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Evil_Ryu  +   1077d ago
Kinect is a better gimmick then Wii touchscreen nintendo has no chance this generation.
Donnieboi  +   1077d ago
Lol I wouldn't even keep a Wii U if u gave me one for free. I'd sell it so fast and put the money on a down payment for a ps4. I'm done with nintendo.
madjedi  +   1077d ago
Yeah not a chance in hell, the wiiu will be in last place or actually 3rd, 4th being the steam box.

To alot of ps3/360 gamers the wii u is a overpriced ps3/360 with a expensive and uninteresting novelty controller.

The wii u is perfect for nintendo fans just joining the hd era, for people that have been here going on 8 yrs, it's unimpressive and a bit primitive compared to the ps3/360's capabilities/features.

The casuals have there ipads and smartphones they are good. People aren't buying it, plain and simple atm. Alot of us are waiting for the ps4 or 720.
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arbitor365  +   1076d ago
not a chance. you may see a spike in sales when the new 3D mario, zelda, and super smash bros hit. maybe a few million here or there, but you are still looking at 20-30 million lifetime sales for this thing, if that.

its a generation behind in graphics and online features. and this time there is no casual craze to save it, like with the wii.
linkofrs  +   1076d ago
Realistically this gen I think all of the consoles will sell a similar amount of units but its pretty impossible to predict anything at the moment.

However, the wii u is no where near being a generation behind in graphics. The video games of this gen will mostly run on similar engines that will have features scaled down for less powerful consoles. People keep trying to compare ports of ps3 and 360 games to the wii u and forget that they are ports. When you port a game you have a very limited budget for doing so. The developers hardly even change the games when they port them.

When you want to see a console's maximum potential you always look at first party games, because they know how their own system works. The zelda tech demo they had at e3 2011 still looks better then anything I have seen come out for the wii u yet. If they can pull visuals out of the console like that then I'd be extremely satisfied. Furthermore game play is better then shiny graphics. It is nice to have both though.

I suspect we'll start seeing great things from nintendo at e3 this year, as well as some great things from sony and microsoft. This gen is going to be pretty awsome from the looks of it.
imXify  +   1076d ago
I would say no, the WiiU didn't had the same hot start as the Wii so I think it's time for Sony to retake 1st place like they did with PS2.
gamingmaster2013  +   1076d ago
Xbox - likely. Ps4 - GO HOME UR DRUNK!!!
linkenski  +   1076d ago
Wait, is this actually a positive Wii U article!? My mind is blown! I didn't realize that this could even happen!
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