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dorron  +   952d ago
There's only one person more stupid than Pachter...the one who pays him to be an "analyst".
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doublejj  +   952d ago
after listening to the podcast in full even though Micheal Pachter is controversial i believe he knows exactly what he is talking about and i don't doubt him for a moment that what he is saying is wrong. the Wii U shouldn't have been called Wii U cause it did confuse the gaming community into thinking that it was a game like the the Wii Fit. they should have went another direction with the name. the games for Wii U are here nor there and like pachter said Nintendo ain't going nowhere but they will not make a profit if the PS4 and Next-box get all the developer support. then onto the PS4 which i believe that will not be over $499 cause that would hurt Sony and they should aim for $300-$400 cause that would then knock the Wii U out of running as the most economical choice and that would turn the eyes of Microsoft closed to the gaming world as being number 1. so pachter i agree with everything you said and we shall see as time progresses what the deal is.
saphiron  +   952d ago
Agree about the Wii U name, Nintendo...something.something would have been better.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   952d ago
It definitely did this gen when you factor in the 7 years of Live at $50 per year.
Picnic  +   952d ago
Michael Pachter looks like the kind of person who would try to sell me a pyramid scheme.
solid_warlord  +   952d ago
Even Mario/zelda/metroid games will not save the Wii U.
Shades of gamecube. I cant foresee see Ninty doing nearly as good as they did with original wii
Orionsangel  +   952d ago
Worst podcast ever. Sounds like kids talking in Junior High.
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RFornillos4  +   952d ago
ok so when he says something bad about Nintendo, it makes sense, but when he says something that makes sense about Microsoft, he's just being ridiculous? jeez!

honestly, i don't believe both Sony and Microsoft can afford to go too expensive these days. at the least they will both target $400. coz business-wise that price point would be best compete with Nintendo's $350. they'll probably release something with less specs to go for that 400 price tag (less HDD space perhaps, less accessories). with the tech rumored for Xbox720, and even Sony's specs for PS4, the more likely starting price point would be at $450 at least.
thematrix1298  +   952d ago
Douchy xbot fanboys!

That guy needs to learn more about 64 and 32bit before explaining to listeners. Let me teach you fanboy:

Intel and AMD went on different ways to create 64bit architecture. Intel's Itanium failed while AMD's method was to stretch x86 instruction set for 64bit (this succeeded). Hence the reason why people AMD64 or x86-64bit. If you say Intel 64bit then you are referring to Itanium. Obviously researchers at Sony know the limitation of 32bit being only able to see less than 4gb. A wannabe podcaster thinks he found a 'issue' while PhD with 20 years+ didn't at Sony? These guys are pure fanboys.
Godmars290  +   952d ago
Not really seeing MS dong what Sony did, let the other go a year ahead of them, and still have an impact on the market.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   952d ago
any money bet if the next xbox cost more than the ps4, you wont hear half as much crap as you did when the ps3 was more than the 360.
Ukdude  +   952d ago
Michael Pachter is the De La Hoya or Pele of predictions,if you had your last note you just simply bet the opposite.
He even thougt the Wii U would be a sellout till march (a guess he didnt think of the impact of tablets)
ephoenix6  +   952d ago
why do people still listen to this guy? He's consistently wrong
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DivineAssault  +   952d ago
if theres a difference in price, im sure itl be minimal.. The next box might be a bit less powerful but that kinect 2.0 & or illumiroom will bump up the cost..
Ragthorn  +   952d ago
Look at that face, you know he will troll us... lol
BrianC6234  +   952d ago
Next Xbox might cost more. Next Xbox might cost less. Hey, I'm an analyst. How much am I getting paid for that one?
banditscout  +   952d ago
I'm really looking forward to the day that an actual gamer replaces Michael Pachter. I'm absolutely sure this his credentials regarding the economy are legitimate, but he really doesn't understand GAMES. It's a little bit frustrating that his words are given so much weight.
BrianC6234  +   952d ago
He's better than the other game analysts but that's not saying much.
Novistador  +   952d ago
I wish I could make jackass predictions and get famous for it....
sport  +   952d ago
Xbox will only APPEAR to be cheaper
The new xbox infinity will be sold using the same formula as the cell phone.
Which is already in use at the microsoft store
BrianC6234  +   952d ago
Are you saying the new Xbox will be sold the way that one model of the 360 is getting sold? I think it's $15 a month. Maybe that's why Microsoft is doing that. To try it out. It isn't a very good deal but I guess if you can't afford to buy a console but can afford $15 a month it might work. But anyone in that position shouldn't be wasting money on gaming.
starscream81  +   952d ago
Pachter, while often wrong, is awesome because he tries so hard and is sincere.
nosferatuzodd  +   952d ago
you say a 32 bit system cant used moore than 3gigs of ram that's the same thing Microsoft said about 1080p it is impossible and then its done

but i guess everyone is a critic these days i guarantee you if Microsoft come with a tin can on a string its the greatest since slice bread we know
dennett316  +   951d ago
So long as that tin can plays CoD, Fifa and'll still sell.
talisker  +   952d ago
Michael Pachter has issued a new statement: "Nextgen consoles will be sold for money".
Coltrane_C  +   951d ago
Is this an Xbox Podcast? Cause they are straight fan boys
dennett316  +   951d ago
Why exactly do people bother to listen to analysts? It's just half-hearted guesswork and "maybe this will pan out, but maybe it won't".
I will speculate for free....

The Next Xbox might radiate awesome directly into your frontal lobe.
Kinect 2 will be able to read your thoughts and actually become an autonomous robot to perform the daily tasks you can't be bothered to do.
The next Xbox might feature a new controller, but it might not. But it might, then again it might not. But maybe it will....

In fact, screw it. I'll say any meaningless gossip-mongering drivel you want for £20 and a case of beer. Whatever the agenda, I'll create an eye-catching headline for you.
XeNoStRatoS  +   948d ago
When will this d1ckhead stop to predict stuff which barely is right? As of last he announced a PS3 price cut along the Reveal of PS4, now he speculates about the next box pricing... always without any clue and proof. it is annoying and i don't understand why his news are always willingly posted, not just here but on other gaming related news sites. don't get the hype around this rather useless person who calls himself analyst. please give me the option on n4g to filter and block everything related to the Pach attack...
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