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clintagious650  +   760d ago
ps3 is doing really well. is the ps3 even $199 yet?
realiks  +   760d ago
talocaca  +   760d ago
Not bad for PsVita.....if they could only drop the price over there. Here in Tokyo it seems to be making a good impact.

Lower than expected numbers for rising...but I guess it was never huge in Europe.

Good to see NiNoKuni!....maybe will reach on million LT?
SyluxPT  +   760d ago
dat Wii U sales..
jessupj  +   760d ago
I noticed that too.

Granted it's vgchartz, so take the numbers with a moderate amount of salt, but if it's even slightly accurate it proves core gamers are waiting for the actual next gen consoles. Or at least waiting to see what they have to offer.

But honestly, if MS offers anything remotely close to Sony, I don't see any core gamers caring about nintendo at all.
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DivineAssault  +   760d ago | Well said
Sony will soon dominate the entire gaming industry.. Its only a matter of time
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grassyknoll  +   760d ago
The WiiU is a disaster at the minute. Nintendo need to turn it around by the summer or the competition is gonna overshadow it.
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TongkatAli  +   760d ago
Wii U is three months old, give it time before calling it a "disaster". omg, the doom drama! Its excruciating to hear over and over again.
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grassyknoll  +   760d ago
Nintendo can definitely turn it around (like the 3DS), but they have massive competition in the console space and their advertising, pricing & lack of quality software isn't helping in the short or medium term.
TongkatAli  +   760d ago
X D dude

Nintendo is going to be fine and will never go broke. I'm making a push to help Sony cause they really don't deserve to fail cause the Vita is the best handheld ever made. I'm like Bang Shishigami from Blazeblue. I fight for justice and the truth.

Nintendo is only losing 21 dollars off every Wii U sold, peanuts, small peanuts X D
Smeagol2033  +   760d ago
The psvita is a disaster at the minute.
josephayal  +   760d ago
Another Flawless Victory for Sony
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Reverent  +   760d ago
I wouldn't say flawless. While, as a PS3 owner, I am very proud of Sony for making it to where they have today, but they definitely took awhile earning it. There was a ton of heavy competition this gen.
ironmonkey  +   760d ago
3ds is doing well but wii u wow hanging on by a thread.

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