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Proeliator  +   498d ago
Not too sure about this. Naval battles were fun... but an entire game?

This site's been right in the past, so we'll see
Root  +   498d ago
I know right, they should just use the naval stuff they learnt in AC3 to make a new IP out of.

We haven't had a good Pirate game why didn't they just make a new franchise.

Besides if this is going to feature Haythams father, a prequel to AC3, then why call it Assassin Creed 4.


Why continue the game using Desmond when he's dead...they said the trilogy was his story and they told it. So why go back to one of his ancestors..

AC4 should of been the start of a new trilogy with a new character. This character should of been the descendent of Eve.



Well thats the thing, they might not feature him but a whole game just based in the past with no break where we come out of the animus and do something in the present to change things up...would seem a bit too much for me. Plus Desmond is connected to Haytham and Connor so he's connected to Haythams dad aswell. I mean if it was called AC3: Black Flags then fair enough it's still part of Desmonds trilogy.
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BadCircuit  +   498d ago
Surely Desmond won't feature! That would suck.
gaminoz  +   498d ago
Pirates are always fun if done right. The RPG games that have attempted it recently have had faults...mainly too much questing, not enough action!

I still think back with fondness to Legend of Black Kat last gen.

I do agree this should be a new franchise offshoot, not AC4 though.
Proeliator  +   498d ago
well, people have been itching for a good pirate game...
BadCircuit  +   498d ago
I think it will work and be a good game to feature on both sets of generation consoles.

The next big one will probably be 5, and this one will just work on what they did with the ships from 3.
broli4000  +   498d ago
I could see it working out for them. Ubisoft does a good job with their games and while naval warfare can be a little boring, I can see the fights being especially fun.

I don't see them going that way though.
BadCircuit  +   498d ago
I hope you attack forts and get to land and do more than dancing a la Sid Meyer's Pirates!
gaminoz  +   498d ago
I sucked at dancing!

I would love being able to explore and settle places like with the frontier part of ACIII. Build a settlement, fight on sea and shoot at forts, and explore ruins in the jungle.
NewJersian  +   498d ago
If they decide to go Pirates, I'm sure they will put their best foot forward. It's not like Ubisoft is gonna be like "lets make a half-assed game. It feels like they should have gone in a different direction rather than the next Assassins Creed. Only time will tell
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Dlacy13g  +   498d ago
ship combat was too good for them to pass up on doing another game with it in it. Pirates are the obvious and best choice. You have ship combat, boarding of ships, looting and trading in coastal towns and toss in treasure hunts. Someone above was worried it might not be enough. I say it is more than enough.
Godem  +   498d ago
As long as Johnny Depp is not in it lol
gaminoz  +   498d ago
Desmond's new ancestor; Captain Jack Sparrow.

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