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Lockon  +   511d ago
Long as its not a timed release date/exclusive DLC for Battlefield 4 idgaf...But if it is..My hate for Microsoft just went up tenfold.
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DonFreezer  +   511d ago
EA has lost ashit load of money because of Piracy and that's the reason they haven't released a sinlge game to the Sega Dreamcast.If Microsofts water marked disks help them into that direction it's absolutely possible for them to release some games exclusive to the Xbox 720.
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Dragos75  +   511d ago
Listen to all the fanboys hating. When they had a deal with sony the same thought it was so great. I guess we will have to wait to see what this is. Knowing EA and MS this could be just more than exclusive DLC.
Nodoze  +   511d ago
Well when you don't have much to offer on your own, you need to grease the palms of the 3rd parties.

Pass the Microsoft money hat around.
Clarence  +   511d ago
Anyone remember the partnership with Activision. Nothing but DLC and timed exclusive.


That's because M$ classic move is to partner with a developer and make time to exclusive and DLC. They have yet to prove us wrong.
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Dlacy13g  +   511d ago
If the rumors are true about watermarked discs for the next Xbox, does anyone else feel this might be EA showing favor to a company trying to limit used games? EA making this kind of play could (depending on what kind of deal it is) make the next xbox again the platform best for 3rd party. And if successful it would force Sony and/or Nintendo to take some kind of steps to do the same.
Megaton  +   510d ago
Wouldn't make it the best at all, unless the games were also at a discount. I think consumers, as hopelessly sheepish as they are, would still recognize the fact that they're getting significantly less freedom on one platform for the same price.
Dlacy13g  +   510d ago
EA has a lot of IP, if they suddenly were giving timed exclusivity to the next xbox because of the watermark stamp I think that would be a major blow to the others. Gamers typically don't like to wait for a game and would rather get it when it comes out. Less freedom certainly would be an issue raised but as a gamer if you know you were getting BF4 3 months before anyone else, NFS, Madden, Fifa, etc... I think you would see many get swayed by that argument.
whoyouwit04  +   511d ago
I was joking around and said that EA and microsoft add something cooking and behold they actually do, Funny, but I wonder what it is..
whoyouwit04  +   511d ago
no one knows if the new Xbox will block used games or not that's just a rumor but bottom line even with all of PS4 hype Microsoft may just have developed once again the more developer friendly console plain and simple, But haters gone hate. There sure seems to be a lot of nervous sony fans man just look at some of the posts.
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BLow  +   511d ago
This years E3 is going to be epic. With all these deals going on, its going to get interesting. I can see something happening with EA seeing that Peter Moore is there. We don't even know if MS still has a deal with Activision anymore with COD so that may switch next gen or stay the same. Whether people like it or not its still gonna sell a crapton next gen. So they might be going for BF this time or Respawn's new game. Companies don't have ties with any company especially when one is throwing money in your face. It's going to get good people and all the fanboys are gonna go to war on this site....haha
jjb1981  +   511d ago
Microsoft and EA partnership = Martha Stewart and Enron
C-Thunder  +   511d ago
EA has already been hyping up the PS4 so its clearly a key part of their future. If any deal is made it will either be timed dlc (which I doubt since EA loves their excessive amounts of dlc) or kinetic excluives which I could see if MS is planning to focus in that bit of tech like it is rumored.
C-Thunder  +   511d ago
The article states that neither source knows the details nor works for either company ...I think we better be cautious with any predictions, this could be something as little as EA announcing a game at MS E3 conference or something huge or completely made up.
RuleofOne343  +   511d ago
SWEET, can't wait.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   510d ago
MS and EA are thick as thieves.

You can thank Peter Mole...'er I mean Peter Moore.
cedaridge  +   510d ago
I don't like it for Sony or Microsoft. In Sony's case not having early dlc don't bother me cuz I might be playing other games.
Megaton  +   510d ago
Seems like they got the ball rolling on this a couple years ago when EA was essentially replaced by Ubisoft as Sony's "greatest partner" during E3 conferences. EA's always shilling for Kinect in all of their games, too. Probably just more of the same.
kingmushroom  +   510d ago
lol more exclusive DLC what a waste, instead of buying studios.
ZBlacktt  +   510d ago
Inb4 used games won't work. Thus killing sales on the console in the first place. So back over to the PS4 we go.
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Saleem101  +   510d ago
Same dirty Microsoft tactic it doesn't matter we now know sony has better system...
Father Murder X  +   510d ago
its dirty because MS is doing it but okay when its Sony. You sony fanboys are pathetic as fuck. You assclowns are ruining this site.
Hayabusa 117  +   510d ago
Yay! The world's biggest software developers and the greatest sport game monopolisers and teaming up!

Hang on, haven't they been in "partnership" before at some point? Weren't EA once partnership with Sony when the PS2 was announced? And Sega? And Nintendo? And Atari?

Unless it's anything to so with the next Respawn game I'm not even remotely interested. And even then, it better not be timed DLC content.
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cervantes99  +   510d ago
If this is a Mass Effect exclusive deal, then I will be forced to buy both PS4 and Xbox 720. I was hoping for only the PS4 next gen due to time constraints.

Oh well, I knew I would get both anyway - want Alan Wake 2 also. Can't blame Microsoft for a strategic business move. Sony will/has those too.

Next gen should be fun :)
DevilishSix  +   510d ago
Wonder if this exclusivity was in exchange of blocking used EA games
Anyone else get the sense from articles like this that used games may infact be blocked in some form or fashion on Nexbox?

I come to this conclusion because the current head of Xbox is Don Mattrick and he was a big executive over at EA before joining MS. Wonder if EA was whispering in Don's ear about blocking used games and in exchange give him an exclusivity deal he can take to his boss and market as some big deal for the new console? I just can imagine something like that going down behind the scenes.

Anyone else get that feeling or have comment?
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Scholla  +   510d ago
Im hyped to see what Madden gon look like on these next consoles (oh please don't disappoint me).
Sarobi  +   510d ago
This is all interesting, but it isn't something we haven't seen before. Exclusive DLC or TIMED EXCLUSIVE has become the popular thing to acquire for your platform.
DivineAssault  +   510d ago
since they bought westwood studios & bioware, i do buy some EA games but i dont care for them very much.. Command & Conquer & Mass Effect series is all i care about from them
SonyAddict  +   510d ago
Well I say good riddens to EA!, there games on ps3 seam to be the most bug ridden and glitch as hell..I couldn't get bf3 to work and it just froze every time I tried>traded in..fight night champion lol would turn my ps3 off during online battles and had to rebuild file system numerous amounts of times>broke ps3>traded in and then there is FIFA football and I don't think anything has changed with that pile of crap within the last 7 years so I say goodbye EA with unwelcoming arms...and your games ain't worth my money...
Cryptcuzz  +   510d ago
Maybe to announce they would support each other in their new endeavor to block used game sales.

As a result, micro-transactions on the next Xbox would be cheaper then any other console.

Looks like next gen would have their roles reversed.

Current gen has EA backing up PS3 more and Activision backing up X360 more.

Let us all wait for E3 to really know what the partnership brings to the next Xbox.
Twinzclipz  +   510d ago
Stupid Deal to Ruin Gaming that is Microsoft
MS=Killed the Gaming
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   510d ago
Insomniac is part of EA now aren't they? So I hope this doesn't affect Ratchet and Clank at all. Because i usually don't care if certain exclusives go multiplat, but R&C is one game I always see as a Sony game.
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