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GreenRanger  +   1061d ago
Personally, no i haven't.
I can understand why some people do cry, though.
josephayal  +   1061d ago
Street Fighter 4
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1061d ago
Sadly haven't played FFX, but I did watch the ending (wish I hadn't) and it was sad even though I had no connection to the characters.

The original KH when I beat it was pretty sad. Also I was young when I played it so it took me like a year (maybe more) to beat it and I was in shock that it was finally over especially after the epicness of Hollow Bastion and End of the World. KH 358/2 Days got me good too. I grew to love and respect Xion so much more after the game then before I started it.

FF7 Crisis Core because I played it before I played FF7.

inFAMOUS 2 had two very sad endings as well.

I've never full out cried, but sometimes they tear me up and I definitely allow myself to get connected to the characters I play as or watch on tv or movies.
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anime_swag_pro  +   1061d ago
Kingdom Hearts 2 when Sora finds Riku.
rhap  +   1061d ago
Majin's scenes on Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom were pretty emotional for me. For some reason I felt great sympathy towards him.
CRASHBASHUK  +   1061d ago
sonic the hedgehog 06 if u played the last story in the game then u know what I mean
stubbed_out  +   1061d ago
ccgr  +   1061d ago
Crisis Core
OmniSlashPT  +   1061d ago
What most amazes me from Crisis Core is the fact that we know what is going to happen to Zack, but we are surprised by it, it touches us and bring us down. Crisis Core was such a good game, tbh it was the true last Final Fantasy game.
trenso1  +   1060d ago
I didn't which made it feel that much more emotional, creating a connection with the character and seeing the journey just to watch it end
BuffMordecai  +   1061d ago
andreasx  +   1061d ago
The last scene in RDR made me shed several tears, one of the most memorable scenes I have ever played :'(
Donnieboi  +   1061d ago
Persona 3 ending, a death from Persona 4, The Teepo situation in Breath of Fire 3, Heavy Rain, MGS 4, the True ending in StarFox 64 (when McCloud's dead father saves him and when he fights his father's killers) is all I can remember atm.
DanielForth  +   1061d ago
Halo 3, That 117 etched on the Memorial.
Kingthrash360  +   1061d ago
Ps4 official announcement.. not really a game but.....
But thos were tears of joy .....sad tears....persona 4....gears 2 (doms wife).....mgs 1 (sniper wolf ...note: this, I can say was the first time a game had me tear up)
Brian1rr  +   1061d ago
The walking dead
dreman999  +   1061d ago
Mass effect 3(Not a joke about the ending.)
Lost odyssey.
TacticProductionz  +   1061d ago
MGS4? Anyone?
" sick."

Manly tears were shed.
ps3rulz  +   1061d ago
Shenmue 2
Because by the looks of it, im never going to find out how the fooking trilogy is going to end :-(
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hkgamer  +   1060d ago
stop reminding me of shenmue :'(
Wrightylfc88  +   1061d ago
the ending of telltale games the walking dead really got me. Poor Clem!
Imikida  +   1061d ago
Red Dead Redemption, only after my second playthrough for some reason. I guess I appreciated the game after replaying it, great game. And how can I forget the Journey ending, amazing experience.
zbg31610  +   1061d ago
The Mass Effect series, red dead. MGS 4. Shadow of the colossus. Woah and cry? NO.. But sad yes
MaleManSam  +   1060d ago
The Darkness. That scene at the very end. Omg.
MGS, FF7, ME Series,
Oh and ofcourse The walking dead..
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ZILLA  +   1060d ago
If you have followed the game thru the years the ending is pretty damm sad.snaaaaaaaaake
trenso1  +   1060d ago
FF7, crisis core, KH2, KH:BBS, MGS4
ThatsGaming  +   1060d ago
Lost Odyssey. One of the best stories in video games ever!
Kiddcarter  +   1060d ago
the ending of the first kingdom hearts teared me up
aLucidMind  +   1060d ago
John Marston's death in Red Dead Redemption choked me up, but didn't make me cry. Same thing with Ezio's final speech at the end of Revelations, The Warden's funeral in Dragon Age: Origins, and the ending of MGS4

Thane's funeral in ME3's "Citadel" DLC and the final confrontation with The Boss in MGS3 were the only two I can think of that got me to really tear up.
MattyG  +   1060d ago
The Walking Dead, and for some strange, strange reason Gears of War 3.
Rezka  +   1060d ago
Red dead redemption
RockmanII7  +   1060d ago
No, closest was Cave Story but that just left me stunned not crying. I've cried to books and TV shows before though.
HarryB  +   1060d ago
I didn't cry but I was shocked at red dead redemptions ending when john marston dies. After all that work in game working with john marston you really grow attached to the player. The fights, missions, the side missions. It was the second best story line for me. The first was cj from gta san Andreas.

And I'd really would like to replay red dead but the problem is the man dies so its notthe same for some reason to me.
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