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StrongMan  +   987d ago
MS sold me a faulty Xbox 360 at launch so no go on buying a launch 720.
ironmonkey  +   987d ago
Developers calling the ps4 pretty much a perfect system. Im sold right there. Perfect games.
bamillington  +   987d ago
i've had ps3 for 4 or so years or so... i do like it but if find sony a bit boring.. first party games not up to nintendo's standard.. loved original xbox and loved it maybe its time to return to microsoft... if theres enough room next to my wii u...
4lc4pon3  +   987d ago
m going to pass on the xbox. There is nothing for me and I will stay PS3/PS4 and I enjoy my PS3 more.
4lc4pon3  +   987d ago
lol i got a disagree on what I personally feel and like. its personal preference.

I like the PS network. for $50.00 per year i got many options.

Free games for my PS3/Vita. Many discounts, Free online which is nice and is not as bad as everyone says.

Xbox only has 1 real game I like which is Gears of war other then that im sorry i dont feel it offers me anything.
majedx9  +   987d ago
who want to buy RROD at launch!?
AO1JMM  +   987d ago
Who wants to buy ylod at launch?
majedx9  +   986d ago
RROD was 33%
Ylod was 2.6%

for me i got three RROD
my launch 60 GB PS3 working just fain.
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WhatchaTalkinBout  +   987d ago
for me it will be a couple of factors, 1. games 2. online service.. for me i had more fun with sony's exclusives and i can see that continuing onto the ps4. online service. if microsoft keeps it the same as the 360 i see no reason for me to buy into there next console.. if sony has plus and voice chat and still free to play online without the need of a paid service on the ps4.. i think thats where ill lean to.
BludoDaSmelly  +   987d ago
Yes I will. Xbox has always had the superior online interface. That might change with PS4 though. I bought a ps3 early in 07 thinking my friends would get it, not really. I'll keep it for bluray at least. My xbox ringed one time, they repaired it once and it's still working to this day.
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SDF Repellent  +   987d ago
Yes, already got my $600 dollar saved up for the midnight launch. Can't wait.
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dennett316  +   987d ago
Anyone who forms an opinion now, without seeing anything of what MS are actually offering, is an idiot.

The only thing the PS4 reveal showed is better graphics....the sharing feature means less than nothing to me. Nifty if you feel like everyone just HAS to see you shoot that guy, but a pointless gimmick for everyone else more concerned with playing games than showing off.

If MS focuses on Kinect 2 and has no decent exclusives, then I'm out. What I worry about is that next gen is just going to be more of the same, with slightly nicer graphics.
But, we'll wait and's pointless to decide now when neither side has fully played their hand.
generalthadeape  +   987d ago
^^^Agree 110% with this fellow.^^^

There just isn't enough concrete evidence of what either system will actually offer-- most of what we know is merely speculation-- there's no way to make an intelligent decision about which system to buy until both companies "put all their cards on the table".

As it sits now,the only logical decision would be to get both systems when they release,(or neither),and then the drama will be over.

It's better to make a choice once we have all the facts and can weigh the pros / cons of each system against each other.

Anything else is merely more cheerleader fanboyism.
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LessThan2Tflops  +   987d ago
I'm shocked! The ps3 fanboys on this site are not getting the next Xbox?
profgerbik  +   987d ago
No, for good reason. If Microsoft ships out their release units in as bad a shape as they did last time, well screw that doesn't matter cause I am not buying their system again to find out.

Went through two years of nothing but replacing 360 after 360.. I personally believe they did it on purpose.
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AO1JMM  +   987d ago
Not buying s ps4 at launch either (if going by everyones mindset in here) as my ps3 broke and had to be repaired numerous times.

As a gamer MS and Sony has to prove to me they are making a quality product.

But then again we havent seen a thing about Xbox720 or the console itself for PS4, so its a tad bit early to be forming launch day purchase choices in my opinion.
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Bumpmapping  +   987d ago
No one will be buying a Xbox at launch especially after that RROD incident PS4 all the way true gamers console.
poet215  +   987d ago
Coming from an owner of both PS3 & 360 since they've Down the line, most likely yes indeed. I really want to a get PS4 for my sons & one for myself as well at launch, but I remember not enjoying PS3 or 360's games a lot at launch. The excitement of new consoles urges me to purchase each one, right away....but, the sensible side is telling me to hold off on each for awhile, to observe the games & hardware issues (if any pop up). For the record, Microsoft & all their proprietary issues are enough for me to convert my sons over from xbox to playstation. I liked having separate systems to keep mine's distinguished from their's...both companies offer expensive accessories, but MS is out of control. 5yrs of live, play & charge kits, rechargeable batteries & docks, wireless wifi adapter, & memory hard drive upgrades....compared to just 1 $50 hard drive upgrade for P do the math, lol. Not to singling MS out, but it just doesn't add up after awhile.
Typical-Guy  +   987d ago
I'll buy both.... Yes I will.
SlapHappyJesus  +   987d ago
I wouldn't buy any console at launch.
Saleem101  +   987d ago
No xbox for me sticking with ps4...
jay2  +   987d ago
Maybe, I doubt it though, but if we're treated like a toilet by Sony YET AGAIN and made to wait Months, I MIGHT buy it for WATCH_DOGS. I WILL buy PS4 at least, I've pre ordered it and all bar Drive Club are pre-ordered, I'm not keen on sports games, GT and F1 being the main acceptations that I'll buy. others I may rent.
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Thirty3Three  +   987d ago
No way.
ScubaSteve1  +   987d ago
if the rumors are set to be true, online to play single player games, no used games then its a no with me
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Wizziokid  +   987d ago
If it focuses on Kinect and media no if it focuses on games then yes
madduey  +   987d ago
dangerousjo33  +   986d ago
yes xbox 720 first day buy me me now now now want want want lol
dangerousjo33  +   986d ago
stop living in the past RROD has nothing to do with xbox 720 nor did it have anything to do with the first xbox 1 and slim xbox 360 dosent get RROD and nor well x720
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SOULJER  +   986d ago
No. If live is still and payed service fuck no.
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