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ThePsychoGamer  +   982d ago
Needless to say this has my support. Yakuza 5 must make it to the west.

I would also encourage other people who want help more to go to the official Yakuza forum on Sega's website and join in on the conversation
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   982d ago
Even if they release it only on PSN i'll be happy to have it. I didnt get Dead Souls since i dont care about zombies. They should just do what tecmo koei/Namco does on psn just put subtitles and put it on PSN. It shouldnt cost them that much money.
yoshiroaka  +   982d ago
I wonder if japanese devs can use kickstarter to fund translations.

Anyone who donates gets the game free.
Devs at least break even and fans get the game they want.
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DarkBlood  +   982d ago
i wonder why it wouldnt come to the west like the rest of them did?
jc48573  +   982d ago
it requires careful planning and whether or not it will sell better than Yakuza 3 and 4.
admiralvic  +   982d ago
Because Sega isn't in the best financial shape and has been making some rather stupid moves as of late? A recent example would be delaying Anarchy Reigns 6 months without talking to PG and ultimately doing NOTHING with the time. It would be one thing if they added something, but the game was already translated / dubbed, no new features were added, the only marketing was over the new release date / preorder bonus and for whatever reason they needed 6 months to accomplish this. Lets also not forget Aliens, which is mostly Gearbox's fault, but they were the publisher and could have done a much better job.
Jsynn7  +   982d ago
This always happens. It's always been funny to me how, whenever a Yakuza game comes out in Japan, the question of whether it'll come out in the States always comes up. Then the doubts start then, a few months after the release of the game in Japan, they announce it'll be localized and shipped everywhere else. This has happened before and, when more Yakuza game come out in the years to come, it'll happen again. I'm a huge Yakuza fan, it's one of my favorite game franchisees ever. I'm not worried, I know it'll be localized for the rest of the world and I'll be there to get my copy day 1.
jc48573  +   982d ago
I think we should be a little worried and I understand what you mean, but keep in mind that Kenzan never made it overseas even though I have it. I also wanted to play the other spin offs that came out on the PSP. I just want to be more hopeful that it gets localized.
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admiralvic  +   982d ago
While true...

We didn't get Kenzan.
We didn't get the HD Collection.
We haven't got Yakuza 5.
And they never brought over the Binary Domain Yakuza characters (to my knowledge).

This all could change at any moment, but there is definately reason to be concerned.
Jsynn7  +   982d ago
While Kezan came out way back when and hasn't been localized, Yakuza HD and 5 are pretty recent games. You have to give it time, that's the point in what I'm saying. They don't localize these games for the West while making the game for Japan. They usually wait for 6 months to a year before they begin localizing. After releasing Yakuza 1, 2, 3, 4, and Dead Souls, why wouldn't they bring HD and 5 to the West? Makes no sense business wise and in general.
P_Bomb  +   982d ago
Hoping for localisation of the HD Collection as well. Passed on PS2 copies I found recently, crossing my fingers I won't regret it.
wishingW3L  +   982d ago
SirBradders  +   982d ago
I think it is time all the leaders of the world come together and make one unified language all these sick jap games not getting localized is killing me.
SEGA where the hell is info on pso2!!!!!!!!!!
GEO9875  +   982d ago
I wish they dub the game voices to english instead of just subbing it

Inb4 weeabos send me hate mail cuz "OMG SUB ONLY!!!!"
Dark_Overlord  +   981d ago
The sheer amount of voice work in the game would probably mean it's not cost effective for Sega to do that.

P.S I prefer the original jap voices :P
e-p-ayeaH  +   981d ago
a game that takes place in japan its supposed to sound like japan.
Dagobert  +   981d ago
They released the other 4 Yakuza titles and the zombie shooter. Fucking release this already.

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