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fdgrejhkdfger   1006d ago | Spam
kupomogli  +   1006d ago
The graphics are on par with PS2. Except it's in native 1080p or 720p. So better color, cleaner picture, etc. Graphics on par with FF13 though. Does your ass hurt after pulling the bs out of it?
bluedragonffx2  +   1006d ago
LOL Even if what the guy said were true, there is no guarantee that it will look the and play the same as what he saw at the event. Let's not forget this is "Square Enix" we are talking about here. They have the "potential" to blow things up and show things that they "wish" they could make it in the final product. I've lost my trust in what SE says after what the Versus incident.
godeater16  +   1004d ago
I love 10, but a fully remastered title is is fine just as a port for a download, What i really want to see, is a remastered Chrono Cross, and final Fantasy 9!
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