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KrisButtar  +   879d ago
EA and Activision both pissed at wii u, who's next ubisoft?.
i like my nintendo IPs, just those alone does not warrant a purchase for me. i like my 3rd party games
unworthyBOZO  +   879d ago
Its not like activision is hurting for cash so they have nothing to complain about, but i will say even good third party games didn't sell all that well on the wii u which kinda sucks.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   879d ago
A lot of the good 3rd party games came out months prior and some cost twice as much as their counterparts on other systems. Why would they buy multiple copies of the same game with very little if any added value or changes from other ports?
belac09  +   879d ago
pathetic. everyone has opinions. WHO CARES, PLAY WHAT YOU LIKE.
NightStalker33  +   879d ago | Well said
Hey Activision, want to know a secret?

No one bought your game on Wii U because no one on the Wii U wants it. I'm saving up money for a TRUE Wii U 3rd Party Experience, like Bayoneta 2 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

You're also forgetting that it's a 5 month old console, it's not going to have a massive user base yet, and especially not one interested in a copy and paste , over-hyped, under developed and milked-out series, when some of the finest exclusives in gaming history like Metroid and Zelda are going to come out soon.

So, to clear things up, come back to us with the same argument when no one buys a game from you that's actually good.
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Kos-Mos  +   878d ago
Bloody hell, you need bubbles for being intelligent. Only intelligent people should have bubbles. Not those who says "PS4 IZZZZZ ROCKS GONNA MY ROCCCCKKSS, IHATEzzz MS AND CHILDISH NINTENDO: GOOO FPZZZZZ GAMES SHOOT SHOOTZ"
porkChop  +   878d ago
"I'm saving up money for a TRUE Wii U 3rd Party Experience, like Bayoneta 2"

Bayonetta 2 isn't 3rd party. Even though Sega still own the Bayonetta IP, Nintendo is funding and publishing the game themselves.
NightStalker33  +   878d ago
Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U EXCLUSIVE game made by 3RD PARTY developers. If it were 1st party, Nintendo themselves would have made it. Maybe I should have worded it better...
PopRocks359  +   878d ago
Oh my god, an assessment based on FACTS. Bubble for you sir.
gpturbo81  +   879d ago
wtf did they expect, ps3/360 owners to wait for wii u version to drop
sak500  +   879d ago
What did you expect since your game didn't make zing, ping, doink sounds and had gold coins galore in it... Also you forgot to put in rainbows and unicorns.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   879d ago
The release date of the system im sure had nothing to do with sales seeing how there was a wait between the system being available and the games release date. Most people who wanted cod already picked it up for the system the already had and the fact a majority of their friends had no interest in the wiiu they probably chose the other consoles version to play with their friends.

I only know three people who picked up a wiiu. People still are clueless as to what it is. Most think its an add on.

As for activision create dedicated servers and maybe people would respond better to your copy and paste you have the money and dedicated customers its time to reward them for all the garbage we have had to suffer with. Cant wait to see how they port the new cod in november to the ps4.
megamanX2  +   879d ago
"Activision Upset at Black Ops II Wii U Sales"

lol this game is a piece of shit every version of every game is hacked, and activision does nothing about it.....and this surprises them that nobody wants their trash anymore?
tweet75  +   879d ago
first person shooters and nintendo dont go well together unless its metroid
silkylove  +   879d ago
Goldeneye and Perfect Dark say "hello." And I still play my Gamecube version of Timesplitters 2. FPS can do well on Nintendo systems if they're good. The problem with The Conduit, CoD, and all these other generic shooters is that they're just OK, not good. If anybody should have a complaint it would be Ubisoft with the criminally overlooked Red Steel 2, but even they can't complain that much because they burned too many gamers with the turd that was Red Steel 1.
silkylove  +   879d ago
These sound like excuses to me. I'm a Nintendo fan and a Wii U owner. I bought Call of Duty to support third party developers and I haven't even opened it yet because I have a backlog of games on Wii U, 3DS and PS3. But to say that sales of this port are "abysmal" when they didn't do much to entice new players is just silly. They added off-screen play, but what about beefing up the visuals to PC level like Criterion is doing with Need for Speed? What about the framerate issues? How about a Wii U specific commercial showcasing off-screen play? If you want to complain about your halfass port of a game in a series that's been epically milked and seeing a decline in sales across the board with each iteration, and a game that's been played to death on other consoles for months not selling then I don't have much sympathy.
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Munnkyman  +   879d ago
Well I bought call of duty on the wii u. I won't lie and say I don't enjoy it but man it needs some change. It's really getting stale and needs a breath of fresh air. Also most of the people that I know that got a wii u already had blop2 on Xbox or ps3 so why in the world would they buy it for the wii u. Next all the other games that came out at launch cancel each other out that was not Mario or nintendoland. I think that it all just factor into how bad theses games are doing. Also the horrible sales of wii u post holiday, selling 55 thousand consoles a month is not enough to move these games especially if people only buy 1 or 2 games a console.
silkylove  +   879d ago
Agreed. And I checked the numbers. It's sold 170k. If I was Activision I'd be overjoyed with those numbers. WTF were they expecting with that stale rehash, to be #1? That's the second highest selling port on Wii U behind Monster Hunter, and the sixth best selling Wii U game overall. And Monster Hunter was at least upgraded visually.
Munnkyman  +   878d ago
I can't wait for monster hunter
Drainage  +   879d ago
lmao good riddence who the hell cares about COD. GTFO out of here. All talk? When did Nintendo fans care or say they would want or even consider buying COD? LMAO!! We want games like Watch dogs, GTA or fighting games like MvC. No one wanted COD
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t3gamenews  +   879d ago
treyarch/activision had 0% wii u black ops 2 commercials or ads. most we seen were 360. & at the end of there trailers showed only 360, ps3, & pc. only evidence we knew of black ops 2 on wii u was that year at e3, & a youtube video. i had alot of people & i quote "black ops 2 is on wii u? o.O" when i say i have it on wii u in public.
not alot of people seem to know about it.

also they neglected to give us wii u players DLC.
Draugz  +   879d ago
"Nintendo fans are vocal with their mouths, but when it’s time to open their wallets, they’ll spend that $60 on New Super Mario Bros instead."
Activision is a really entitled company. They act like every Nintendo fan wants and has to buy the game, because it's BLACK OPS ffs. They think that the money is already theirs, just under a lock, with no consideration for the opinion of the customer. I don't realize why they don't move on from Nintendo as they are obviously a lost case with their fanbase. Even though Nintendo fans are hypocrites, just because you make a game for the Wii U shouldn't mean that you begin to demand sales. It's still their choice whether to buy NSMB or Black Ops 2, although the choice often goes to the former.
Max-Zorin  +   878d ago
Activision mad. They're going Kaio-Ken in their office.
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millzy102  +   878d ago
i brought both, i even waited to get black ops on wii u instead of getting it my ps3 for online 2 player, how many did they expect to sell, over a million because 1/3rd of wii u user base is going to buy cod? i think not. there just pissed because they know people are loosing intrest in cod, then they make that shitty walking dead game and skylanders. if they made good games people will buy. they should make a new crash bandicoot. that will sell
NeoTribe  +   878d ago
I think nintendo is gonna be pushed out this gen like sega was. They would almost be better off just makin there first party casual crapfest of games for xbox720. Just give ps3 zelda and its all good. They wont even be missed. Lets face it, the only good thing about nintendo is zelda which only made 1 during there whole last gen. Besides a few ok first party titles, the console is a underpowered gimmick.
DivineAssault  +   878d ago
Well they gave em a chance so theres no excuses
SephirothX21  +   878d ago
Well it seems Wii U owners are the most sane of all console owners because CoD is trash. I haven't played a CoD since MW2 and I don't intend to ever again. Open fps games like Far Cry 3 only interest me. Not linear corridor rubbish. Having said that, the Wii U is probably the biggest mistake Nintendo has ever made and I hope they bring out a new console in 2015 to compete with PS4 and next box but its probably too late for them.
PirateThom  +   878d ago
The reaction of Nintendo fans seems to be to either deride the game or company or pretend that first party games are all that matter.

You guys need to understand that, regardless, it's not just Blops2 that didn't sell, it's the entire Wii U library and the Wii U its self.

All the talk from Nintendo fanboys about how Blops2 was better on the Wii U but then still didn't buy it is outright confusing. It's the best thing ever when it suits, yeah?

Guys, I have bad news for you, you don't want to hear it, but third parties do matter and Ubisoft were already unhappy to the point Rayman Legends is now multiplatform. "Wait for Mario." "Wait for Zelda" It's always the same story. If you want the Wii U to live BUY GAMES FOR THE THING!
galacticlady   878d ago | Spam
OMNlPOTENT  +   878d ago
lol n4g is full of Sony fans who just love to gang up and hate on Nintendo. Getting along isn't an option. You don't see Nintendo fans going to every Vita article saying HOLY SHIT THE FANBASE IS TERRIBLE! Every Sony fan HASN'T BOUGHT A VITA AND EVERY SINGLE GAME ON IT? YOU'RE THE WORST FANS IN THE WORLD. This is the worst site for double standards in the world.
SDF Repellent  +   878d ago
So true. What even worst is during any articles that are not Sony related, they will still-out troll the section and with their infinite bubbles and multiple accounts, it is usually a one-sided affair.
FinalomegaS  +   878d ago
The unnamed Activision employee painted a pretty bleak picture of the company’s opinion of Nintendo
rumours, annonymous source, same old stuff making big news.

whats the term you guys use again? flame bait and you eat it up.

Activision should be happy it even sold not having any DLC "Again" vs the other 2 current gen system that do.

anyways this utter nonsense and it's always going to ring in as law on the internet. 3rd patry games don't sell on nintendos consoles ( always gimped version or it's not the full version, or it's some old release a year later) big f'ing surprise.

think the industry is doing it and keeping the whole negative mantra going.
Realplaya  +   878d ago
So the company blames the people for not supporting an overpriced sub par product.
Here are my gripes with this game and why I have taken the wait and see approach.

1. Has this game separated itself from all of the other games in the category? Nope
2. Not a FPS or call of duty fan did this game make me one? Nope.

3.Does the game have the same content as the other games?
Nope Fans have to beg for DLC and were lucky if we get it.

4. Did they even market the game for the WII U to show off the unique features? Hell No they made billions off this game and no ad campaign to sell the game on the new system.

While it is a companies job to market there system it is the games publishers job to market there games.

I rented call of duty and have never bought it on my 360 or ps3 and Activision never pushed me to buy it on the WII U.
barb_wire  +   878d ago
It will be interesting how Nintendo spins it when 'Bayonetta 2' crashes and burns on the Wii-U.. and it will.
MasterCornholio  +   878d ago
Oh no.

Nintendo fans i will not forgive you if you dont buy Bayonetta 2. Platinum games are excellent developers and its in your best interest to give them a ton of support.

And the same goes for the wonderful 101 if Nintendo releases a Mario game when that title comes out dont buy Nintendos game buy platinums.

And you better buy Need for Speed as well because Criterion is working like heck to bring you the best version of the game so if you people choose Mario Kart over it well shame on you.

Also Watchdogs will be a pretty hardcore game for the Wii U so you people better get over the RAYMAN crisis and buy it.

Support excellent 3rd party games otherwise 3rd partys will abandon the Wii U.


"maybe they should have delivered a game beyond what ps3/60 could deliver, then nintendo fans would have been more enthusiastic. "

Nintendo fans dont care about graphics at all. Which is why your point is moot.
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OpieWinston  +   878d ago
Maybe because Black Ops 2 was an awful game?
It didn't break sales records like previous Call of Duty title.
Nintendo has plenty of exclusives to do alright, I know some people are too cheap to either pay for a decent PC or another console and their Wii-U.
Of all Activisions games Call of Duty is nothing more than a milking cow.
Personally I don't care about console wars because I own a PC and PS3/360/Wii. I enjoy all games, console wars are childish.
Tzuno  +   878d ago
See people, there is where it hurts for them in the wallet. All the developers that doesn't listen to the community can be hurt in this way. The only way they listen :)))
PygmelionHunter  +   878d ago
lol, I love how people on this site hate on Activision and any game game they produce, but wait, it's a Nintendo related article, so the priority is now Activision.
punisher99  +   878d ago
This is the day that WiiU fans have earned my respect for not supporting the most overrated franchise of all time. There is hope for this gaming industry after all.
Thepcz  +   878d ago
the truth
the wiiu IS a next gen console capable of visuals far beyond what last gen (ps3/360) consoles could deliver. nintendo fans know this. black ops 2 didnt display that.

and now activision want to bitch?

maybe they should have delivered a game beyond what ps3/60 could deliver, then nintendo fans would have been more enthusiastic.

instead they lazily delivered a port, with no optimisation.

of course wiiu owners arent interested! step your game up next time activision!
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