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StrongMan  +   737d ago
Day one!
MastaMold  +   737d ago
Sony, PS Vita version please

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NastyLeftHook0  +   737d ago
lovegames718  +   737d ago
wow i forgot all about this! Its been quite quiet for awhile. Def. on my radar again!
Cloudberry  +   737d ago
Don't forget Puppeteer too.
Why o why  +   737d ago
Cheers. Totally forgot about puppeteer
miyamoto  +   737d ago
That piano music!
I will definitely kiss the Rain.
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rezzah  +   737d ago
I forgot about this game! Really want to play it.
Acquiescence  +   737d ago
Really can't wait for this...
It reminds me a lot of ICO, but more rain-drenched, thus it's an instant win.
SAE  +   737d ago
Is this game similar to limbo but in 3D ?. I don't want to spoil anything if it is a good game. This video show the beginning of the game..
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bryam1982  +   737d ago
Only on ps3
waltyftm  +   737d ago
Very nice.
Clover904  +   737d ago
Sony has its share of amazing AAA retail exclusives, but it's the smaller games like this that really makes Sony the leader of the gaming market IMO. TLoU, Beyond Two Souls, and Rain... all day one buys!
Half-Mafia  +   737d ago
This game has such a PS2 feel to it. Thats not a bad thing, I want more games like this. I get a ICO and even MGS2 vibe.
smashcrashbash  +   737d ago
Kind of like a really beautiful stealth game.Cool. I wonder what kind of obstacles and puzzles this mechanic will create

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