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linkenski  +   1052d ago
Half-Life 2 was cross-gen back in the time, as well.
FlyingFoxy  +   1052d ago
it was but the console versions had bad framerates, Doom 3 BFG is over 8 years old and can't even run full 60fps on 360, it has slowdowns.

fps are like 100× better on pc anyway, and for the performance.
T2  +   1052d ago
The gap between 7 year old hardware and constantly evolving hardware continues ... Wow groundbreaking .
MestreRothN4G  +   1052d ago
That doesn't mean we have already seen what is coming.

PC had the power, but now machines with PC power will have the help of the most talented developers, which, we all know, stay very away from the piracy king.
landog  +   1052d ago
pc has been a full gen ahead of ps3/360 since 2007

pc is already a full gen ahead of ps4/nextbox right now because they waited so damn long

pc gamers are already playing in 2560x1600p

never happening on ps4/nextbox
stragomccloud  +   1052d ago
Why are you getting any disagrees?
You've done nothing except state a fact.
kikoano  +   1052d ago
this side its 90% console fans look the forums its all playstation fans. go on you will see big diffrence on comments.
Axe99  +   1052d ago
He's getting disagrees because PC wasn't a full gen ahead in 2007. PC isn't just the people that spend $2500K on their PC - PC is all the mid-range machines that actually form the bulk of the PC market. If you look at the Steam hardware survey, a good proportion of Steam customers have machines that cannot match the current gen of consoles, let alone what we'll see in the next 12 months.

As for PC now, while the _specs_ are clearly well ahead of the next-gen consoles, the actual _results_ are not, and won't be for a year or two, because it's too expensive to make games that match high-end PC specs only - that's why PC gaming tends to follow console gaming (where the development money is) and not the other way around (notice how most PC games started to step up significantly - ie, where the benefit was more than just a higher resolution and faster frame-rates - when next-gen development started).

It will be the same (by and large) this time as well - you'll see faster framerates and higher resolutions on PC, but the gameplay, geometry, physics and AI will be the same - there's simply not a large enough PC userbase (or at least paying PC userbase) to support broad-based AAA development.

Plus, the whole 2560 x 1600 thing is irrelevant if you're looking at the screen from a couch, which most console gamers do. Sure, it's never happening, but it doesn't need to.
stragomccloud  +   1052d ago
Very true.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1052d ago
Axe99... a quick look at the actual survey results says something otherwise. Dual cores win the percentage vote with 47.76% saturation but right behind it are the quad cores with 42.75%... Intel reigns supreme on that chart so I'm sure those are all I5's and I7's because hyper threading doesn't count for the core count. If you keep looking 8gbs of ram is the standard and DX11 GPU's are in the lead with 47.97%. Looking at these charts it's pretty obvious that a majority of people using steam are ready for next gen. If not a GPU upgrade would suffice. It will never be accurate though because of all the laptops that skew the results. http://store.steampowered.c...

@Kikoano - That's pretty obvious just from the name itself. XD... I'm sure If I went there though it would be a lot of people saying how much better their computers are compared to everyone elses. I'm rocking a fx-8350 and I'm getting 60fps solid in BF3 with my 680... the first thing I would hear if I wrote that as a comment on that site would be "Intel is better" then he would list his specs which would equate out to $1,800+... I'd look up benchmarks and he's getting 3-6 Fps more than me. Whoopdidoo
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steven83r  +   1052d ago
Full Gen Ahead of PS3 Since 2007....Yet Can't Produce A Better Looking Game.

Consoles are better for gaming because we don't have to buy a new console every time a game gets better...PC you have to change components to run the newest games which means hundreds of $ in just a few years. Also PC isn't made foremost as a gaming machine. So the development isn't there for it.
Zha1tan  +   1052d ago
You should be beaten with the stupid stick so you can at least die intelligent for making such an uninformed biased remark.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1052d ago
As if it matters. We all know that pc's have the power and can produce some really good looking games. But the downside to that is rampant piracy and the cost. No one cares about your 2560x1600 resolution, you play games on a 25 inch screen.... what's the point?
kikoano  +   1052d ago
Are you retarded you can plug your hdmi to tv.I always play on my HDTV when gameing wow pc wins in every way.Consoles need to die they are close system its like bird in cage!
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1052d ago
No I'm not retarded. I know you can hook your pc up to your tv but if you do that you'll be limited to the tv's resolution. Again... what's the point?
kikoano  +   1052d ago
Oculus Rift will solve the problem you wont see edges and will be true 3d 360
LessThan2Tflops  +   1052d ago
Current gen console games are at best 720p so 1280x720, unless you only have a 720p tv you're not even using the full resolution of your tv

And I'm playing tomb raider on triple 1920x1200 (eyefinity) screens so actually in 5760x1200 resolution
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1052d ago
Congratulations! Sounds expensive.

Anyway, I'm just glad that alot of pc devs are jumping ship or going multiplat. It would make them alot more money. Just sucks that PC's are gonna be held back by ports... just another downside I guess.
oldskool79  +   1052d ago
Im building a pc myself yea you can hook up to your tv and get 1080p 60fps all the time no matter what game it is as long you have a good enough graphic card. Im switching because it seems that all of the big multiplats are coming to pc so why get a PS4/Xbox they are all gonna have the same games for the most part your're better off going Wii U/PC this go around since Nintendo should bring some nice things to the table going HD this go around. Metal Gear, Castlevania LOS2, Dark Souls 2, BF4, Watch Dogs,Spinter Cell,Rainbow 6, AC4,ME4,GTA5, and Destiny & etc is gonna be on PC so tell me why should I get a PS4/XBOX again????????
Skynetone  +   1052d ago
should really wait for haswell LGA1150 before building a new pc, which will be out this year
Skynetone  +   1052d ago
LGA1150 will also be compatible with intels upcoming Broadwell CPUs
steven83r  +   1052d ago
All of the big multiplats are going to PC but you will pay more for a PC than we will for a console. Also you won't have as many if any 1st or 2nd Party titles as we will.You'll have a powerful machine that is limited to what the developers want to make for it. I'll stick to having a console for gaming and a PC for internet and movies and what not.

It's like having a race car built for only racing and then building a super fast car as your daily driver that you sometimes race. Sure it's fast but won't be as good as a car built strictly for racing and nothing else.
oldskool79  +   1052d ago
yea but games will go on sale hell battlefield 3 was just 13.00 with the origin sale recently. How much are the lga1150's gonna cost? im gonna build a bitfenix prodigy with a hd 7950 so lets say about 700-900. But worth all the while dont have to worry about backwards
CheexInk  +   1052d ago
You have no clue what you're talking about. You think consoles have more exclusives just because that's all you are exposed to. PC has way more worthwhile exclusives than any console.
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T2  +   1052d ago
I doubt anyone argues that you are wrong for your needs but personally I had a gaming pc and the ps3 was worth it for virus protection / convenience alone. I work with pcs all day and I haaaaate them
xboxtreefitty  +   1052d ago
it's like 100 dollars a month for basic HD cable turn that off and watch those things on a pc you'll save like 1200 a year just spend 600 every two or three years on a PC there you now have around $1800 to buy on games and with steam that means you own pretty much every game. so hard to come up with the cash right guys? I mean seriously $600 every 2 years is not even a dollar a day. IF you don't have that why are you sitting around playing games all day?
CaulkSlap  +   1052d ago
Well really each PC graphics card generation is a significant leap over the consoles. And really they came a little early to miss a wave of huge improvements. If 360/PS3 had come out in 2007 we probably wouldn't need a graphical update until 2017. Probably somewhere around WiiU specs haha.
ninjahunter  +   1052d ago
Eh PC gaming is only better when you have the meens. Right now consoles are so outdated that even a good college laptops can trump them. But on the other hand, A PS4 (according to the 2 Teraflop statement) will be better than quite a few Low and mid range PC's. Like a low end PC gaming experience at the moment, will not be better than a PC gaming experience. A mid range will be highly competitive with a PS4, but will probably cost a bit more and high end PC will be better.

If your investing in PC because its the B3$T platform, Dont bother unless you have at least $600. Thats the range right now where you will get that 2 teraflops of power (or more if your a bargain hunter).

And dont bring up that whole console optimization argument, its not true, Both PC and console hardware get more optimized with age. Nvidia and ATI both release drivers every month that increase performance in both new and older hardware.

Anyway. Thats my 2 bits. Take it or leave it. Or leave an opinion, discussion is what builds strong minds.
Triggytrolls  +   1052d ago
I've been a 360 gamer since it was released back in the stone age, but recently I built a PC for gaming (I've always wanted a decent PC to play games on) Yes games do look a lot better, I'm loving ARMA 2 wasteland, also BF3 60fps/ultra it's like playing a completely different game.

I'm still getting a PS4 though if I can afford one, not liking the sound of the nextbox.

Not a fan of the K/M combo though, I think it sucks.
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SpinalRemains138  +   1051d ago
I don't think anyone would disgaree with this sentiment. PC hardware evolves as an open entity to anyone willing to pay. The games on their max settings look beautiful and their evolution is at least 3 fold as compared to console games which are static for that gens duration pretty much.

I think everyone pretty much knows this. The thing is........we all have PCs obviously, but we mostly decide to not game on them because PC gaming comes w/ a host of caveats along w/ those gorgeous visuals. Mouse & keyboard, price, not many exclusives like consoles have, ease of use, etc......

In the end, consoles are absolutely perfect for gaming.
Nafon  +   1051d ago

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