   978d ago
Well of course it would be geared toward families... all theme parks are. There are already places for adult males... they're called strip clubs, and I don't know that Nintendo can compete with them.

If there was a Nintendo theme park, they could have an indoor roller coaster with a Metroid theme, and Princess Peach's castle as the centerpiece of the park like Disney. They could do a Zelda dungeon log ride where you ride through and see different scenes on display. A Yoshi Merry-go-round, F-Zero go-carts to race, Pikmin whack-a-mole game.

The possibilities are actually pretty good. Anything you see in a theme park could translate to Nintendo subject matter. Might be kinda cool.
WeAreLegion  +   978d ago
I would love that! I'd prefer an all-around gaming theme park, but Nintendo would be pretty cool, too. Is there enough material to run with? Disney has TONS of source material, which now includes both Marvel and Star Wars. Six Flags has both Looney Tunes and all of the DC Universe.

Still, I want this to happen. Put one near Tokyo and another in California. ;)
Deku-Johnny  +   978d ago
Of course they do, it doesn't necessarily need to be the same size as Disney World. Like even just from Mario they can squeeze out things themed on Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Toad etc. and there's quite a few lesser known IPs they have, Nintendo World would be brilliant.
BitbyDeath  +   978d ago
Edible mushrooms that make you big and strong? Might need to open this park in Amsterdam.
Soldierone  +   978d ago
I always thought a gaming theme park would be insane. Please don't put it in Florida. I literally got to argue with the guys opening the "gaming park" in florida about why thats a stupid decision lol

Put it in Arizona or somewhere where there isn't already 10 theme parks. (if its in America that is)

I think Sony could open one too, especially if they hooked up with EA and Activision.
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animegamingnerd  +   978d ago
this would be the disney land killer
GenericNameHere  +   978d ago
I don't think this will kill off Disneyland and Disney World or whatever they have now, but an official Nintendo-themed park is a HUGE thing! It will be a major money maker for Nintendo, as EVERYONE (even saying EVERYONE undermines the name that is Mario) knows the Nintendo brand and Mario. I probably won't go since I'm poor, but it's still a nice thing to hear about.
WeAreLegion  +   978d ago
Put it in the midwest and you'll make bank.
PopRocks359  +   977d ago
That would be pretty fun, I think. Kinda like Disney Land but Nintendo themed. Probably would be a lot of fun for kids and parents.
rainslacker  +   977d ago
Real life Mario Kart would be pretty fun.:)
MasterCornholio  +   977d ago
Until someone conks a kid in the head with a blue turtle shell.

But Nintendo has Phoenix Wright on their side so they can avoid any lawsuit that parents toss at them. Unless of course Bowser gets really naughty and kidnaps one of the kids.

Motorola RAZR i
SkullBlade169  +   977d ago
Real life Nintendo land lol.

I'd go.
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MNGamer-N  +   977d ago
They need a Nintendo World store at the Mall of America. I've been wanting that for a long time.
deafdani  +   977d ago
Super Mario Galaxy rollercoaster.

Make it happen now.
Dj7FairyTail  +   977d ago
AWBrawler  +   977d ago
Pokemon alone will be a huge themepark. Imagine ALL of Nintendo games.
EvilJeffBridges  +   977d ago
Kirby Village would propably suck.

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