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kevnb  +   994d ago
I know something about computer tech, Im not exactly a guru. But I wonder how they are using gddr5 for the processor when nobody else has done it. Or an even better question is why, even supercomputers dont use it. The next xbox doesnt use it either. As far as I understand gddr ram isnt so great for cpus because of latency. But then again maybe for strictly gaming gddr5 might be ok?
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Nevers0ft  +   994d ago
Can't we all just agree that the PS4 runs on pixies and fairy dust and relax until we can play the damned thing? If you're more concerned with raw horsepower or the length of its wang than the quality of the software running on it you're not a gamer, you're an idiot.
kevnb  +   994d ago
seems like a troll article to me, gddr5 video cards are the ones we cant afford? What are we going back 6 years?
hazelamy  +   993d ago
um, ok.

does it really matter?
unicron7  +   993d ago
Eeeeeexactly. Be prepared to see more mindless dribble like this on here in the coming months.
feels  +   993d ago
its nuthin but a g thang
leogets  +   993d ago
Ps4 is supercharged pc arcitecture. Herman says so from gurilla games
memots  +   993d ago
Of course there is for next gen ...

Dance Dance Revolution 5 !! ?
sagapo  +   993d ago
G marks the spot :p
solidboss07  +   993d ago
'CPUs don't use GDDR5'. Well GPU's do and the Playstation 4 architecture has most of the consoles performance coming from the GPU. I am sure Sony would not go to the bother of 8GB unified Ram, and then use more expensive, less suitable memory type. Mark Cerney filled me with confidence as he spoke. None of the glitzy hyperbowl crap, just a matter-of-fact reveal with good explanation of where they are going with Playstation. He was calm and measured, but the underlying excitement and energy was there, bubbling beneath the surface, coming from the fact they know that the new console is a good gaming machine.
Alcohog  +   993d ago
Its used as an abbreviation. Not sure if serious, article.
KuroiTori  +   993d ago
Great article, definitely cleared up some things.
Gamerjunki3  +   993d ago
It (the article) may have cleared the labels up, but that doesn't make it a great article.
"Both RAM types were designed for video memory" is plainly wrong, only GDDR5 was designed for video memory, and is a variation of DDR3, which was designed for system memory.

"GDDR is better" in a conventional manner, this statement is wrong, due to the fact it depends on what you are using the type of RAM for:
DDR is employed to support the CPU because it possesses low-latency, however it doesn't possess a high-bandwidth compared to GDDR5.
GDDR5 supports the GPU, but its high latency could potentially starve the CPU.
So to say it is better is not technically true, because one may opt for lower-latency over high-bandwidth, making DDR better.

However, conventional problems associated with GDDR5 such as high latency will more than likely be sorted out by AMD when concerning the PS4.
KuroiTori  +   992d ago
Well, we're all entitled to our own opinions I guess. :) I appreciate the reply.
Gamerjunki3  +   992d ago
We are all entitled to our opinions, though some are established on factual evidence.
konohashin  +   993d ago
Did you know? PS4 has little dwarves/elves inside that power the console by using its DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION 5!
Hitman0769  +   993d ago
Good read. The headline makes you interested immediately and the article substantiates itself with facts. Don't judge a book by its cover this article is worth reading and actually seemingly neutral on most issues.

@konohashin lol ps3 had those , they will be cutting the costs a bit by not including them in ps4 but i don't think that's a big deal. and they are called "NANO TECHNOLOGY" not elves ;)

@Alcohog relax bro this thing is educational, let these ppl get sum learning on.
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Vanfernal  +   993d ago
I thouht this was a PS flame article... But that was actually quite informative.
T3MPL3TON  +   993d ago
Not only is the article flat-out wrong. It has a friggen typo in the title..
unicron7  +   993d ago
Haters are out in full force today. PS4 will be a beast. Deal with it. Day 1 for me. Best thing about the machine? harcore AAA content and not having a lame hardware add on forced upon you. :-D
TABSF  +   993d ago
Well I was not gonna comment but there is just so much crap its insane.

AMD manufacture CPUs, they acquired ATi and subsequently re-branded them AMD. realising that on CPU power and performance they have been falling behind Intel since Core 2 series they went for the better bang for buck option.

AMD having ATi on side accelerated their APU project. AMD then announced the Fusion project in 2006 which is all about APUs Accelerated Processing Units.
An APU is a single or multi-core CPU, memory controller and GPGPU all on the same die.

The first APU was released to the PC market in 2011
Jaguar was announced by AMD in 2013 before PlayStation Meeting.
APU are intended for low powered laptops or mainstream PCs, not intended for High End gaming PCs or Enthusiasts.

PS4 will use a Octo-Core variant of Jaguar which by the looks of it is just the laptop/desktop version with double the cores and cache.

Anyone comparing the Octo-Core Jagaur to Piledriver or IvyBridge/Haswell would be a fool.

The GPU based on the 2 TFLOP/s will be around HD 7850
1024 Unified Shaders
32 Texture Mapping Units
16 Render Output Units

8GB of GDDR5 at 5.5GHz
Before everyone is like how you know its 5.5GHz, WORK IT OUT.
At the press conference they claimed the PS4 has 176GB/s Bandwidth
When I seen this I instantly thought only achievable with a 256bit interface or greater.

I did 256 divided by 8 multiplied by 6 and got 192, then I multiplied it by 5.5 instead of 6 and got the magic 176 :)

5.5 multiplied by 256 divided by 8 = 176
5.5GHz multiplied by 256bit interface divided by 8 = 176GB/s
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kewlkat007  +   993d ago
The Ps4 now less exciting....sighs:
ephoenix6  +   993d ago
angry nerd is angry
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