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dangerousjo44  +   1072d ago
if ur getting a ps4 u should go sign up for shitty crappy ustream so u see its far from as good as youtube lol
fullmetal297  +   1072d ago
RAM is a less important component when it comes to the GPU and I'm really more interested in what GPU will the next Xbox have. If Microsoft opted for 16gb of DDR3 but decided to pair it with a really high-end GPU like the HD7950, then it would defiantly outweigh the 70 mb/s difference in memory speed.
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landog  +   1072d ago
they could go with 4gb ddr3, a way better/faster quad core cpu and a way better gpu and it would face stomp the ps4

will they, hell no, they'll just match the ram (which matters least out of gpu,cpu, ram) and put a mediocre cpu and gpu like ps4
black911  +   1072d ago
The difference will be minimal. Only 1st party exclusive will see a slight advantage. As we all know Microsoft doesn't have any except Halo,Gears and Forza.
ashcroft  +   1072d ago
I think Microsoft will match the memory. In order for them to outperform the ps4, they would need to put a higher end gpu. The ps4 can only do 30fps at 1080p, so MS still has time to enhance the cpu and gpu to achieve 60fps.

I don't think MS will have THE games, with the exception of halo,forza and gears and maybe Alan wake... but that's not to say they can't match or surpass the ps4 in performance...there's still quite a bit of time.
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MRMagoo123  +   1072d ago
It is evident you have no clue about hardware at all and are dribbling forward bs please refrain from doing that in the future so you look not as stupid thanks.
ashcroft  +   1069d ago
I actually know about hardware more than you. But I am preaching to the wrong crowd. Afterall n4g is very pro-sony and even something that may be considered slighlty negative, people on here tend to want to mash the disagree or try to prove you wrong.

It's up to the developers, sure...but there's a thing called a can probably try going at 60fps and it will lag can't put that much power at a affordable price.

Learn about tech, the business and about common sense. I look forward to the uneducated whiney little girls who spam the disagree button when their mighty lord is taken down a few pegs.

n4g = news 4 gays....stick with neogaf if you want a legit gaming community that have members that actually have reached puberty.
imt558  +   1071d ago
... The ps4 can only do 30fps at 1080p, so MS still has time to enhance the cpu and gpu to achieve 60fps...."

You really believe that PS4 will run games at 30 fps at 1080p???:) It's developers decision, not the capability of the PS4.
jack who  +   1072d ago
so whos will to bet how much off the ps4 spec is gona change by the time it comes out? like the ps3 did.
MRMagoo123  +   1072d ago
I shall wait and see what the next xbox has inside before judging how it is, but if the rumours are anything to go by ps4 is pretty far ahead.
Shacojin  +   1072d ago
I can't wait to see all that extra power Microsoft is going to put into the next Xbox and see next Gen games such as Halo! Gears of War and Forza.... Microsoft get some new IPs already... or at least tell Rare to bring back Killer Instinct
Sh0ckWav3  +   1071d ago
how about a new, mechassult,crimson skies and phantom dust...
kingPoS  +   1071d ago
They both have the same amount of ram. The 360 & ps3 also has the same amount, but shared different architectures. This right here is the same difference!

They'll both each have strengths & weaknesses, what they'll be... remains to seen.
JeepGamer  +   1071d ago
There was little if any discernible difference between the PS2 and the Xbox unless it was a case of poorly done porting.

There was little if any discernible difference between the PS3 and the 360 unless it was a case of poorly done porting.

Go ahead, guess what the discernible difference between the PS4 and 720 will be... Just guess.
Kennesu  +   1071d ago
Welcome to the Ram wars...
DivineAssault  +   1071d ago
MS may be rethinking their strategy now that sony gave em a peak of their cards.. Maybe not either & they go in all the way with this whole illumiroom kinect thing.. An entertainment hub for multiple media options with unique functionality is prolly the best thing for them to do..

Going toe to toe with sony for core gamers might be an uphill battle for them.. Games 1st, media 2nd is what i want.. MS seems to be doing the opposite which will attract customers but a different type.. People who only play shooters & or casuals, will prolly go with MS nx gen due to the simplicity more media app focused style.. Hardcore gamers that buy systems to play the latest n greatest multi genre games will go Sony & see the media functionality as an added bonus..

90% of the time i turn on my systems are to PLAY GAMES.. Others may watch hulu or netflix 90% of the time they turn theirs on..
CC-Tron  +   1071d ago
......or Sony rethought their strategy after getting rumored info on what MS had in the 720. Hence the 8 gigs of RAM but no console. Who knows? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Sony delays their supposed holiday 2013 launch.
MasterCornholio  +   1071d ago
" Hence the 8 gigs of RAM but no console"

Not showing the console has nothing to do with it. Sony could have shown an empty box if they wanted to but they didnt because the actual design of the console isnt finalized. I personally dont believe that Sony will delay the launch for the PS4 but im not expecting a global launch either. My predictions is that the USA and Japan get the console first followed by the rest of the world in march.

What i do find really odd is Microsofts silence though especially since the supposed unveiling event of the 720 will take place behind closed doors.
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Droid Control  +   1071d ago
What if M$ included 10GB of DDR3 RAM?
How would THAT compare to Sony's 8GB of DDR5?
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Sh0ckWav3  +   1071d ago
so let me get this guys say ps4 will mop the xbox infinity memmory? ps4 mem runs at 176 gb xbx runs at 170 gbs , thats not a big of a deal.. so let ask the experts ...if MS decides to go with ddr5 + 32 esram would that mean they are gonna mop the floor on the ps4 memmory?
KillrateOmega  +   1071d ago
Console warfare for dayz :P
dcbronco  +   1071d ago
I think the key is that no one really knows. There have been many leaks of many different things and I'm not sure the developers even know what the final builds will be. They know the basics so that they can program for the consoles. But not the final strength of the consoles.

Everyone is making paper estimates. A lot of people have made paper estimates in the past. Sony did when they thought the Cell could act as the GPU and CPU. Then they made the chip and added the RSX. Intel did when they designed Larrabee. Then they made the chip and dropped the entire thing. AMD did when they designed their first APUs. Then they launched them and they didn't meet expectations.

So let's wait to see which console will be more powerful. Not even the experts seem to be able to read them properly on paper.
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cyhm3112  +   1071d ago
Microsoft is just like a dead rat in a bowl of rice. It ruins the gaming industry. They should release a more powerful gaming machine instead of a stupid kinect-focused machine. Xbox next is about half the power of PS4, it lowers the lowest denominator of gaming development.
jakmckratos  +   1071d ago
I'll care when th legit console gets released. And even then I won't care that much. Sony promised to end load times..I don't think it gets much better than that.
gdguide  +   1071d ago
Even if MS could change DDR3 to GDR5 to react to the PS4, I'm not sure they would make the change this close to release. It totally completely changes the cost to put out the unit, and also changes the contracts they probably have in place to change to this kind of way more specialized RAM. I'd love to be wrong on this, but If MS has any plans of releasing this at the end of the year, they will probably will have to have this plan in place months before the PS4 announcement.
Thepcz  +   1071d ago
the next xbox announcement will be very interesting
sony fans are getting ahead of themselves with excitement and could well be left feeling like wiiu fans if microsoft come with something even more powerful than ps4
Thepharaoh  +   1071d ago
So a console whose full details are not official vs. a console none of us are sure even exists? Seems legit
Tzuno  +   1071d ago
Even with 8gb of ddr3 ram Microsoft will deliver all that ram is more than enough. Games don't use that much. Say whatever you say i don't bother anymore.
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OSIRUSSS  +   1071d ago
Man! Sony really got into the Xboys heads on the 20th. The panic is thick here. It smells delish!
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1071d ago
i can say this; multiplats games will look nearly identical on ps4 and xb720
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deanobi  +   1071d ago
The new xbox will destroy the PS4 (trust me).
kevnb  +   1071d ago
who cares? we know ram wont be the bottle neck this time, so lets talk about something else.
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TheKayle  +   1071d ago
well i understand that this guy who wrote the article isnt very techy...but here is all good explained of how the durando with dme reach 170 gb/s vs 176 gb/s (ps4) without having the latency problem of the gddr5 (ps4)

Max-Zorin  +   1070d ago
Are people really arguing about Ram? I have seen it all.
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