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tristanwerbe  +   899d ago
Thats stupid
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ATi_Elite  +   899d ago
That's why you have DEDICATED SERVERS to correct this problem instead of that p2p crap that they got where everything gets outta whack!

it's a casual massacre and nobody cares as these same people will buy it next year!
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porkChop  +   899d ago
Black Ops 2 has dedicated servers on PC. Still, most PC players have lag and reg issues. Dedicated servers doesn't equal a better experience. It's the net code that matters most.
Statix  +   899d ago
Yes, the horrible netcode and lag compensation is the problem with new Call of Duty games. Even with dedicated servers, Treyarch can, have, and will still screw it up.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   899d ago
@Porkchop I'd take a dedicated server over the lag fest called P2P. Any day...

Dedicated servers put you at the expense of either the developer or the Admin... the developer has the option to close down servers which can be brought back up by the community but then your at the mercy of the Admin which can either be a dick for no reason or rather cool in some rare instances. Counter Strike and BF3 being are shining examples of admin abuse.
SilentNegotiator  +   898d ago
And odd. Whenever I played Call of Duty (post-MW1), I was always killed by people with BAD connections.
PhiMattic  +   899d ago
Interesting, will have to listen to this one.
Romudeth  +   899d ago
Are there a lot of COD users using 56k connections or something? lol Pretty much everyone has high speed internet nowadays. This isn't 2001.
Hitman0769  +   899d ago
They mean high-speed as in FiOS and Commercial Cable. I'm pretty sure nobody is using 56k but most are using very poor cable or dsl and the result when they go up against somebody with a good connection they lose - bad... If you play the game for just an hour or two you will experience it more than a few times. It's persistent problem among all COD titles.
2pacalypsenow  +   899d ago
Happens to me even tho i have 22 mbit down and 4 upload comcast but i notice the lag versus other players
geekgamer76  +   899d ago
That's insane rewarding those just for having a fast ISP! Ridiculous!!!
JRivera92  +   899d ago
Lmao, sucks for all the people actually playing legit with a regular fast internet... They should ban or reset all the people that have dodgy ass stats along w/ being Prestige Master...
e-p-ayeaH  +   899d ago
who cares about stats just have fun playing the game
JRivera92  +   899d ago
Lol, you'd be surprised how many people care about their precious stats... I personally don't, Call of Duty takes no skill whatsoever, it's superbly easy to play.
SilentNegotiator  +   898d ago
Some people enjoy ranking up and increasing their stats. And if people are getting them through artificial means, other might feel like the experience of gaining stats is devalued.
Lockon  +   899d ago
So is this why i got deranked? Wow. I was wondering.
takohma  +   899d ago
I remember playing a guy who had FIOS and I had optimum boost. It was like we were playing in the same room. We was playing tekken. Are connection was so darn good. I instantly added him tomy friendliest just because he had the best connection I ever had with anyone before. I now have U-verse FIOS guess if I played COD I would've been de-ranked lol.
RememberThe357  +   898d ago
I've never had that experience before. Not ashamed to say I'm kinda jealous. 1.5mbps here, and it's miracle my BF3 K/D is at 2.
kingPoS  +   899d ago
Would that make for an automatic ban if you have google fiber. lol
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Statix  +   899d ago
Those Treyarch/Activision customer service reps sound like freaking idiots. It doesn't even make sense that they ban people for having Fios or fast internet, because many gamers have fast internet. It sounded like they just wanted this guy off the phone because he was bothering them or something, so they made up something on the spot about him having "fast internet."

The funny thing is, fast internet doesn't even guarantee you'll have a good experience in Black Ops 2.
InTheLab  +   899d ago
Tomb Raider, GoWA, and Bioshock are coming this month. There's something for everyone. Please stop playing this crap. It's been broken since launch. Nothing will change that.
JRivera92  +   899d ago
All Call of Duty's are broken at launch lol

well except CoD4...
SonyAddict  +   899d ago
I have 60mb fibre optic and this game makes it more like 1mb
and I'm about to snap this pile of shit in half.
kingPoS  +   898d ago
I really want to see a video of someone making "full" use the Ethernet port on the ps3.

If upload speed is king, then that means you likely be proxied as the host with that kind of ludicrous speed.
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artdafoo  +   898d ago
Well its a lot easier to mess with people who bought your crappy game than fix said crappy game or better yet , actually make a good game.
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Animal Mutha 76  +   898d ago
When I used to play counterstrike 1.6 there were some servers that were only for people who had low ping/high speed etc. You'd get kicked if you slowed things up.

Maybe they should have a system where you can host games only to those who have a similar speed.
ExCest  +   898d ago
Don't COD games filter your matchmaking by ping or something?

Or has that been removed or become completely useless?

I have no idea since I stopped after BO1.
Sh0ckWav3  +   898d ago
i have 105mb and i still lag like crazy...
Bladesfist  +   898d ago
Thats becasue of peer to peer
holdmyown83  +   898d ago
I have the comcast business class and mine still lags on bo2 so i dont get it.
tristanwerbe  +   898d ago
Its the shit servers
AmkOwns  +   898d ago
Do people still care for this game?

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