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Knight_Crawler  +   978d ago
Remember when Bioware use to care about the fans?

Pepperidge farm remembers.
rpd123  +   978d ago
How do they not right now? They changed the ending of their game over...what was it again? Oh yes, their fans being disappointed. They've got constant free DLC for Mass Effect multiplayer and continue to put out plenty of DLC for singleplayer. They care about fans, fans are just whiny, ungrateful b**ches.
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Roccetarius  +   978d ago
The MP DLC for ME3 was not free. People paid for it in advance, because they bought item unlock microtransactions.

@zeal0us, you do realize how few people play those difficulty levels, right?
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zeal0us  +   978d ago
ME3 MP DLC was free. The microtransaction system was optional. You could make a ton of credits just from doing a few Gold and Platinum runs.
Back when I was playing Firebase White Geth Gold use to be the go to place for easy credit&exp.
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Ritsujun  +   978d ago
Redempteur  +   978d ago
Bioware didn't change their endings , they just explained stuff so that it made sense .. the endings were not changed.
They did do stuff but that was because many things were broken on release ( such as the 4000 point you need for your teammates to survive when you cannot get those points without MP ..that's was bullsit ).
They finnaly gave an epilogue to explain what trully happenned because there was nothing before.

In short they just did stuff they should have done from the start.

Also your free dlc for ME3 Mp is nonsense , if they trully cared about fans they wouldn't have put javik as a dlc character for the campaign when he is so important for the lore.. They made people pay because They wanted people to pay more just like they only released the extended cut because otherwise people wouldn't have bought the other dlc they had in store for us.

In conclusion , the whiny b**tches are actually people like you that are eating everything they throw at you , even if it's shit .
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Bimkoblerutso  +   978d ago
Normally I would agree, but ALL of Bioware's big franchises essentially went down the crapper after EA took over, and it's generally for the same reasons: they all seem to be fragmented messes because they've been tempered to accommodate a "broader audience" and sleazy DLC/microtransactions.

- Mass Effect 3 had day one DLC in the form of a Geth companion and an ending that was (by their own admission) delegated to the producer and a single writer without input from the rest of the writing team.

- Dragon Age 2 had rehashed environments and streamlined combat to make it more "action-y."

- The Old Republic is (let's face it) WoW in space. It seems like a very obvious attempt at cash grab.

Just face it. Bioware is not what they once were.
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rpd123  +   978d ago

I realize that but they still went in and made changes to the end of their game. I didn't say they created an entirely new ending. And Javik being a DLC character is EA's call, not Bioware. They can't really say no to EA as they're the ones publishing the game.

And no I don't eat whatever shit they throw at me. I was upset about the ending too. I wasn't so upset that I took to the internet and demanded a new ending. You know why? Because it's a god damn video game. I've seen plenty of TV shows, movies, books with unsatisfying endings too, but none of them went back and changed it. The fact that Bioware did anything at all shows that they care for their fans.

Bioware's decline in quality lately has nothing to do with them not caring about fans, it's about EA screwing with their games to see how they can make more money.
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Tr10wn  +   978d ago
I agree BioWare is very good with the fan just look at the DLC from ME3 it got like 5 free DLC, but honestly no doctors no money from me for this new IP, EA is going to milk whats left of BioWare, is sad BioWare is one of my favorite developers but after EA bought they didnt do that well in my eyes, ME2 and DA was done by the time of the purchase then came DA2 which was terrible.
DeadlyFire  +   977d ago
Well Bioware couldn't really add in another ending without pulling up contracts and paying out more to people who made the game. That is not something EA is known for doing. Cost cutting is essential in a bad economy.

Bioware will never be the same as before EA buyout. It is part of EA now so its not the same. Some developers have a good sense of RPG design like CD Projekt RED. Which seems to be aiming to take over where Bioware left off with RPGs and move forward.
Blacktric  +   977d ago
"They changed the ending of their game over"

There are people who actually believe this...

They didn't change jack. They just added 4-5 new dialog options at the end and a 5 minute long slideshow that shows the imminent effects of what you did.

"They've got constant free DLC for Mass Effect multiplayer and continue to put out plenty of DLC for singleplayer."

Barely anyone cared about MP of ME 3 since it got stale really fast. And the singleplayer DLCs were lackluster at best. They didn't release one DLC that was on par or at least close to what Lair Of The Shadow Broker was.

"They care about fans, fans are just whiny, ungrateful b**ches."

Might as well have said; "LOL GAMER ENTITELEMENT AM I RITE GUIZE?!". Also it's so obvious that you never visited BSN once after the release of ME 3.

" And Javik being a DLC character is EA's call, not Bioware"

"You guys Bioware isn't the bad guy here, they're being manipulated by EA!"

You pro-everything people would say anything to prove yourselves right, don't you?
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PooEgg  +   975d ago

You said: "I was upset about the ending too. I wasn't so upset that I took to the internet and demanded a new ending. You know why? Because it's a god damn video game."

And you said: "They care about fans, fans are just whiny, ungrateful b**ches."

And I am curious, since 'it is only a god damn video game' why do you waste your time 'taking to the internet' on a video game website no less, and insult those who have a different opinion of BioWare? Don't you realize it makes you look like a hypocrite, and also a bit of an ass?
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aLucidMind  +   978d ago
Redemption for BioWare lies in whether or not they put their games in fluted cups!
cleft5  +   978d ago
I don't agree with you, but that did make me laugh. I didn't disagree with your comment because I did laugh.
zeal0us  +   978d ago
Well hopefully EA won't bastardize this new franchise and will give Bioware the space they need.
SJPFTW  +   978d ago
How bout a real sequel to Knights of the Old Republic? You know the best game you ever made...
da_2pacalypse  +   978d ago
There was a sequel... It was made by Obsedian, and Lucas Arts gave them less than 9 months to develop it. It had it's fair share of bugs because of it, but the game was still good. Apparently Obsedian is trying to get a license to make another Star Wars RPG. I'm rooting for them.
mynameisEvil  +   978d ago
It wasn't 9 months, it was around 12 - 13 months. You point still stands, I just wanted to make sure you had the right facts for future reference. :)
DeadlyFire  +   977d ago
Well if you know development time from start of work to end of work. It takes 2-3 months for them to ship the game as well my friend from time of completion to time it hits the shelf. Which most of this time has been used to come up with day 1 patches.
Greyslash  +   978d ago
Lets hope it isn't tainted by EA
but it will be.
PooEgg  +   975d ago
BioWare needs to find a way to make good games happen even while living under EA's umbrella of greed. I don't envy them, but that is what they get paid to do, so I don't feel sorry for them. It is kinda their job, after all.
greatcrusader44  +   978d ago
Wasn't this announced like mid November when the Doctors left. Nothing new about it was said about it at PAX, just saying they're working on it.
No_Pantaloons  +   977d ago
Well when you've ruined your past franchises I guess you don't have many options, do ya.
WitWolfy  +   977d ago
New Franchise name --------------> The MICRO TRANSACTION ADVENTURE PART 1
PooEgg  +   975d ago
LMAO - I would not be surprised one bit if this really is what they are making.

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