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Spoon_  +   1064d ago
Im a fan of pc
With the cheap games, mod support, upgradeable hardware they just seem so limitless but yall can have that keyboard and Mouse setup.
A controller in your hand is what gaming is about.
Im anxious to see valve do this a console that can do everything a pc can do
Spoon_  +   1064d ago
also the xi3 is not the steam box console
The prototype has not even been revealed yet remember
CapsLocke  +   1063d ago
"A controller in your hand is what gaming is about."

Console gaming. PC gaming is something different.
hazardman  +   1063d ago
I'm not an avid pc gamer, but given the entry price of the piston I would rather just build my own rig which I'm planning to do. Also why game on pc with controller? To me it takes away from what you get from mouse/keyboard gameplay the way PC games were meant to be played.
kevnb  +   1063d ago
Wow the internet is a strange place sometimes.. Are people really this stupid though?
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1up  +   1063d ago
Martywren  +   1063d ago
tru lol

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