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just-joe  +   1076d ago
Well let's see, Call of Duty has no DLC support and no Activision, just because you can play it on the gamepad does not make it the definitive version. Nintendo fans buy third party, they just don't buy shitty third party games.
refocusedman  +   1076d ago
Sorry bud but I would have to disagree. On the Wii the mature games like madworld, segas the conduit, no more heroes, and red steel were all rated relatively well. That being said they all sold pretty terribly leading to many third party developers abandoning the wii. That is the entire reason nintendo is trying to position the wii u as a gamers console and not a family console this time around. Nintendo home console supporters generally stick with link, samus, mario, and picachu. That being said those are all top quality franchises but they can only produce those titles every few years. ( unless your the mario franchise which has been used more than a 2 dollar hoe in a 10 dollar whore house)
lilbroRx  +   1076d ago
No More Heroes is Suda 51's greatest hit and still his best selling "single"(not counting other platforms sells) game to date.

Madworld, made a profit, it just wasn't immediate. It sold a lot over time and so did Red Steel 2. It also made a profit in the end.

The Conduit is the only game on your list that didn't do well on the Wii and it was far from mature or good.

Wii games only needed around 200-300k to make a profit because they cost no where near as much to make as 360/PS3 games which were a failure if they didn't break 1 mil.

Get your facts straight.
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Yodagamer  +   1076d ago
The reason no one bought the wii u version over the xbox was simply actiivison and treyarch gave the wii u no really reason to buy the wii u version. Tell me which would you choose a bigger player count or splitscreen on the gamepad without the social features. On the wii i bought them used for the controls and from what ive heard they even screwed that up.
CaptainN  +   1076d ago
Well maybe if they didn't release the U version a week after every other version they wouldn't have had this problem.....people ran out and bought it for their current gen systems, did they honestly think everyone was going to wait an extra week for the U version that only offered a split screen there was no pre order bonus on the U version either....that also was a deterent ! Try harder next time and release them all on the same day with the same pre order incentives.
baldulf  +   1076d ago
Nintendo fans are all right as long as they have their share of Mario and Zelda.

No wonder third party publishers are bailing out of the WiiU.
LastXeno  +   1076d ago
Case and point, Nintendo gamers have taste in games.
zeldafreak404  +   1076d ago
Even if Nintendo got even more 3rd party support people will find loopholes saying its an ugly port or devs just dont want to invest time and money on it
sdozzo  +   1076d ago
Never should have put it on Nintendo to make money. You know they ran the numbers.
imXify  +   1076d ago
NOT TRUE ! Sales are down because of NO BLC ! Don't blame the fans...
porkChop  +   1076d ago
Damn. How poorly did it sell? I remember Activision was really happy with CoD sales on the Vita, and that didn't sell that much... The guy says Activision went in expecting low numbers because it's a new platform, so if they're still really disappointed then the sales must be really bad.

"There’s just no enthusiasm for it. The only reason publishers are still going to bring games to Wii U is because they don’t want to damage their relationship with Nintendo."

To me, that says that while they'll bring games to the Wii U, they aren't going to put any real effort or resources into the quality of the ports. If it were me I wouldn't either. There has to be a reason to pour resources into a product, especially one that requires special care and special features due to the controller. If Nintendo fans aren't putting their money where their mouth is, then Activision has no reason to cater to them.

If Nintendo fans (as a whole, not you individually) want publishers to take the Wii U seriously then they need to start buying games.
mysterioushobo  +   1076d ago
If they want Wii U owners to buy their games they have to pour resources into their products. I am not going to buy a piece of crap because it's on Wii U. Give me the full quality game and I'll gladly buy it. Give me a half assed port and I'll just save my money for a first party title.
porkChop  +   1076d ago
It doesn't work like that. This same thing happens with EVERY new console. They were just testing the waters to understand the hardware and the market. They need to see that there's a market for their products, it's a test.

You can sit there and not buy their games, and act like it's all their fault. That's up to you. You don't have to buy any games if you don't want to, no one is forcing you. But that's just going to hurt the Wii U in the long run because if this keeps up eventually 3rd parties will stop supporting the Wii U and you'll have nothing but 1 or 2 big first party games a year.

And "half assed port"? They gave the Wii U the best looking console version of the game. They gave Nintendo fans what they asked for. The problem isn't the publisher, it's the gamers.
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just-joe  +   1075d ago
Herp derp, they gave me a pretty game. Too bad they didn't put any of the damn DLC on it let alone let you buy it on the network even though they said they would. It's a half assed port.
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mysterioushobo  +   1076d ago
As a Call of Duty fan who played on Wii I am upset with Activision. I don't really get into Fps games, but I got the original Black Ops on Wii. I was dissapointed with the lack of DLC and updates in general, but I liked it so much that I bought an Xbox 360 specifically for MW3.
Now the Wii U is out and I bought Black Ops 2 on launch day. The promised the full Cod experience, but it doesn't look like we are getting any DLC, we are missing some of the live streaming stuff, and there is a general lack of support.

If you want Wii U owners to buy your game, you must first treat us as well as the other consoles. We are tired of getting watered down versions or not being supported with updates and DLC. The player base is small because anyone serious about playing COD knows you have to get an Xbox to get the full game.

That's like giving people a happy meal with no fries and telling them it's their fault the don't get fries because not enough people bought them without the fries.
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wingman32x  +   1076d ago
I kind of find this third party situation puzzling. I guess my main point is, what do publishers expect Nintendo fans to do with a bunch of titles ending in 2 and 3, when the prequel's never showed up on any Nintendo platform? The people who do have experience with these series likely have the 360/PS3 version due to the earlier release dates. So I'm not really understanding what expectations these companies had for these games.
josephayal  +   1076d ago
Wii U will sell 25 million in the first 5 years
I feel offended, the Wii U will succeed
worldwidegaming  +   1076d ago
Most gamers either own a PC,Xbox or PS3.
It was a dumb move to sell that title expecting gamers tp
want to play that game.
They play for multiplayer. The story sucks.
Next time make a story mode that is fun to play
and not stupid. hahahahahah!
Gamer78  +   1076d ago
I don't know what they are talking about. I bought cod for wii u.I think it is the vest version. It is going to take time to get people used to buying cod on wii u and playing it on line. For those hating on Nintendo just piss off. I have all of the systems out and will buy the new ones when they come so don't start the fanboy crap.
Clarence  +   1076d ago
Nintendo consoles are now considered casual. The tablet will not help them. Everyone will be playing FPS on the Playstation or Xbox.

The only games that will be selling on the Wii U are New Zelda and Mario.
animegamingnerd  +   1076d ago
also metroid, smash brothers, donkey kong, xenoblade 2, monster hunter 3, something tells me rayman legends might sell more on the wii u cause ubisoft was stupid enough to compete with GTA 5
IAmTheBest35  +   1076d ago
the only games that will sell on the new xbox are call of duty and halo

(see how stupid that sounds?)
RTheRebel  +   1076d ago
And the playstation fans bragging about the legendary new ips from sony how them psabr and starhawk sales and etc?lol
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1076d ago
First Activision is upset cause not enough ppl are buying the new DLC and now Activision is upset that not enough Wii U owners are buying the new BO2 it look like COD is falling off
Lifebanisher  +   1076d ago
That's what happens when you put a hardcore game on a family friendly cutesy system mwahahahaha!
animegamingnerd  +   1076d ago
what do they expect how a game would sell on a new console that had already been out for a week on other consoles with much a bigger install base something tells me the same thing will happen to the PS4 and 720
THEMIGHTYDOOVDE  +   1076d ago
Most Wii U owners already have a PS360.

Why play it with a smaller user base and without your mates!
NateCole  +   1076d ago
Activsion are assholes
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1076d ago
WiiU just isn't a FPS console. Just like the 360 isn't a fighting games console. There's a different audience of gamers.
Studio-YaMi  +   1076d ago
The thing is,Nintendo relay on first party iconic games like Mario,The Legend of Zelda,Metroid,Fire emblem,Pokemon & others to keep getting back their loyal fans,the only problem here is that it leaves less and less room for new IPs,much like Microsoft pumping one Halo game after another to keep their loyal fans happy while keeping up with 3rd party games to keep the xbox fresh for their other gamers that bought their system.

And that's why I love Sony the most,they keep giving us new IPs every generation(even though they pump up sequels for famous franchises but still don't forget about new and fresh IPs).

PS4 is my console of choice next gen.

COD games or military games for that matter aren't to Nintendo fans liking & seriously that's for the best,who needs another console with so many shooters on it !?
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IAmTheBest35  +   1076d ago
why would i buy call of duty on wii u when there are much better games out for it already. (and there is hardly even anything out on it in the first place.)
ISNeko  +   1076d ago
Oooo, we didn't buy your recycled garbage, boohoo. I heard its wasn't even a decent port when it came out. Emblems wouldn't save, replays wouldn't show up, and there wasn't any YouTube uploading or anything.

Honestly. No loss. I'm just impatiently waiting for Monster Hunter!
Kevlar009  +   1076d ago
Even if I had the money, I wouldn't get a WiiU for BO2. Pikmin 3 I can see, also ZombiU and AC3, but another CoD? After MW2 then MW3 I would spend about $10 on BO2 (not because it's bad, but because I've been there and done that for over 200 hours already).

I'm not ungrateful for the thought you put into making BO2, but it's not what myself and others are interested in. Paying 300 or 350 into a console doesn't leave you open to too many options, assuming everyone bought at least one or two games with their system, don't expect everyone to jump onto CoD (which is an online multiplayer based game, go figure for an early system not MS or Sony).
momthemeatloaf  +   1076d ago
Nintendo fans are smart. Sony fans are the dumb ones that keep buying those terrible call of duty ports with late dlc.
Dlacy13g  +   1076d ago
WiiU is quickly becoming very problematic for Nintendo if all these 3rd party dev rumors of fleeting support are true.
ThaBlackBaron  +   1076d ago
Whoa LOL Look at all these Nintendo haters! They actually believe this Non sense? LMAO I Highly doubt Activision said anything remotely to this, Its one of the Best selling and most played wii U games lol Do yall seriously believe EVERYTHING u read smh
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