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Picnic  +   585d ago
Uses the WiiU controller as a reason!

I wonder how many people really saw the new PS4 controller and thought 'Now to really mess with Sony- I'm going to get that as an accessory for my PS3 instead and play it ALL decade!'
Picnic  +   585d ago
The name 'WiiU' strangely gives the console a niche cachet. It's like 'Mega CD' There will be a hardcore who grow to love the WiiU far more than they ever loved the Wii.
But the mainstream will probably never massively get it. There are too many ifs and buts about if a 'Wii 2' is going to come out in a short period of time.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   585d ago
This kind of advertising is common.
You see it for:

Phones and phone services all of the time.

All of the things listed don't spend a lot of time trashing competitors.
It's rare when you see on Computer company directly dissing another.

All of the things that the Wii is/was "missing" (your point of view?) is not a "-Secret To Everybody..."

Nintendo is not trying to compete with 360 and PS3 by trashing them, neither are they trying to compete with 720 and PS4.

They are just putting out New Hardware.

Hopefully it helps. But I think the TV spots have to change 1st.
Thepcz  +   585d ago
i dont see what the problem is
it makes a clear and concise comparison between wiiu and wii to those unclear
o-Sunny-o  +   585d ago
Should have called it Super Wii...
Right now it serves as an expensive drawing facebook.
Waiting for games...Are they waiting for PS4/720 to come out? Monster hunter just came out so what I'm not an Monster Hunter fan I played the PSP games. They didn't strike an interest. I guess ill buy it to play something. Wind Waker and Pikmin 3 the only games i heard of and only ones I want so far. I already finish New Super Mario U and ZombiU months ago.
zwicks  +   585d ago
Nintendo should do a complete re-launch at E3.
Re-name the console Wii 2 - and basically keep everything else.
Promote it as a brand new console - with the best launch lineup ever!

And for those of us with a U on our console - we're the fans who want the machine
to succeed. So we won't mind - I know I wouldn't.

... And now back to Lego City Undercover!
josephayal  +   585d ago
why nintendo why?
carlocgc  +   585d ago
they should have called it Wii tU. at least it sounds like Wii 2 right?
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