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Patashnik  +   1075d ago
When I hit old age I intend to play all the JRPGs and MMO's I never had the chance to play when I was younger... maybe... :/
CustardTrout  +   1075d ago
This isn't new, video games make me happier too...
ZainabSaccal  +   1075d ago
It is also good to keep them involved in new things and bringing them all new stuff, they will not feel excluded :)
kma2k  +   1075d ago
They make everyone happier, except maybe wives/girlfriends of players who dont game!
FlyingFoxy  +   1075d ago
Well, i don't want to go without a fight.. you'll probably find me in some Cryonics lab.
josephayal  +   1074d ago
Games Make Me Happy
I'm 77 and have been gaming since the 80s

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