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budharvest  +   862d ago
"Daryl and Merle in a game, what could be beter than that"? - well mostly everything under the sun actually, I am finished with 'cashdivision'.

This game is a complete and utter disaster, i have seen some broken games, but this is something else.

STAY AWAY 1.5/10

The game is like getting teeth pulled out lol
Derekvinyard13  +   862d ago
StanSmith  +   862d ago
Are you done posting the same thing in every walking dead article?

Here, Gamespot,, Videogamer and more. The same comment left everywhere.
RedSoakedSponge   862d ago | Offensive
budharvest  +   862d ago
Terminal Reality is Terminated
lyliade  +   862d ago
The game is not bad at all,it's refreshing from all the big games now.I never buy a game because of a review that didn't get paid well or something but by testing it yourself and judging by yourself wether or not you'll like it.It's worth a buy :-)
HammadTheBeast  +   862d ago
It's flat out broken and frustrating, with some of the worst design elements ever considered. You can literally walk into a massive mob of zombies, enter a mini game, and kill every zombie with full health and using no ammo. Also, it's incredibly shallow and an obvious cash-in. It's near criminal to charge $50 for this. Activision thinks its alright to sell s*** for $10 less than other games.
Pozzle  +   862d ago
I know it's not a good idea for anyone to base their buys off reviews, but when a game is getting scores in the 1/10 - 3/10 range, it's usually pretty telling what sort of quality the game will be.

It's not just a bad game, it's flat-out broken.
x5exotic  +   862d ago
OK based on the first 2 minutes of the video, the zombies aren't attacking, it's not even a game, so far I think 3/10 is overrating it tbh.
HammadTheBeast  +   862d ago
He gave it one extra point just because it had "some" replayability, that is, if you wanted to put yourself through this mess again.
aLucidMind  +   861d ago
It did have some good ideas, even if they were poorly implemented and broken lol. I would look forward to the next one if they actually decided to not do a cash-in and do a full, good-quality game.
budharvest  +   862d ago
The only thing going for the game is the voice over actors Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker which, unfortunately for them cannot do them much good, in fact, I would be pursuing for career damages with this absolute pile of steaming sh!t.
TheFallenAngel  +   862d ago
Seems like he only got a 360 and a pc. Good review though
GamerEuphoria  +   862d ago
That's because he does, why his whole 'I represent gamers' thing falls flat...also his lack of research lets him down.
aLucidMind  +   862d ago
Not owning a PS3 doesn't make someone's claim of representing gamers fall flat. How someone would think it does makes no sense. Also, from what I've seen, he does put in a decent amount of research; more than most reviewers on the "journalist" sites like IGN.
GamerEuphoria  +   862d ago
Go watch his Magika review. The fact he slates games he never plays is what I'm getting at. Also watch his VGA video, if that's a guy you want speaking for you ( and you shouldn't let anyone speak for you by the way) then all power to you.
aLucidMind  +   861d ago
1- How do you know he's never played them? Many own both consoles, so he may have played them on one of his buddy's.

2- The VGA video was literally when he was first starting out and was when he first began going to these shows to do interviews. If you actually watch his recent interviews, you'll see he has improved significantly since then. It's a very flawed logic to dislike someone over their first attempt when every subsequent attempt has shown improvement. Also, it's pretty hard to come off competently when the owner of the show and major journalists ridicule you or behave dismissively whenever you ask an honest and valid question, especially when you're just starting out.
JohnApocalypse  +   862d ago
That is a scary thumbnail

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