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BladerunnerZX  +   1052d ago
Its a given that Battlefield 4 will be released on both the PS3 and Xbox360.

Both current gen consoles have a userbase of over 70 Million.

No game publisher/ developer will release a major game like Battlefield 4 solely on a newly launched game console like the PS4 or XboxNext because there is no installed user base to buy the game.

Does EA want to sale 6 to 10 million on the PS3 and Xbox360 or do they want to sell maybe 1 million on a just launched next gen machine like the PS4 ?

Battlefield 4 will definitely be a cross gen game releasing on both the PS3 and later on PS4.

As for the Wii U. There is simply no core audience to support a game like Battlefield 4 on the Wii U.
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KillrateOmega  +   1052d ago
It WILL be released on next-gen consoles. Anybody who believes otherwise is, quite frankly, delusional.
Felonycarclub8  +   1052d ago
Okay let's do this wii-u is next gen and the ps4 and next Xbox is next next gen lol
BitbyDeath  +   1052d ago
Well that explains why its only doing 720p on consoles.
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