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maxcon  +   1077d ago
Unfortunately, "waning" popularity isn't good enough to make COD die. All this means is that there will (potentially) be a smaller budget for the games as the sales drop over the next 4 years or so. Then, reboot.
lilbrat23  +   1077d ago
What pissed me off about the Map packs is that when the Elite was first introduce Activision had stated it will work with future games. Now if you have an elite pass that you bought when you had MW3 it will NOT continue with the new Elite in BO2 which is a rip off.
UnholyLight  +   1076d ago
I used to love CoD. Now it's just lots it's allure totally. I bought Blops II hoping I would enjoy it but I dont at all. The Multiplayer has gotten out of hand. I was always good at CoD online and this one I can't stomach. The single player is good but I have given up on this game.

I want CoD to go back to what made it special in the first place. WWII, those were the best CoD entries.
SuperbVillain  +   1073d ago
wait actually believed them? hahahahahahahaha
KillerBBs  +   1073d ago
News in: black ops hit detection is so horrible that game stop just announced that they will give a full refund to all black ops returns!!!
Rainstorm81  +   1077d ago
Hopefully next gen people will have had their fill of CoD and make another genre insanely popular
SilentNegotiator  +   1077d ago
Activision is going to pull another Guitar Hero if they don't cool it on COD.
ChronoJoe  +   1076d ago
COD games don't have large budgets anyway lol
InTheLab  +   1077d ago
The game has been broken since launch and the maps are overpriced. That line is interchangeable with the last 4 CoD games...and that is sad.
T2  +   1077d ago
After mw2 things went downhill .. The problem is theres just not enough to do ... Crossbow and c4 are fun but needs vehicles or destruction or something ...
2pacalypsenow  +   1077d ago
MW2 was decent i enjoyed it as much as Cod 4 it wasn't as good as 4 but still up there
nigelp520  +   1077d ago
momthemeatloaf  +   1077d ago
Call of duty died when the actual creators and devs left after MW2.

When they left the tank was full. Treyarch and Skedgehammer have been riding it out until the tank is empty, which is pretty close now.
maxcon  +   1077d ago
Can't wait to see what respawn does.
Evil_Ryu  +   1077d ago
i hope E.A leaves them in the dust with Battlefield 4!
hobohunterz  +   1077d ago
What I want to see is them actually make it good again, not everyone Likes battlefield
Jamaicangmr  +   1077d ago
I was of the same sentiment until i read about EA's intent to microtransact us to hell.
Rainstorm81  +   1077d ago
They do that now go on XBL/PSN for any EA game and there are tons of micro transaction content........ Luckily majority of if is not needed to enjoy the game.

Besides what's the difference between EA and what Naughty Dog did to Uncharted 3
Thefreeman012  +   1077d ago
I wish people would play a game that is much more creative or intuitive...instead of the mediocrity that is most shooters these days, Here's lookin at you cod, gears...
DJ  +   1077d ago
Been playing since Call of Duty 4 came out many years ago. We're a little Call of Duty'd out, that's all. I started playing Sonic again. =P
worldwidegaming  +   1077d ago
I just quit. It was too much. most of my crew fell off the map pack,DLC game.
These games (FPS) sell and they will keep making them as long as people continue to buy them.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1077d ago
good news!!
Dark_Overlord  +   1077d ago
There's a reason why the Season Pass isn't selling in the UK on the PS3.

Xbox 360 - £31.99

PS3 Original Advertised Price - £34.99

PS3 Actual Price Charged On Store - £41.99

Thats a £10 increase just for choosing the PS3 version, not to mention it's £7 more than what was originally advertised.

Up till just recently Acti's own website said £34.99, it has only recently been removed.

I've contacted Sony (Who blame Acti) and Acti (who blame Sony) about the price, either way I've pointed out to everyone I know the disparity in the price and as such only 1 person I know since then has purchased it, the others now refuse to.

Until Acti price it fairer, then I doubt sales over here will increase.
Animal Mutha 76  +   1077d ago
Good, good, good.

The only way this horrible leeching practice will die is by us gamers voting with our wallets.

Paying for content up front before knowing its quality/content is daft at best. And the saving they offer isn't much at all over the course of the games life.

Wait for reviews people and if it's unreasonably priced don't bother.
paul1974  +   1077d ago
it looks like dlc may not come to wii u at this time? i for one am not concerned as i always thought it a rip off in what they charge! think about it? you get single player, multiplayer with 16 maps and zombies for £38 in my case. They then want to charge you £60 for another 12-16 maps?????

That's nearly 2 future cod games! by the time the last mp pack drops the new game is coming out 1-2 months later!

A number of people on miiverse have even said they will take their copy back or the console just because they are not going to get ripped off by not being offered DLC?

Activision like EA are money whore$.
Max-Zorin  +   1077d ago
This DLC nonsense need to die. The majority of the game companies been using it just to charge people for what clearly should have been available from the start or unlocked by simply beating the game.
Rainstorm81  +   1077d ago
I think Cod gives u a good amount of content at launch and the DLC isn't bad value either....the problem is the packs should be 10$ and charging 100$ for game & DLC is insane

People talk about 70$ games.....but with season passes, day one and overpriced DLC , some of us are already paying well over 70$ per game
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PAYNEinc85  +   1077d ago
Call of Duty needs to be on a larger scale with huge maps and vehicles. I mean hell, if a large scale COD game wasnt as accepted by the fanbase it wouldnt really matter considering it's an annual release anyways. nothing wrong with taking a gamble here and there.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   1077d ago
For $10.00 more i got the most wanted dlc So like that i don't feel like i wasted my money......spawn camping kill black ops 2
isyourhouseonfire  +   1077d ago
This isn't very surprising... BO2's original game is the most content filled FPS we've ever had, I think gamers are finding it hard to pay more money when they're still so involved in the original purchase. So this news really isn't a bad sign...
Hydralysk  +   1076d ago
"BO2's original game is the most content filled FPS we've ever had"

Care to elaborate? I can't see how you'd reach this conclusion.
Kidmyst  +   1076d ago
I have Black ops 2 on PC and for me it's one of these occasional games where I'll fire it up, play a few matches now and then and may not play for a couple days. But I will not buy DLC, I paid $60.00 for the game and to spend $15.00 for maps?? Ah, no thanks and the Zombie mode was fun at first but I just lost interest in it. Msft sent me an E-mail to buy the DLC or Season pass and be part of a 10 million point give away. I actually laughed and thought it felt more desperate.
megamanX2  +   1076d ago
lol really what do they think shitty maps and one zombie map was going to do?
USMC_POLICE  +   1076d ago
For me I miss the ww2 setting and I don't see the value in the pass. I got battlefield 3 and pass for 39 and that was a deal! They add more then just maps.
Roper316  +   1076d ago
I haven't bought a call of doo-doo game in years
KingKevo  +   1076d ago
No numbers, no point. I'm sorry, but I won't just assume and speculate.
bangshi  +   1076d ago
So the article says DLC figures suck ass on the basis that they received some emails saying 'hey buy this DLC'.

So, I guess any game - or indeed any product - that advertises must be selling really poorly?

Or could it be that advertising and sending emails drives sales and therefore is a good idea to do...
t3gamenews  +   1076d ago
for 1 no DLC has yet to the Black ops 2 wii u, so i don't care about there season pass sales.
hope they DON'T get anymore sales at this point. -.-
why should we care about there season pass sales, when they treat us Wii u players like this?
tommygunzII  +   1074d ago
Call of Duty and Battlefield will be around for years, like herpes.
marty111  +   1072d ago
Is it any wonder when activision are charging £41 for the season pass. that's like paying for the game twice! Do they not know we are currently in the middle of a recession? obviously not up there in their ivory towers.

hopefully people will realize and boycot cod altogether maybe then they will play fair and charge more reasonable prices for their games and dlc.

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