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NightsWasted  +   987d ago
First time commenter long time listener so listen up and buy this game and try... hard...maybe harder. Cus It'll be worth it in long run. But wait. Wait till at least (comparing to previous games, the 3* star quests) until you judge. If you've played until here then you will fall in love with an awesome franchise that'll leave you (after half a'year or so) waiting for more. Trust me.
Kos-Mos  +   987d ago
What a CRAPPY review!
pennyman  +   986d ago
what was crappy about the review - as the editor-in-chief i'm open to suggestions for my team - thanks
HeroLv9  +   987d ago
I got a wii u just for this game!
rezzah  +   986d ago
They think they're smart (trailer), all 3DS footage is shown through a small screens while everything else is WiiU.

Is the textures on 3DS that bad?
pennyman  +   986d ago
Capcom didn't send us the Wii U version for review only 3DS - wish I could help make a comparison for yah
rezzah  +   986d ago
Thanks anyways.

Moving from handheld to consoles for MH is always a exciting thing.

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