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InTheLab  +   980d ago
The main reson why I don't bother with anything other than the tournament is because of the low talent pool. All of the talent heads off to the NBA.. There a few exciting players in the ncaa now but how would developers know prior to the start of a season. I don't care to watch a team full of adequate to mediocre players year after year. The NBA should raise the age limit to 21...would force thses kids to learn the game and it would make for a better March tournament. ..and some might even get an education O.o
R_aVe_N  +   980d ago
Not to mention that College ball now they dont really score points anymore. I watched a game the other day where the final was 36 - 39 that is just insane. They focus way to much on defense then nobody really knows how to score lol.
InTheLab  +   980d ago
And the 30 second shot clock /facepalm. They sit out on the perimeter for 25 seconds, then swing it inside to the post...which is what they should have done 24 seconds ago...
3-4-5  +   979d ago
college hoops 2k8 for xbox 360 is still good.
VirtualKatz  +   979d ago
Your right, its not a bad game but they have taken down the servers for it, so the ability to share updated content is no more :-(

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