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landog  +   1001d ago
basically it will be much closer to the pc version, obviously not available in as high of resolutions (1200p, 1440p, 1600p etc.) or with as much anti aliasing(probably 4x on consoles or fxaa vs 16x on pc) and probably not at 60 frames like a upper range pc will run it (30 frames for ps4/nextbox), but sure as hell closer than the last gen ps3/360 versions at 720p and 20-28 frames with jaggies jumping all over

thank goodness the new consoles will be out in 8 months or less, i havent even rented a console game since gears3/uncharted 3...ohhh and halo 4....all very good games, but very last gen.
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Gamezr4fagzzz   1001d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Thomaticus  +   1001d ago
I've had enough..... I don't want to play Assassins Creed: pirates of the Caribbean. I'd love to play an AC game set in Egypt.
meday354  +   1001d ago
Ubisoft milk that cow until its dead lol.
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