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masteroftheclaw  +   746d ago
Ha, LOGIC on N4G?

Seriously though, nice post.
Derekvinyard13  +   746d ago
Is this guy kidding? IT DOESN'T WORK!!! You cannot justify a product that doesn't work when you are promised it will work, go test drive a car that' works and when u get it it's a lemon!
Hydrolex  +   746d ago
if you don't like it don't buy it

HOW FREAKING STUPID is that ?????????

You have to buy the game to see if you like it or not.... It's not like everyone had a demo of the game
DudeJets  +   745d ago
Works fine... So long as your not in the states
dedicatedtogamers  +   746d ago
DRM is one thing. DRM that makes a game - even a legitimately bought copy - unplayable is another thing entirely. It isnt like someone could look at the game box, or online description and say "Oh, it says right here th game DRM may render SimCity completely unplayable. I guess I'll pass"
mirumu  +   746d ago
Actually that is exactly what I thought when I saw that the new SimCity was going to have always online DRM. There are always problems. The only difference this time is that it failed worse than usual, and unlike Ubisoft's titles, it was a game people actually wanted to play.
2pacalypsenow  +   746d ago
what about the people who bought it and cant return it cuz it doesnt work...
DFAlpha  +   746d ago
I think the point is that it WILL work, and EA is giving away additional games as a "sorry we screwed this up, give us some time to make it right".
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ApolloTheBoss  +   746d ago
I'll admit that he made some good points when it comes to EA wanting to protect their product from piracy. If you were a seller of software wouldn't you want to do the same thing? But here's interesting question for this guy: How would I know that I wouldn't like a product, AFTER I had a payed a full $60 for something I ASSUMED would be good thing to buy? This is on EA, not the customers. They should have been prepared for a large number of people wanting to play the game, and now their paying for it. It makes absolutely no sense that this happened. If I pay for a game it should ready to play it out of the box, not when they tell me it's ready. If you want a refund then DEMAND it. It is your absolute right as a customer to get your money back if you're not satisfied with a product. I really hope they get sued by somebody for this. They treated their customers like this for too long and it's high time they got theirs.
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DFAlpha  +   746d ago
I'd say the biggest mistake EA made here wasn't that of SimCity, it's not offering full refunds to anyone and everyone that wanted it, digital or otherwise.
Bladesfist  +   746d ago
"If You Don't Like it, Don't Buy It" I guess all the people who did buy it missed the "This game will only work sometimes" disclaimer. /s

I have not bought any of these games with Online always DRM. All you do is make the pirate version BETTER than the paid version which is not a good way to sell your product.
aiBreeze  +   746d ago
I won't buy it, and not only that, I feel so strongly about the reasons as to why I don't like it that I will continue to voice my opinion and speak negatively about always online DRM to my heart's content until publishers realize that this is not the way to go about protecting yourself from piracy.
doctorstrange  +   746d ago
If you buy it now, knowing all the probs, then yes, you're dumb. But if you were one of the people that bought it day one, naturally expecting a big game from a big publisher to be able to play, then yeah... there's reason to be pissed.

This is the one game I'm glad was delayed here so I could see that it was not for me.
GrathiusXR  +   746d ago
I just read the headline and straight away can't be bothered to read this article or give the site hits. A lot of people bought this game with little to no clue about DRM or always online and are obviously annoyed at the fact that it doesn't work most of the time due to server overload.

They can't just not buy it because they don't like it. That doesn't work here.
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00  +   746d ago
Yeah people wont buy it they'll just pirate there games, Good job EA.
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Animal Mutha 76  +   745d ago
I don't like it and I'm not buying it.

Voting with my wallet is the only thing I can do but a boycott needs numbers to have effect.
hazelamy  +   745d ago
they're wrong because this always on crap is preventing people who have already bought the game from getting what they paid for.

they've taken their money and not delivered on their end of the bargain.

they're quick to bleat about how preowned is taking food from their childrens mouths, then they pull crap like this where whenever their servers go down, and this is ea we're talking about, they will go down, people can no longer play the single player game they bought.

i could understand if it was an mmo, by it's very nature an mmo needs to be online, but it's not, a game like sim city with only tenuous connectivity doesn't need this crap.

taking away their purchases like that when they've done nothing wrong, is little more than theft in my book.

what about when they shut the servers down, and they will, they'll be taking away these peoples game.

but i do agree with one statement.
if you don't like it don't buy it.

that's why i no longer buy ea games new.
and rarely even preowned come to think of it.

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