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Walker  +   952d ago
"and ready to take on GTA V"

A man can dream !
kingmushroom  +   952d ago
yes he can !, I'll be getting them both.
BlmThug  +   952d ago
Same. Gta V in September and Watchdogs in November or if EU gets shafted, then March
kingmushroom  +   952d ago
lol, hopefully none gets shafted
Double_Oh_Snap  +   952d ago
Oh man Watch_Dogs is shaping up to be amazing, but you don't stand a chance against GTA V. I mean do I really need to list everything GTA V is doing? This not a fanboy thing I'm about to say it's a fact, come back here in September.

I mean Watch_Dogs has some amazing things going for it with the single/multiplayer merging into one. Hacking the city, the immersion/graphics are Next Gen. It also shows crazy unscripted AI.

With all that said, if R* north does everything they said It will absolutely destroy any other open world game period. It doesn't matter if GTA V is on Next Gen or only current. It's R*'s largest most ambitious game ever. Does anything else need to be said really?
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Sandmano  +   952d ago
Im thinking R* arent stupid enough to miss out on the PS4 in December 2 months after GTA gets released and when you look at the delay it could very well mean their gonna get a much better looking version released for the PS4.

Everyone has too realize this has never happened before. Something so huge it could actually really harm GTA's sales if they dont release a PS4 version, its usually GTA that scares off games to get delayed but this time I believe the PS4 has gotten R* too delay their game to make a PS4 version...
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paul1974  +   952d ago
GTAV is only launching on xbox and 360! so far so if it does not come to pc, wii u and ps4 then its limited in what it can do by their ram and power and GPU being 2005/2006!

They need to bring it to ps4 and wii u plus pc and upgrade it to those units specs of 2011+!! extra ram and GPU performance!

Watchdogs is designed around the extra power of ps4 and wii u and pc so it could well offer much much more! unless you just want to kill people, have prostitution you know all the stuff GTA provides!

I guess the development of the game was much earlier then watchdogs and they do not have the time or money to spec it to the more powerful consoles and PC's..
Double_Oh_Snap  +   952d ago
If that's all you think GTA provides you don't deserve to play those games honestly, your an imbecile.
MooseWI  +   952d ago
It's not the same as GTA, they both may be Sandbox games, but they're just not the same.
Karpetburnz  +   952d ago
Watch Dogs will no doubt be an amazing game and Im gonna get it day 1, But It wont outsell GTA V.

And I hope Rockstar make a PS4 version of GTA V.
Kennytaur  +   952d ago
I think it can hold its own against GTA, it's certainly more innovative. But what worries me is the replay value.
gamernova  +   952d ago
They think they can stand up to GTA haha That's adorable. So they imagine they know what gta V will be like and tried to copy their imagination. Hilarious. It will be an amazing game, no doubt but GTA...GTA is even beyond CoD so yeah.
paul1974  +   952d ago
oh yeah i forgot! drugs and gangs! drive by shooting i have played them thanks :)

So einstein what does it bring to the table?? they are what they are and just like any game that's released every year it follows the same pattern!
JGaLaXY815  +   952d ago
yeah i was gonna say, I haven't read what GTA plans on doing differently this time around, I guess i'm a little curious but I could care less at this point, I'm more excited for Watch Dogs and i'm one of the many that'll buy it day one over GTA V, which we've played over and over already...
Lucreto  +   952d ago
This will be my launch title for the PS4.
2pacalypsenow  +   952d ago
Its a different type of game how can it take on GTA V thats like Nba 2k14 ready to take on GTA 5
Hydralysk  +   952d ago
They'll never outsell GTA, too much brand awareness, but it wouldn't take much to match recent GTA in quality, Saint's Row already did it this gen.

R* is great at world building, but lately they've been trying to make everything realistic at the expense of fun, and trying to make us feel bad for protagonists in cutscenes only for them to immediately punch a guy in the face, steal his car and run over some pedestrians while shouting obscenities on the way to the next mission the second the cutscene ends.
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Ck1x  +   952d ago
I'm more interested in Watchdogs at the moment than GTA5. I think Watchdogs is going to show and advertise very well, because of all the high-tech stuff going on in that connected world. But we'll see come holiday 2013 for sure though!
aliengmr  +   952d ago
Just on name alone GTAV wins. Watchdogs looks very interesting but its going to take more than an interesting premise to effect GTAV.
Mr-SellJack  +   952d ago
innovative ip>stale franchise that brings nothing new and copies almost every other game
solid_warlord  +   952d ago
Think how good GTA 6 is gonna look on Next Gen. 2015/16 that time i expect Rockstars to really understand next gen architecture and optimize it to the max.
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