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jc48573  +   1069d ago
If they don't bring in VC3 to the states, I won't support 4 at all. I don't like skipping games.
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AsimLeonheart  +   1069d ago
Game publishers/developers have become just to greedy. The industry has become too big for its own good and now everyone only cares about sales/money. Nobody wants to risk making a game that may not sell enough. As a result we do not get any great JRPGs like the old days. In the old days, developers were all about passion, perfection, hobby and dreams. They did not care for the money and that is why we got those memorable masterpieces. I really miss those old times when I used to look forward to the next big RPG by Squaresoft. I loved Breath of Fires, Suikoden and Grandia too. Those were the good old days.
Godmars290  +   1069d ago
More like the development costs of this console cycle were too prohibitive for creative game making. Hopefully if what Sony said during their conference then prices on the dev side will come down.

Just wish the greed aspect would subside.
nosferatuzodd  +   1068d ago
indeed when my grand pa used to say they dont make em like they use to now i understand what that mean
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Relientk77  +   1069d ago
Brave Fencer Musashi
Dark Cloud
Tactics Ogre
Final Fantasy Tactics
Legend of Dragoon
Rogue Galaxy
Breath of Fire
Tales of
Skies of Arcadia
Ni no Kuni
Star Ocean
Dragon Quest
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TheOneWhoIsTornApart  +   1069d ago
I must have a next gen Chrono game. It just needs to happen.
Godmars290  +   1069d ago
Best get to work on it then...
SugarSoSweet  +   1069d ago

Kingdom Hearts
Jade Cocoon
Reportillo4  +   1068d ago
Dark Alliance 3
iamthebozz  +   1069d ago
Unfortunately I doubt we'll see VC3 in the States except by fan translation.
GusBricker  +   1069d ago
The lack of Lost Odyssey...
...hurts my love for more Jansen.
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aiBreeze  +   1069d ago
Was about to say that, those who don't own a 360 and are JRPG fans are really missing out.
kalkano  +   1069d ago
I'd love to try it. If it wasn't the only reason to buy an XBOX 360, I would.
Da One  +   1068d ago
There are several reason to own a 360

Tales of Vesperia (granted the PS3 version is better, but it's not state side)
Halo Series
Fable Series (really don't care for)
Gears Series (really don't care for)
Bethesda Games (better version than PS3)
Witcher 2 (if you don't own a gaming PC)

They're are plenty of reasons to own any console.
jc48573  +   1068d ago
I bought a damn 360 years later for that game.
ThanatosDMC  +   1069d ago
Suikoden 3! I still think it's the best in the series.
Xof  +   1069d ago
It's decent. But I'd argue for V, and then II, as being better.

Really, though, the only thing all Suikoden fans can agree on is that Suikoden IV was a steaming pile of ass.
ThanatosDMC  +   1068d ago
Yup, they went full retard on IV.
KingofGambling  +   1068d ago
Suikoden II buddy.
LeonhartX  +   1069d ago
Make Legend of Dragoon 2 and i'll die happy.
AsimLeonheart  +   1069d ago
I still sometimes sit back and think to myself, "How will it feel to play a LOD sequel/prequel with modern graphics but the same old aesthetics and feel. Will I ever get the chance? Will they ever make it and if they do will it be what I have dreamed of?" Then I just shrug off the thought, thinking that it is just too much to ask... Imagining only make it more painful...
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zerocrossing  +   1069d ago
Breath of fire and Legends of legaia need to make a return too.
TheDivine  +   1069d ago
First localize games that are already made like

FF Type-0
Fire Emblem 12
Valkyria Chronicles 3
Soma Bringer
Ni No Kuni ds
Bravely Default and the dozens of others begging for a release over here

Then I would love a new

Lost Odyssey (my most wanted jrpg period)
Chrono game
Baten Kaitos
Radiant Historia
Valkyrie Profile
Vagrant Story
Skies of Arcadia
The Last Story
Jeanne D'Arc
Devil Survivor 3

If a third of those happen il be happy. Looks like the 3ds and Wii-U will be pretty consistent jrpg machines which bodes well.
Xer0_SiN  +   1069d ago
ive said this in another thread: dragon force, panzer dragoon saga. shining force, beyond oasis. phantasy star, breath of fire, vangrant story, radiata stories, suikoden, secret of mana, grandia, legend of dragoon, final fantasy tactics (a true sequel, not non of this kiddish tactics advance bullshit).
Honest_gamer  +   1069d ago
lost oddesy 2
infinite undescovery 2 (the fact this was never made was one of the big screw up's of this gen)
star ocean 5 (more planets)
not a jrpg but would love to see it
magna carter 3
Xer0_SiN  +   1069d ago
infinite undiscover! good catch. this is the only game i bought the 360 for LOL.
Sexius Maximus  +   1069d ago
If you still have your 360, get Lost Odyssey. Arguably the best JRPG this entire gen.
BanBrother  +   1068d ago
Agree with Sexius Maximus. You need to play Lost Odyssey. Absolutely amazing game. One of the best JRPG's I have ever played and all round one of the best of any genre of game I have played. Basically, if you are a JRPG with an Xbox 360 you have to have Lost Odyssey. Hell, just borrow a friends Xbox and rent it if you have to.
GamingWorldPeace  +   1069d ago
Panzer Dragon Saga 2
Skies of Arcadia 2
Shining Force 4
A true Final Fantasy game like the old NES/SNES days
Lastly, Phantasy Star (not the online MMO whanna be cr@p), but a true RPG game like the Mega Drive dayz.
Sexius Maximus  +   1069d ago
I've been wanting a true Phantasy Star sequel for two decades. I'll keep wishing on rainbows and unicorns for that one to come true.
YoungPlex  +   1069d ago
The Last Story 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Grandia IV and Valkyrie Profile 3!
-Gespenst-  +   1069d ago
No Chrono Break?

If people forget about the Chrono series, not only will we never see another one, but it's also a crime to JRPGS to forget it.

Also Vagrant Story 2 and perhaps Valkyrie Profile 3.

Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, SMT / Persona and Suikoden are all kind of givens.

I'd probably play Legend of Dragoon 2 because in this day and age I'd expect it to be a LOT better than it's namesake. Legend of Dragoon is hands down the worst rpg I've ever played. It's like some weird hacked pirate wannabe version of Final Fantasy VII you'd buy in a bazaar in some middle eastern country- nonsense dialogue, nonsense story, terrible naming of things (Winglies? The moon that never sets?), 1D characters, music that sounds like a 5 year old composed it, an elusive, silver haired bad guy etc. I'm a huge rpg fan and that game is a serious mess. The battle system too, god, completely broken.

And I'm not judging it by todays standards. Some of my favourite rpgs are on the SNES for chrissakes.

Oh and Breath of Fire neeeeeds a new game, and while Capcom are at it they should reboot or continue Onimusha.
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SageHonor  +   1069d ago
i want persona 5
Arksine  +   1069d ago
Reboot Star Ocean. The concept is great, but they screwed everything up with the ending of 3. Then they piled on with an average prequel that no one really cared about because they knew the truth of the universe.
Chrono  +   1069d ago
kalkano  +   1069d ago
Final Fantasy return to roots.
Shining Force 4 (only if it's made by Camelot).
Golden Sun 4
Grandia 4
Suikoden 6
Baten Kaitos 3
Skies of Arcadia 2
Arc the Lad 5
Vandal Hearts 3
Chrono 3
More Fire Emblem

If any of the above actually happens (except Fire Emblem), I'll be absolutely shocked.
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worldwidegaming  +   1069d ago
a whole game generation and most of those games were never
redone in HD.
I wish I knew the thought process of these companies.
Qrphe  +   1069d ago
Valkyrie Profile!!!!!!!!
younghavok  +   1068d ago
ahh I remember when I first bought VP on PS1 and man did I fall in love. Incredible battle system, beautiful opening cinematic, some of the best damn music I ever heard and great characters. Not to mention the replay value for a turn based rpg was thru the roof. So many possibilities you wanted to play thru again and again. That game, along with Thousand Arms, FF Tactics, and a few others is the reason PS1 is my favorite console of all time with the PSP as my second (cuz you can play PS1 games on it)
nigelp520  +   1069d ago
GloriousBagel  +   1068d ago
Star Ocean Vita anyone? :(
Run_bare  +   1068d ago
Yes, Yes and definite YES to all those 5, I enjoy every single one of the series mention.

There is one thing missing, I am hungry for the continuation to Xenosaga series (I feel Xenosaga 4 is hinted at the end of 3). Xenoblade chronicles does not count as it's a different series.
kalkano  +   1068d ago
Xenosaga? Really? I played all 3, but found that I was forcing myself to finish, because I found it really boring. The story was ridiculous...
Roccetarius  +   1068d ago
Hopefully we'll see another Lost Odyssey. The game was meant to be a trilogy, but that was put on hold, because the game didn't sell well.

I'm not so sure we'll see another Grandia game though.
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Tzuno  +   1068d ago
is more like "bring a load of Jrpg's on next gen consoles" because this gen is stuffed with shooters ,driving ,and sport games that are milked like hell.
younghavok  +   1068d ago
Id like to see the Secret of Mana revived on consoles and Id love to see more done with the Baten Kaitos seriese and another Skies of Arcadia.
Kluv  +   1068d ago
I totally second Valkyria which is my favorite jrpg behind Final Fantasy X, and definitely Dark Cloud which is my favorite behind valkyria. lol
Simco876  +   1068d ago
Suikoden for sure...but I feel like that RPG is dead!
CLOUD1983  +   1068d ago
My dream/wish list
*order is favorite-based

1.Suikoden (I fcking LOVE! this series Suikoden II is my 2nd all-time favorite JRPG after FFVII/Xenogears those 2 r my No1 yes both!)

2.Breath of Fire (I would love to play again a BoF game the time I spent playing BoF III has left only sweet memories in my head, so yeah a new BoF game plz!)

3.Legend of Dragoon (this game is in serious need of a sequel/reboot come on SONY, fans beg for a new LoD game for a decade now so do it d@mn it! I want to experience again the amazing battle system of this game, this phrase is still stacked in my head "Gust of Wind Dance!" ^__^ )

4.Grandia (it's truly a shame that this amazing series left forgotten like that for all those years I cant believe that no1 cared to make the 4th installment in all our current generation of consoles till now & the next one is going to start in just a few months..)

5.Star Ocean (yep give us a new Star Ocean game as long is so good like the 3rd one was (Till the End of Time) & not mediocre like the 4th one ~.~)

6.Legend of Legaia (the most important reason we really need a new Legaia game is ofc the amazing combo-martial-arts-based battle system that it was & still is something unique & amazing as it was to discover new special moves I would really love to experience it again)

7.Chrono Cross (the idea to travel to parallel worlds & try to change things is on each own a very interesting concept & that reason alone is enough to justify the return of this amazing game on HD consoles the prob now lie solely on SE as they cant make a game worth playing for the past 10+ years now..)

8.Wild Arms (yep that one must return also as it was one of the better ones JRPG we have see the good old days & it will be totally worth it)

9.Lunar (I recently start playing Lunar on PSP I'm just 15 hours in & it looks amazing till now especially story-wise & as I know this game & the sequel have both TOP review scores & I wonder why they never think to make a new one that will be something I would be very interested in for sure)

*10.FFVII-REMAKE (this can be my No1 most anticipated game of all time or something I would never wanted to play if the final result is not what I would like to see, so it's debatable as I cant really trust SE & bad thoughts comes always in my mind every time I'm thinking how many things can go wrong if SE decide some time in the future to finally do it...)

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