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fatstarr  +   942d ago
its like how java is universal on all operating systems similar concept for ps3 /ps2 emulation on ps4

there's ways to emulate, sony is just that lazy. if you can emulate, an operating system over an emulated operating system which is being emulated over the cloud. then you can do it. all it is is tricking the os into thinking its running on what its running and having an answer for each of the cells questions. it takes time and research but it can be done. im not the play station user in my family so I have no worry's its not my problem that it wont be backwards compatible.
e-p-ayeaH  +   942d ago
so purchased psn titles like flower and fat princess will be unplayable offline on the ps4...fanboys like these methods of course they do.
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ps3_pwns  +   942d ago
will the ps1 classics or ps2 classics be transferable to ps4?
Neurotoxin  +   942d ago
The only way Sony could make this work without pissing off the masses is have some sort of Free unlock for the games you already own through the cloud game service.
rataranian  +   942d ago
Umm....because they want more money? =\
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Erudito87  +   942d ago
its great until the cloud has problems then no one can play until they resolve it. I prefer to have the games here so i can play them at will
mananimal  +   942d ago
Cloud gaming is EVIL, its all about CONTROL, & the Next Xbox will be even more Anti-Consumer.
I refuse PS4, but to each his own imo.
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