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caseh  +   500d ago
"Capcom Arcade Cabinet is a great arcade compilation for XBLA and PSN that makes some previously impossible to play older arcade games playable in the modern age"

Nein, you are incorrect. Everything here has been available via MAME as far back as I can remember. If you can look past the achievements/artwork rewards you are undoubtedly better off getting the roms for these and not lining Capcoms pockets.
MartinB105  +   500d ago
Not only MAME, but Capcom themselves already released these games for PS2, Xbox, PSP. The PSP version is available on PSN and also works on the Vita.

I bought the entire set of 39 games on a PSN sale about a month ago for £8 (about $12) to play on my Vita.
DJZed  +   500d ago
Pretty sure the writer was referring to the difficulty. They were "unplayable" before because they were tough. Now there are ways to beat the game without frustration or being a total pro.
FamilyGuy  +   500d ago
This thing is in the free-to-play area on psn. I just downloaded it today, along with uncharted 3s multiplayer, mass effect 3's stuff and the god of war demo.
Bathyj  +   500d ago
getting it now just for the free Black Dragon. ah memories

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