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Sharius  +   898d ago
i just wonder about the X-2, they said those game was build in the international version, does that mean the X-2 will incluce the last mission?

and i hope after that they will remake FF12 ZJS
Run_bare  +   898d ago
I remember falling in love with Yuna and wishing she was real. I definitely get this on the VITA.
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arbitor365  +   898d ago
REALLY? we were waiting all this extra time for them to remaster X-2!? that is why it has taken so long?

another middle finger from square. ffX-2 sucks. the minigames and story ruin that game
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ps3_pwns  +   898d ago
only on the playstation systems. just had to say it for the people who try and dodge playstation consoles for whatever dumb reason yet they like games like persona, final fantasy, ni no kuni etc. makes no sense at all.
kalkano  +   898d ago
I'm really shocked at how many people are defending X-2...Question for those that actually liked it: did you play it as a teenager just out of puberty? Because I can't imagine any other group of people that would like it...It crapped all over FFX.
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