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Magnagamer222  +   1002d ago
Definitely Lazy! These games should be given out for free to entice gamers to buy these over priced console systems.
awkwardhamster  +   1002d ago
I'm a sucker for the classics.
guitarded77  +   1002d ago
I am as long as they add new features. If they have trophies/achievements, online leader boards, can be played in full screen, upgrade to HD, etc. I don't like it when they just push the same old game on us without any modernization.
YoureINMYWay85  +   1002d ago
No thank you, I've bitten my share of re released stuff.
gamerlive  +   1002d ago
PopRocks359  +   1002d ago
They're not always lazy. Sony's HD collections and Nintendo's remakes are often times good placeholders. Microsoft's remake of the first Halo held people over until Halo 4 came out. It's a good way to keep fans enthralled.
SlapHappyJesus  +   1002d ago
strigoi814  +   1002d ago
both but depends on how many times it would be re-release

but if its like Donkey Kong on wii got ported to 3DS its lazy..handheld should have more at least different type of interface..
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catch  +   1002d ago
I don't see any problem with them. They are a convenient way to pick up classic games for those who are interested. It is a nice option to have.
josephayal  +   1002d ago
Waste of money
mamotte  +   1002d ago
It all depend on who is buying it, and how old is the game. For example, if some young kid playing Mario Wii want to know how was the first Mario game, it's far easier to buy it digital, than find a working NES and the game. Even if you just want to get some nostalgia, it'll be easier and cheaper. Same with the DMC collection, Jet Set Radio... and I can continue here. I suppose you get my point of view.
Kiddcarter  +   1002d ago
its good at first but it becomes lazy if done too much, for example Nintendo releasing wind waker is good, nintendo releaseing super mario every few years and calling it NEW super mario wii, or New super mario wii u, or New super mario ds, is just lazy
kirbyu  +   1002d ago
Those aren't ports each of those is a new game. It's no different than when a new Call of Duty comes out.
kirbyu  +   1002d ago
I still don't see how it's lazy in any way. It's not like you can just copy and paste the data from the original game onto the new platform.
admiralvic  +   1002d ago
I think it's the concept of banking on a proven winner, over making a new title. Like it's certainly easier to redo everything that made game A a winner, than try to recapture the same experience for game B.
kirbyu  +   1002d ago
Re-releases ARE a great idea. If they didn't exist me, a guy born in 1996, and my little brother would have no way of playing Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and all the other great classics.

And don't say I could get them on an emulator because I hate emulators.
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PopRocks359  +   1002d ago
Not all emulators run games that well (except for older 2D games I think) and not everyone has a computer or the know-how to get them running. Either way, it's piracy, especially when a number of those games are available on the VC, PSN and XBLA.
danitanzo  +   1002d ago
Well, I'm buying F-Zero for 30 cents and I've never played it sooo.... it's a good idea for me?...
guitarded77  +   1002d ago
Yeah, it's crazy to think I paid $50 for it back in the day. I had to mow a lot of lawns to game back in the day.
TheDivine  +   1002d ago
Depends. NES games on the 3ds Eshop for 5-7 bucks is cheap and lazy. They should be in 3d for 1-2.99 max. HD remastered are lazy but usually you get a collection so im all for it. Then there's the remakes of classics games such as Zelda OOT, Wind Waker, Star Fox 64, Halo, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, exc. Those are great rereleases. I'm all for rereleasing rare games and titles out of print though. Xenogears on psp/ps3 is amazing, ogre battle on wii ware, and there's tons of examples of hard to get games becoming available thanks to rereleases. I'm hoping for dd releases of lots of ps2 jrpgs and HD collections of Baten Kaitos 1 and 2, Fire Emblem PoR and RD, Tales of Symphonia 1 and 2, Kotor 1/2, Xenosaga series, exc. Its nice to get a trilogy or pair of past games remastered on one disk. Don't want it don't buy it. What's wrong with it if nobody makes you purchase it?

I would love more remakes tbh. I want gba Metroids remaster on one cart in 3d, gba Fire Emblems one one cart in 3d, Minish Cap remade, lots of psp titles remade or remastered in a vita collection (MGS PO and Peace Walker maybe). Better to get a rerelease than paying out the ass for old hard to find games despite how good they are. Make it happen peoples.
klecser  +   1002d ago
Many of you are having difficulty realizing that there is a new generation of gamers that were born 20+ years after many of these games released who have never played them.

So, my question for many of you is this: why should new gamers be denied the opportunity to play old games on new consoles?

I think the truth is that many of you who are "against" re-releases never thought about anyone other than yourself.
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Tzuno  +   1002d ago
Not lazy, scarred because of failure. no new ip's shame.

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