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Bathyj  +   885d ago
I think its a mistake that Vita hasnt dropped price world wide yet. Its obvious the Japanese price drop worked and Sony could have been riding all this good press from the PS4 event.

Its like everyone is just waiting for it to happen, and same goes for PS3. I think maybe by E3 they will drop both, but if they dont I really have to shake my head in wonder.
sherimae2413  +   885d ago
you cant drop the price, when there are no big hitters coming right?

dont you get it a lot of vita's big games for the west will release in summer to fall

killzone mercenary
dragons crown
ys memory of celceta
muramasa rebirth
final fantasy x hd
final fantasy x-2 hd
valhalla knights 3
maybe tearaway
and perhaps there could be more ^_^

so a price drop may likely come after e3
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Knushwood Butt  +   884d ago
Yep, you nailed it.
sinncross  +   885d ago
E3 will be the last possible moment they drop the price.

The thing is that they cant really do it now because there is no major software releases to help guide the price cut so to speak. Japan had 4 major releases over 2 weeks in preparation of the price cut and that is what helped hardware sales.

I think its also important for Sony to consider cutting the prices on the memory cards... I think that is a deal breaker for some people.

But I see E3 as the place... rumours of a new AC being released, and COD sold better than AC3L so maybe Activision will release another (and actually put in some effort). There is hope, but Sony has to act.
SAE  +   885d ago
What is it for me if they dropped the vita price when i already bought it. I want price drop for the games and memory cards. I want great ports and exclusives. I want them to unlock the vita features. I also want to know if gaikai will let me play any game anywhere i want. If they did these things the price of the vita won't matter. People would buy it even if it is 400$..

Great potential to vita that's why i'm keeping it. The sooner the ps4 released the better for vita..
SDF Repellent  +   885d ago
Those memory card prices are ridiculous . It probably cost Sony less than $5 to make a 32gb memory card. I think if Sony would just include a memory card with the Vita and sell it like $199 with a 16gb card or $229 with the 32gb version, then they can still make a profit for each Vita sold and customer will be more enticed to buy it.

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