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Sclavius  +   1057d ago
ummm I should hope so
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adorie  +   1057d ago
I'd be pissed if it was marketed to the hardcore with empty promises, just to get their money for initial sales, then make haste to the casual.

Why would I be pissed? I don't know, I just hate when people get burned by businesses trying to take advantage. I'm a rare one, I guess. I give a poop about the next person. :)

E3 needs to come quickly. I want to see what the Next-Box can do and hopefully Microsoft doesn't forget the people who helped build the Xbox brand. Gamers.
fabod86  +   1057d ago
Should have been otherwise?
Kinda funny that they have to specify that it plays games XD
green  +   1057d ago
It will be marketed as an entertainment device and games are a form on entertainment.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1057d ago
Ehhh, I want a games console that doubles as an entertainment device
amiga-man  +   1057d ago
I find it funny that Blu-ray is also a form of entertainment but ironically microsofts so called entertainment console won't be able to play them.
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green  +   1057d ago
Please could you post a link to a CONFIRMED source that says that the next gen XBOX will not be able to play Blu-ray movies?
stuna1  +   1057d ago
@ green

I think he's speaking on the rumor that the nextbox won't play blu ray disc based games.
theWB27  +   1057d ago
Will it be so hard if for the last 5 years or so Microsoft has blatantly gone the rout of wanting to be your entertainment device. Even going so far as getting it's own tv model off the ground. Turning it into a tuner.

They will market it as a game console that does all these other things they've been building toward. Not hard to keep up with that.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1057d ago
Add to that a list of codecs that neither will support.
LessThan2Tflops  +   1057d ago
Can they market it as "it only does everything"?
stage88  +   1057d ago
It's an entertainment device that also plays games.
That's exactly what i want.....

(No it isn't)
Gildarts  +   1057d ago
If it has awesome games then why not? Why is having good entertainment options so bad?
stuna1  +   1057d ago
Because most get entertainment through alternate sources! Just looking at how Microsoft handles the entertainment media on the 360 now, would make most second guess getting the nextbox, considering most entertainment media will be behind a pay wall.
gamertk421  +   1057d ago
I can't wait for the XES (Xbox Entertainment System).
Jek_Porkins  +   1057d ago
Game console with a lot of other features, sort of how Nintendo called it the Nintendo Entertainment System instead of anything to do with video games, but obviously the initial buyers of a console are the core gamer's.
PS4isKing_82  +   1057d ago
Microsoft has lost focus off of core games. They know the money is in kinect, movies and other media apps and services. While the Xbox will probably always play games, that's no longer Microsoft's primary concern anymore I believe, reason why so few games are exclusive and all the recent square enix games are only headed for ps platforms. It's actually starting to look like next gen will belong to Sony by default as Nintendo and Microsoft are going off in their own directions.

Nintendo currently has an identity crisis with the wiiU and the next Xbox is going to want to do everything but play games and spy on you 24/7.
from the beach  +   1057d ago
They'll continue to try and warp the traditional terminology - 'experiences', 'entertainment hub' - to appeal to non-gamers but really, let's let their PR folks worry about marketing it.

I'm buying it to play the games and will keep an open mind about whatever other features are in there as well.
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clintagious650  +   1057d ago
Its a durango with a supercharge with 720hp on kinect 2.0 wheels with no steering wheel. You are the controller. Drive safely.
KillrateOmega  +   1057d ago
MS really needs to come out with that reveal soon. All of these rumors haven't exactly been giving them good press. Conversely, Sony is having a ball right now :)

While I'm still most likely going to get a PS4, I just want to be able to move past all these rumors and get some actual facts.
Gamer-Z  +   1057d ago
When is the reveal?
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1057d ago
They will probably reveal a date of the reveal....and then not reveal the console lol
CaulkSlap  +   1057d ago
Kinectbox Netflixing Machine.
amiga-man  +   1057d ago
Hicken  +   1057d ago
Can somebody explain to me how Sonic200's first comment was trolling? As best I can tell, it's DIRECTLY important to the discussion here, and yet...

Seems to me that many Xbox fans are more than willing to treat Microsoft's current and recent-past actions as if they don't exist, as if they will have ZERO effect on their approach to gaming next gen. Now, maybe we'll get lucky, and Microsoft will double down on the core gaming(for the whole of the gen this time, please?), but I really can't see them passing up the opportunity to try and pull in the same type of crowd- and the same money- that they tapped into late THIS gen.

In all likelihood, the Nextbox will be marketed as an entertainment console that does games, too. I would prefer it be the other way around, but it just doesn't seem that way.

Edit: I shouldda known you'd be the one to respond.

First off, I've NEVER said I have no desire to buy a 360. In fact, I've numerous times said I WOULD, but only under certain conditions. After all, I've yet to finish Lost Odyssey, and I love what I've played of that, so far. There's also at LEAST Vesperia and Blue Dragon that I want to play, plus a couple of ATLUS games; I might even desire a modded system so I can play Steins;Gate after importing it. That you want to continually be a dumbass and try and perpetuate a fallacy is your issue, not mine, but I'd appreciate it if you at least kept things straight.

Second, there's a VERY distinct difference between how Sony has approached their "entertainment" focus, and how Microsoft is doing it, and you'd be an idiot NOT to notice it. Then again, this is you we're talking about, so I imagine all the times Sony has STRESSED- and their actions have proved their words time and time again- that they're about gaming first just went right over your head. Yeah, they have the social stuff, but it's secondary; with the PS4, it's primary purpose is in promoting games and connecting gamers. Microsoft is most obviously not doing the same thing; instead of still pumping out the games, they've spent the last few years pumping out the apps, all of them entertainment-based, and not focusing on what the system should PRIMARILY be about: gaming.

Again, and I don't know how it can be any more clear: Sony is catering to other markets while making sure that GAMING- particularly core gaming- is still their primary focus; Microsoft is doing the exact opposite, focusing on the casual and entertainment crowds first while mostly letting the core market survive off a few trusted IPs and third party offerings.

Can you HONESTLY look at the lineups of the two consoles for this year- games, services, apps, etc- and tell me they're doing the same thing?

Frankly, the ONLY thing you have right is that I don't like Microsoft. The rest of that crap you talk about is some made up bullshit you use to try and make me look like someone I'm not.

And, most importantly, you STILL didn't address why Sonic200's comment was marked for trolling. I find it ironic that you and MikeMyers do the same thing when addressing my comments: you don't actually address them, but attack my preference for Sony, instead.

Is that a silent indication of acknowledgement? That you know I'm right, but don't want to admit it? Why do I NEVER see either of you go after somebody trolling Sony, yet you'll both JUMP at the chance to rebut someone who tells that troll off?
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maniacmayhem  +   1056d ago
So you are willing to drink the Sony kool-aid when they say it's a gaming system first and an entertainment system second? Because as stated from mostly everyone Sony is doing the exact same thing MS is by catering to a larger demographic and offering more media/social features to its console.
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Wasn't Sony's motto "It Only Does Everything". Sony fans ate that up, now when MS is actually trying make good on that saying it's all of a sudden boos and hisses from Sony fanboys and them oh so worried about the 360's core.

And why do you need everything explained to you? Have you no common sense?

"In all likelihood, the Nextbox will be marketed as an entertainment console that does games, too. I would prefer it be the other way around,"

But it still does games, so what is the problem? And why would YOU prefer this when you have already stated you have no desire or reason to ever purchase a 360, you will never be it's core gamer and you hate MS.

Care to explain that?
ichimaru  +   1056d ago
in your mind, who do you think reads that wall of text
maniacmayhem  +   1056d ago

"In fact, I've numerous times said I WOULD, but only under certain conditions."

It's been SEVEN years Hicken, the 360's console cycle is over. What CERTAIN CONDITIONS are you waiting for.

Secondly look at every console's history when it's ending or coming to an end and tell me their line-up. Because sony delays most of their games and brings them out this year all of sudden they care about the core gamer? What happened last year when their line up wasn't so hot? Oh I forgot, one of your quotes you actually forgave them for this but not so much MS for this year right?

If your all about the games then why not pick up a 360? From you previous statement it seems there sure are a lot of backlog games you want to play for it. Oooh but I forgot there's these CERTAIN CONDITIONS that's stopping you. I like that excuse, I'm going to use it to.

"I would like to pick up a Vita, but under CERTAIN CONDITIONS."

As for Sonic200's comment I could care less which is why I didn't answer it. I had no concern at all only your insane continued stupid remarks. Shall I bring up all the questions I have asked you that you have remained silent on?

And for the last time, since you can't seem to understand this through that thick, insane, concrete skull of yours. I don't have any problem with your preference for Sony. I have a problem with you d-bag attitude, your flip flop, hypocritical comments, your constant berating of others on this site and your complete lack of respect for others and their preference for other consoles.

Now can you understand this? Are we clear?
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