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TheOneEyedHound  +   997d ago
Sony is my only love, when it comes to consoles.
meday354  +   997d ago
Sony 1 word.
urwifeminder  +   997d ago
No nothing they can do never had the love to begin with.
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Feldman9000  +   997d ago
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profgerbik  +   997d ago
My love was never lost.
SSJBen  +   997d ago
Uh... lost love? Huh?
Unless Sony has became SEGA, then I don't see what love is lost..?
MRMagoo123  +   997d ago
If you dont like sony and what they have done for the gaming industry you are just a blind fanboy imo. I never lost the love i have for the playstation ever since i got my first playstation which i saved my arse off for.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   997d ago
Lost LOve my Ass 1up!. What a pathetic gaming site. you can see alot of commenters here disagrees with you with a minority of 360 fanboys.
dee-ecks  +   997d ago
Can IGNs purchase of 1up restore our love for them?
For real man, I miss the old days when they were EGM.
Welcome2Die  +   997d ago
I never lost any love for Sony, even in 2006-2007 when the PS3 was not doing so great, I had my PS2 to keep me busy because Sony still had games going for it and I was playing the leftover games. Sony has nothing to prove all they need to do is keep doing what they are doing.
unicron7  +   997d ago
Never had any lost love for them. The games and hardware have been solid since 2006. People decided they would bitch at price point and follow bullshit propaganda. The software spoke for itself. The PS3 has offered great content, and I know the PS4 will as well. The great thing i love about Sony: they didn't throw us hardcore gamers under the bus in order to push a useless hardware add on to people.
SonyAddict  +   997d ago
What lost love is that and good riddance 2s up to you.
CalibriSerif  +   997d ago
nice to know these people are out of job in the gaming industry. these people just love to destroy this beloved industry just for hits. so fvck off and don't ever come back.
Braid  +   996d ago
Restore yours. My love for Sony was never lost, that'll not happen unless they stop releasing games like God of War Ascension, Beyond and The Last of Us.

What do the other two do?

Nintendo, abandoned Wii completely right after releasing Wii U. Microsoft, abandoned hardcore gamers long ago, focusing on kinect and turning the system into an entertainment hub rather than a gaming console.

So yeah, love whatever you want but don't expect true gamers to lose their interest in the ONLY company that actually CARE about hardcore gamers.
Sugreev2001  +   996d ago
Lol I never lost love for Sony.I've been happy with them since the PSOne era.
KillrateOmega  +   996d ago
Can PlayStation 4 Restore Our Lost Love for Sony?
I think you mean:

"Can PlayStation 4 Restore 'My' Lost Love for Sony?"
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Denethor_II  +   996d ago
"I was already seeing someone else: Microsoft, who had begun making all the effort Sony no longer found necessary"

That was literately the only reason the "writer" gave for not liking PlayStation . A lot has changed, a lot. For example what state we're in now. Microsoft went for the casual market while Sony kept true to actual gamers.
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rammstein91  +   996d ago
since 1994 im still in love with ps and played entire exclusives..1up is composed of ignorant xbox fan boys
mrmancs  +   990d ago
what retard wrote this? Lost love? Speak for yourself dick head . I love sony and the only thing that would make me stop using my ps3 is a ps4.
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