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BlackjackCF  +   1054d ago
Good god. I thought Versus XIII was never going to come out.
Nostradavis  +   1054d ago
It still may not come out, only this time it may not come out exclusively for the PS4. :)
guitarded77  +   1054d ago
Don't say that... I can't go another console generation waiting :/
blitz0623  +   1054d ago
At this point I don't care about exclusivity. I need some news, updates, or just any kind of sign that this game hasn't evaporated yet
GenericNameHere  +   1054d ago
Good god... Imagine if vsXIII came out on the Dreamcast... Do you choose the PS4 version, or the superior DC version? See those graphics? PS4, eat your hearts out!!

On topic...
Should this be news? Why would Square Enix say YES to the rumor of FFvsXIII is now a main FF title, and a PS4 exclusive? They know it's true, but they want to be the ones to announce it! If they say yes now, they're the ruin the surprise they're gonna reveal at E3, although now we know it. Look at Sony. Total kings of of getting stuff leaked. Something leaked? Say "We blah blah blah don't comment to rumors blah blah blah", gets official announcement, everybody happy.
Since this is rumored to be codeveloped with Sony, it seems their smooth talking rubbed on to SE.
MikeMyers  +   1053d ago
Rumors have it that Sony is attached to the project and it will now be exclusive to the PS4.
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badz149  +   1053d ago
this has gone too far! these rumors along with the game can you please just DIE already!
sinncross  +   1054d ago
hmmm so I guess that puts it closer to being true?

I cant really wait... I have been wanting to play Versus13 ever since the original trailer!!!
Arai  +   1054d ago
Haha yes pretty much =)
Either way the wait seems almost over...
Damn time isn't going by fast enough, I want to see what happens at E3 this year.
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Neckbear  +   1054d ago
No, this is the stock reply for some dude that's got nothing to do with SE outside handling mail. How'd you expect him from respond? You think he'd be able to say yes or no? He probably doesn't know what's up with the game himself.
Mr_Nuts  +   1054d ago
Well technicaly it won't if it gets renamed, Versus 13 will never come out, FF15 will though XD

That is if the rumors are true
Godmars290  +   1054d ago
not under the original name its not. If this is true.
MYSTERIO360  +   1053d ago
I surely hope FF Versus XIII comes on the PS4 near launch
penguinhunter  +   1054d ago
I refuse to comment if I like FF or not.
DownNotOut  +   1054d ago
then why comment? well i for one hope this rumor is true that would make me buy a ps4 earlier than i was.
first1NFANTRY  +   1054d ago
man how hard is it to shed some light on this game so fans can atleats be excited for it?

any small info would actually be of help.
Shadow Man  +   1054d ago
i hope it comes out for the ps3
LondonMediaOS  +   1054d ago
I just want the game... Damn!
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1054d ago
I kinda hope it still comes to PS3. Cause im gonna feel like i got screwed over. I had VsXIII in mind when I bought a PS3. If it dosent oh well I plan on getting a PS4 anyway at some point.
torchic  +   1054d ago
yeah me too. I didn't care for PS3 until I saw Versus XIII so I told myself I'd get the console as soon as the game came out LOL
Sweelix  +   1054d ago
this pretty much confirms it's exclusive to PS4
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1054d ago
No it only confirms speculation that it could be rumored for PS4 in which case it will be announced for the PS5 instead.
clintagious650  +   1054d ago
I guess its going multiplatform now or atleast be a ps3 & ps4 release. With square enix we just dont know anymore.
maniacmayhem  +   1054d ago
Oh lord, lets not start this again.

I remember seeing a picture of this game on the back of my PS3 LAUNCH 60 gig box as coming soon. I guess they can just switch that pic and quote over to the ps4 box.
Legendary-Status  +   1054d ago
the last gaurdian & ffxv man can't wait to play these great adventures on my PS4 E3 can't come soon enough.. ffxv is squares prize possesion..this and last gaurdian is going to take the industry by storm..I know both of theses games will be amazing..
gamefreak1198  +   1053d ago
If The Last Guardian and FFXV aren't amazing the huge disappointment that everyone would have would be terrible for Square and Sony. Its like if they finally made Star Wars Battle Front 3 and it was total crap or whenever they drop Kingdom Hearts 3 and it turns into a pile of crap, these are games that people wait for, and wait for a long time if they were ever to come out bad. The outrage would be terrible.
ziggurcat  +   1054d ago
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1054d ago
Never cared much for Final Fantasy, until I played Final Fantasy 13-2. Now I care even less, but just enough to comment here.
RememberThe357  +   1054d ago
A pretty big leak, if true. I can't put too much faith in it because VG Leaks doesn't have a long history but it's intriguing to say the lease. I have to admit I do hope it is an exclusive, I'm not too excited about what I've heard about the new Xbox. Either way the game looked great and I'm not opposed to it looking even better.
MWH  +   1054d ago
financially, SE needs its games to go multi-platform. unlike other JRPGs like Persona which mostly a niche group of gamers appreciates it outside japan, FF is a cult series that if done right can sell quite an astonishing number and lift the company significantly.
izumo_lee  +   1054d ago
This story is really getting intriguing cause days before the PS4 reveal we had Squarenix product manager showing off Noctis cologne.

Last week we got some outfit designer listing the game as Final Fantasy 15.

We got that weird announcement of an announcement from the producer of Final Fantasy vs.13 during the PS4 show.

We have vgleaks rumoring the game is now a PS4 game with the possibility of it being co-developed by Sony thus making it an exclusive.

Now we have someone at Squarenix not really confirming or denying the notion the game is not a next gen title.

I guess Shinji Hashimoto may be right...'Please. Please be excited for E3....Thank you very much'.
Darth Stewie  +   1053d ago
Another thing to note about Square Enix Japan is they have been showing alot of love towards Playstation recently. Both Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD & the FF10 HD collection are Playstation exclusives even though most 3rd party HD collections also released on 360. Also Square announced Drakengard 3 as a PS3 exclusive last month.
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izumo_lee  +   1053d ago
It's strange isn't it. For almost the entire gen Squarenix barely made a game exclusive for the PS3 until recently. One has to wonder what exactly made them do a complete 180.

Look the 360 is a great system but some genres like JRPGs just doesn't have that large of a fan base. On a Playstation platform the fan base has grown for almost 20 years when FF 7 relased. Why do you think a lot of Japanese JRPG makers like NISA, Gust, Atlus, Compile Heart, Idea Factory, & lately Namco Bandai continue to make exclusive games for the Playstation? Cause they know that the fan base is there.

Maybe Squarenix has finally realized that. Even a polarizing game like FF13 & FF 13-2 had successful sales numbers thanks to the fan base on the Playstation. Without the Playstation numbers both games would've been major disappointments for the company.

Do i still think that future Final Fantasy games will be multiplatform, of course but it doesn't mean that there won't be exclusive games for a particular system now & then.
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chikane  +   1051d ago
yea its great to be a playstation fan
abzdine  +   1054d ago
all of this smells good!!! the game must be almost finished by now!
imagine the sales if this monster game releases day one in Japan
WitWolfy  +   1053d ago
Of course they wont admit it is an exclusive.. Admitting that would mean the game actually EXISTS!!!
Blackcanary  +   1053d ago
The i see it if this wasn't true Square and Sony would put out the fire and say No its a lie. Instead there saying no comment in my eye's i believe this so called rumor is true.
Jakens  +   1053d ago
Versus will be put out as two games. Or one super mega ultra game.
Prodigy-X  +   1053d ago
Because they know its true. They can shoot down the cancellation rumor but they can't shoot down this rumor. Hmmm
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Nodoze  +   1053d ago
Who cares? Square Enix is dead. They couldn't cope with the technology jump this gen. I cannot wait to see how flat they fall on their collective faces next gen.

Wonder if they are going to shift allegiance back to Sony again? Will they grovel to get their fans back? Does anyone still care about them?

I don't. I will not pick up ANY of their titles unless/until they are rotting in the bargain bin. 9 dollars are about what their games are worth.
elda  +   1053d ago
IMO alot of game related rumours turn out to be true or somewhat true & Square isn't saying NO only stating NO COMMENT,due to the fact that this game has supposedly been in development since 2006 then 2011 Square states that it's in full development which imo it must have made the switch & change (using the next gen engine Luminous) to be on the PS4 nor have we heard anything about VS since 2011,Square knowing alot of fans want to move on from the XIII universe VS more likely may get a new name maybe FFXV or something else,Sony may be pairing with Square on this VS venture knowing VS is highly anticpated by the fans & having it exclusive on the PS4 will definitely generate sales for the game & system.
cyberninja  +   1053d ago
Hope that we will get some answers at E3 this year.
josephayal  +   1053d ago
2006-2013 my hopes aren't high
It's going to sell like water in the desert on both plataforms PS4 and
GABRIEL1030  +   1053d ago
I will not buy Battlefield 4 for the actual consoles
CaitSith  +   1053d ago
Ask if Versus XIII is going to the Sega Masters System. If they reply with the same "no comment," then it's probably just that: a rumor.

TeflonHahn  +   1053d ago
SOOOOO long ago I remember Tetsuya Nomura saying that Versus's exclusivity depended on how well Kingdom Hearts 3 performed as a PS3 exclusive. LMAO. We all see how that ended up. It really racks my brain as to what POSSIBLY could be the deal with versus. I can't even begin to imagine what in the hell could be going on at this point.
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