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masterabbott  +   981d ago
im in the 100% galactic readines, completed it on insanity, and also long service group! woohoo i feel good1
CaptainYesterday  +   981d ago
64% didn't have Wrex that blows my mind he's my favorite Krogan and I can't believe most people played as Soldier, Sentinel is where its at!
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anime_swag_pro  +   981d ago
My boyfriend didn't have Wrex because he never played mass effect 1. His view on the krogan was completely different because Wreav was the leader. This made him believe that the Krogan were a bad race that lacked redeeming qualities. I was shocked and almost angry at him for thinking this, since I love Wrex and I love the Krogan.

It is amazing to me how the entire interpretation of a major race in a game can be so different over one decision. A decision that is also difficult to pull off considering you need a high renegade/paragon score to save wrex (or do his character mission and get his armor).
masterabbott  +   981d ago
I have Wrex and in ME3 and its the best thing i saved him back on ME1 as he's the best especially with the ME3 Citadel DLC! This infographic is awesome. I play as a Sentinel and there's not many of those around by the looks of what the stats ar saying.
Ryder49  +   981d ago
I saved him in ME1 and thought he was an awesome character (along with the rest of the race).

Still didn't cure the Genophage...
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kneon  +   981d ago
I didn't have Wrex because I couldn't stand him, nor any krogans for that matter, I find them annoying.

And I've only ever played as an engineer in the single player. Not that it really matters as I don't use the powers much.
Skate-AK  +   981d ago
Some cool statistics.
Thefreeman012  +   981d ago
Why do so many people play as a soldier... That's so bland
anime_swag_pro  +   981d ago
Because most people just blast through the menus to start playing. A lot of people didn't realize that playing a femshep was even there because they never paid attention to the menu options. Just default default default play.
masterabbott  +   981d ago
I have to agree playing as a soilder is so boring. Im playing as a Sentinel and if you find the right gun either Paladin or the Suppressor you can blow up stuff just as good as soldiers with the added bonus of using hardcore biotics! LOVE THIS GAME!
ZacE  +   981d ago
Yeah, some of these stats surprised me... Vega being that popular over longer-term characters?
anime_swag_pro  +   981d ago
This is actually because he can't technically die canonically unlike the rest.

If you have low EMS then your squadmates die while running to the crucible. James was probably rarely taken on that mission while the more popular characters were, explaining why they "died" more often than him.
Aloren  +   981d ago
And Vega was not a bad character, he was actually quite cool.

It's hard to compare though, since there's those you get early and keep all along the game, those you only get really late in the game, those who can die halfway through the game...How could Tali be more popular than Vega when you can only get her near the end of the game ?
ZacE  +   980d ago
She can be more popular because she was in the prior
Aloren  +   980d ago
Well, by more popular, I obviously mean "used more often in ME3" since that's what this stat is about. The fact that she was in previous game is completely unrelated.

It doesn't take a Phd to figure out that a character every single player can use in every single mission in the game is going to be used more often (and therefore be "more popular") than a character who joins you only in the last third of the game, who could have died in ME2, and who could die soon after she joins you in ME3; whether or not she's more popular on message boards. That's why I said it's hard to compare.
ajax17  +   981d ago
Only 4% completed insanity!!! Damn, I feel special...
Ryder49  +   981d ago
"8% of players did not cure the Genophage, proving that humanity is still good."

Uhm, that's a bit uncalled for. It's an entirely logical decision to not cure it. All the facts are for it, the only reason not to is you don't want to shoot Mordin, which while hard, was necessary for the greater good.
medman  +   981d ago
This is Commander Sheperd and I approve of this article.

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