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jujubee88  +   882d ago
Buy off the rest of the stock and become major share holder, Sony.

You would gain so much more respect in mobile if you have a company like Mobage.

dcbronco  +   882d ago
And then you could compete with Gaikai.
majiebeast  +   882d ago
Well we saw what happend with Zynga better to sell high then low.
delboy   882d ago | Trolling | show
plmkoh  +   882d ago
Weird move, DeNA (parent of Mobage) has seen significant rises in revenue and take-up in just the last year.

However it never really made any sense for Sony to have shares in them, since they have their own platforms and you'd be stumped to find anyone who actually associates Mobage with Sony, so hardly any real loss in goodwill brand worth.

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