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Xof  +   999d ago
50 missions doesn't sound like much, especially if they're as short as AC3 missions. I think AC3's biggest problem was just a lack of standout missions. There were really only three or four missions that really made me think, "Good God, this is awesome!" Whereas prior games had a -ton- of those missions.

Had the mission quality been higher--had the game covered more than a tiny fraction of the War--I think gamers would have been a lot more inclined to overlook the glaring faults with the modern setting and craptacular optimization.


That said, all things considered, I am looking forward to AC4. In a Steam, bargain-bucket sort of way. I think the only way to really make the game "work" would be to give it a massive overworld--an ocean, like Wind Waker, with dynamic weather effects and random missions; a deeper combat mechanic that lets you board other ships at will, etc--w/ islands as "zones" you load into--to make naval exploration a genuine and rewarding thing.

But to make something like that work well, you need a development cycle of longer than a few months.

A lot longer.

Short development cycle is most likely culprit for AC3's shortcomings; AC4's dev cycle looks to be even shorter.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   999d ago
Its not 50 missions

Its 50 different islands you can explore
kingmushroom  +   999d ago
lol, people don't read
Cyrax4  +   999d ago
"Short development cycle is most likely culprit for AC3's shortcomings"

You really are clueless. AC3 had a 3 year dev cycle. It was made by the team that made AC2, not Brotherhood or Revelations.

AC3 was garbage because they game was filled to the brink with filler. I can spend 20+ hours hunting, gathering feathers, collecting chests, & completing meaningless challenges? That's fine, but it doesn't mean anything if the story missions are incredibly short and boring.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   999d ago
Also AC3 had a 3 year dev cycle

And this one was in development since 2011

Fact is dev cycle had nothing to do with AC3 feeling disappointing...

Its because they designed the missions poorly.. plain and simple
djthechamp24  +   999d ago
fuck 50 missions i want 100 hours of gameplay just like the witcher 3 games
Ares84HU  +   999d ago
I just hope it's good. I used to love AC. I finished each one other than ACIII. That game was pretty bad and the main character I just couldn't care about him. I stopped playing it less than half way through. But if this is a next-gen AC and will bring lot's of changes and bigger worlds with a main character that I could actually care for, than I'm all in.
Orionsangel  +   999d ago
We need a AC game every week. Let's overkill the entire franchise! AC, 5,6 and 7 coming this year!
SDF Repellent  +   999d ago
I think this game might be the one that UBSoft are working on the longest. I think Assasin's creed was a filled in gap for the end of the generation and I think the effort of making AC4 will be displayed on next gen consoles. I am somewhat excited but not totally.
TotalHitman  +   999d ago
Are you too lazy to add the 'i' in Ubisoft now?
FrostyZipper  +   999d ago
But will these missions actually revolve around assassinating people? You know, like AC2 was? AC3 was fluffed out with all the wrong kind of content which made for a pretty tedious experience. Not only that but Jesus Christ some of those missions were horrendously designed. Chase down a dude through town? Sure, so what, do I get to stab hi-NO YOU DON'T STAB HIM YOU TACKLE HIM AND IF YOU TACKLE ANYONE ELSE BY ACCIDENT YOU DON'T GET FULL SYNCH.

AC2 was a giant leap forward for the franchise. Brotherhood and Revelations were little baby hops while AC3 was three massive steps in an entirely different direction altogether which, in this instance, was not a good thing at all.
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OpieWinston  +   999d ago
Well from reading this I'm excited.
Been worked on for 2 years now.
Multiple Ubisoft region companies working on it.
More Weapons
More Locations then any other Assassin's Creed game.
Better Multiplayer (According to this Article)

I might sound like a fanboy, but I'm excited. I might be a fan but I wasn't a fan of AC3, it was still fun it just didn't have what I wanted.

Pirates + The Creed = Some awesome Combat + Story.

All my opinion.

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