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gillri  +   649d ago
Victorian London please! oh and the French got to have two of the world cities in this franchise (London and Paris)
rataranian  +   649d ago
How about the Vatican? =)
kookie  +   649d ago
lol Pope is Assassin
CaptainYesterday  +   649d ago
What about the 1930's a gangster assassin that would probably be the oddest time period for an Assassins Creed game!
burritowaffle13  +   647d ago
i but if u put assassins creed into a closer to now era it could possibly work. you might even be able to keep the hoodie! cults are very possible in movies and even games nowadays. just put the assassin into a cult that is trying to assassinate someone important and i bet everyone will want to buy it. illuminati could be a choice maybe they could be responsible for assassinating JFK and other people. please tell me someone else agrees with me!

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