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NastyLeftHook0  +   925d ago
im sure they will come around to it,nintendo has amazing franchises that i will not skip on. granted, im saving for a ps4 but along the line i dont want to miss out on zelda/metroid/mario/starfox.
Phil32  +   925d ago
Taking a page out of the 3DS's launch would mean slashing the price when there are a steady stream of games coming out. This is not the time for Nintendo to slash the Wii U price, as there is no stream coming. As history has proven, a price drop without games coming out on a steady basis is only a short-term solution and that's it. Price drops without steady software means sales return to levels they were before the price drop a few weeks later.
Bumpmapping  +   925d ago
What Nintendo need to do is advertise the crap out of it and explain in commercials that it is a new console not a add on.
Price cut showed little affect because either consumers are confused its a add on for the Wii or they are not even aware it exist.
PopRocks359  +   925d ago
I think it's just as much to do with a lack of awareness as well as confusion. Some people who owned Wiis don't even know this thing exists.
na-no-nai  +   925d ago
You are right but it also have to do with retails as well if they don't separate the two no one would know. I remember going in target in VA and was like where the F is the Wii U and guess where it was, right beside the Wii and some of the games were mixed around both places. With a glance you wouldn't be able to tell.
scissor_runner  +   925d ago
I don't think the addon thing is true unless these gamers are suckered in to what the game media has been spewing. You know bad reporting like that could chase a crash also.

Just look at wiimote plus adoption and wiifit with the scale adoption. If that was the case then the sales would be near wii levels. The difference is games.

A new updated wii play with bowling and other popular gaming styles that link into maybe nintendo land would do a lot. What if the next animals crossing gave you the ability to use that game as your miiverse mod? It would be some thing to think about.

I also think the marketing is more reserved for the games they are readying which means if you have a lot of games then you will have plenty of ads. Also E3 will be here very soon. GDC will mean alot this year also.
PopRocks359  +   925d ago
The sales were never as low in the US as they were in the UK. Besides, a price drop in the UK was not even effective to boosting sales. There was an article about this only a few days ago.
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aviator189  +   925d ago
In my honest opinion, they should just find a way to drop the wii-u brand and brand the consoles as wii 2, along with all the box-arts for newer and current games.

I did a little survey on our university campus and non-students: asked each person what they thought of the wii-u and if they were going to purchase it. About 7/10 of the population I interviewed thought that the wii-u was just another add-on to the current wii.

Perception is key and this is one area (aside from the lack of games) where nintendo is failing with the wii-u.
1nsaint  +   925d ago
Wii 2 actually sounds better too, but if they really want to get rid of the confusion, they should not call it a wii at all.

That and market the crap out of it, i never even seen a wii U ad or commercial ever, not even for a wii U game.

I have seen tons of wii commercials back when the wii was new, and i live in the netherlands, if something gets advertised here, it gets 10 times as much in the US.

The people who massively bought the wii, don't even know the Wii U is a thing.
I bet a hundred bucks that if i ask my mom (who owns a wii) that she never even heard of the wii U
DivineAssault  +   925d ago
Theyd better hurry & cut it before PS4 comes around & ppl forget what the wii u is (if they even know what it is now).. It needs some major marketing
Blank  +   925d ago
Dont underestimate the popularity of nintendos main franchises to me this is a big bump for nintendo to fix even if the PS4 comes out IMO microsoft would be in a bigger mess if they cant top PS4 which im not being negative its just that nintendo slipped up on the name and they are always seen as doing their own thing. On a sidenote I would mention more about microsoft but this is a nintendo article and im replying to your comment
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caffman  +   925d ago
HMV are currently in liquidation. So all stock is being sold off cheap, not just the Wii-U
scissor_runner  +   925d ago
Thanks for the info. I wonder when the trolls will stop using the uk as a stomping ground. Every thing is so out of wack over there right now.
Ninja_G_Aidan  +   925d ago
I think too many people are jumping to the conclusion that people don't know what a Wii U is. A lot of people I know do know. They just don't want a Wii U because there's nothing on it!
busytoad  +   925d ago
Once the ps4 and next xbox come out nintendo will be hurting so bad their shit-u err i mean the wii u will be cheap as dirt lol.
scissor_runner  +   925d ago
The ps4 is a laptoP at best. It is an experienment in closed platform pc gaming with a strong branding angle. With that being said nintendo has always survived better hardware since the pc has been around since the Nes. The only thing that can kI'll Nintendo is Nintendo since they have the ip the other console makers want but just can't seem to copy it right.

Unfortunately now the ps4 will have to contend with nvidia price drops on way better hardware. Gddr ram can't save them from what nvidia is about to do on pc. I just hope Sony takes enough of a hit on the price to be prepared for the tech war that is pc gaming. I'm also wondering if Alienware, origin, etc will just make dual booting game os that run steam and support head gear, cam tracking and all the inputs out there for pc.

It's going to be interesting since I already have laptops in the office that almost do this stuff already.
Jirachi  +   925d ago
I don't mind a price cut just do something like the ambassador program again,and hell people will buy just to get 20 free games.
axisofweevils  +   925d ago
It's not hard to work out. The 3DS was being sold at a profit. The Wii U is being sold at a loss.

Also, the UK Wii U price was set by retailers and was way inflated over what the US paid for it anyway.
knifefight  +   925d ago
^ This, plus the 3DS cut its price just as it started to get great software, too. That helps. Right now, Wii-U doesn't have much in the pipeline. There's only so much that a price cut can do without games.
Moncole  +   925d ago
How much did the PS3 sell in its first year?
scissor_runner  +   925d ago
It was close until games came out. It is the same problem here.
Realplaya  +   925d ago
The real issue def isn't the price or the name. I don't think it's the name the name is what it is if you're still biching about it get over it.

With that being said here's an example of why the system doesn't sale. Not every store has a demo unit and the ones that have it has an old out dated demo disc with nothing but videos and Rayman Legends. So people need to be able to understand the system by playing it but you don't have the system on display and no games to play. Hmnnnnn.

Someone said the price cut would help. Not at all.

3 key things that can help.
1. Commercials
2. Games
3. Demo units with updated playable games. Like pikman, 101, Mario, Oh yeah by the way you release a demo unit without your own game as a playable game SMH.
cleft5  +   925d ago
Couldn't agree with you more.
cleft5  +   925d ago
Slashing prices isn't going to do Nintendo much good if they don't have must play games. Right now we are starting to see an influx of great games on the WiiU and that combined with the Wii library of games make the WiiU somewhat desirable. When Nintendo opens the floodgates and brings out their heavy hitters than maybe shortly after that we will see something in the way of a price drop. Either way, I wouldn't expect a WiiU price drop until shortly before the ps4 release date.
o-Sunny-o  +   925d ago
Everyone needs to stop talking about their elders. Nintendo knows they are wounded let them patch it up. Don't tear them apart with fanboy comments either. I personally like the system but just like others waiting for games. Drawing is enjoyable but It's all I do on it though on it.
LOL_WUT  +   925d ago
Nintendo should hurry up and slash the prices worldwide, so they can truly get the results they want. ;)
PopRocks359  +   925d ago
A price cut did nothing in the UK. What is a worldwide cut going to accomplish? Nintendo should focus on spreading awareness, not appeasing your obsession.
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tweet75  +   925d ago
a $250 price point and bunch of AAA first and third party titles could make wii u a huge success in holiday 2013

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