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THE-COMMANDER  +   1073d ago
Enough with the rumors already!
Truet0ne  +   1073d ago
This is why ubisoft should not have given up on Connor!
phantomexe  +   1073d ago
There is going be a missing gap to me in the assassin creed story because connor should have seen one more game to end his story. I love assassin creed and i'm sure i'll pick this one up. I think ubisoft is given into the whiners again like they did over desmond. I still think ubisoft killed desmond before they planed too. Ubisoft is changing the story to make the minority happy. Sad really because will never know how it was really suppose to end.
Truet0ne  +   1072d ago
He does deserve to be fleshed out a bit more... found him really interesting

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