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Link079  +   1082d ago
I think WiiU and PS4 will rape the 720.
Yodagamer  +   1082d ago
More than likely especially if they don't launch this year. The main reason i think the xbox was successful is it simply came first and when one person bought xbox live their friends bought it so they could play online with their friends. It created a domino effect of sales. Kinect is another factor, but i think that was a flash in the pan.
dboyc310  +   1082d ago
Naw ps4/720. Honestly who with a right mind will think the wii u has a chance. Most of the audience that bought a wii passed on the wii u. And no most of them aren't waiting for zelda, pokemon etc. Most of its user base moved on to phones/tablets.
deafdani  +   1082d ago
Right now, the PS4 will likely have all the third party games the next Xbox will have, plus its exclusives.

The Wii U will have its exclusives.

The Next Xbox? It remains to be seen, but if Microsoft follows the same path they did with the 360, then it will have very little to offer in terms of exclusive games, giving both PS4 and Wii U the edge.

Food for thought.
dboyc310  +   1082d ago
That's true but it's a wait and see with Microsoft right now. Plus look at it this way the xbox 360 basically took away the wii's market with kinect.

Agree.E3 will either nail the coffin for the console or bring it back to life.
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xursz  +   1082d ago
I don't know but I expect Nintendo to come with huge announcements this E3. They had to have anticipated the danger of competition coming to market this holiday so they'd have to invest appropriately to keep people interested.
lilbroRx  +   1082d ago
I'm going for the console that gives me the most fun with the lowest cost.

Gaming is suppose to be all about having fun.
MasterCornholio  +   1082d ago
I agree with you. I always game on the console that gives me the most fun. Currently im gaming on my PS3 because its the console that provides me with the most amount of fun. Hopefully the PS4 will launch with good games that way i can buy it for a new level of fun.

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE  +   1082d ago
Can't believe people are down voting fun XD
Link079  +   1081d ago
And spending extra money on a blu-ray player and Harddrive space that only applies to a small bunch is just in my eyes not needed for a game console especially when you have Netflix in super HD ect it just adds to the cost of already expensive consoles,all consoles shoud be £225 to say £300 that's the sweet spot,

Microsoft and Sony are trying too hard with adding extra stuff you will never use ?? my WiiU is the best place to go for Browsing the web or watching movies on Netflix ect it just plays the films in the best possible quality and for me that's all i need for multi-media although Nintendo have pledged to keep the services coming ect StreetU is very impressive i went to a few destinations where i'd been on holiday it bought bk memory's,very interesting you can globe trot and check destinations out before you actually go there it's very fun.
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doublejj  +   1082d ago
is this question and article for real? are they really show-downing the PS4 VS Wii U. its no contest, im not even going to justify a response to this article cause to me Nintendo already failed in my eyes two months after its initial release. lets just bring up facts shall we:

Wii U: lost support from major developers as they don't want to go back to the drawing board on games that they already had in development for a long time. they also don't have support from too many indie game developers either as they don't feel that their games will succeed with the younger Wii U owners. Sales: under a million since launch in November and its not even a great console its a Wii with a second screen experience and HDMI that's just about it.

PS4: has support from not only 1st party developers but second and third party as well as indie developers and they have cloud gaming in place and the vita is ready to dominate after being under for a year. Sony will push the vita to high class and the PS4 will own the market.
khowat  +   1082d ago
Whoa there, wii u has sold more than a million units, but are you talking about world wide, europe, or japan, because there it hasn't reached a million but in the US it has and worldwide it has reached around 2.5 million.
Link079  +   1081d ago
I think you've been listening to too many rumours mate or twisted storys ie storys with little twists to make them sound more doom and gloom than they really are,because i'll tell you now WiiU has tons of support from 3rd partys mostly japenese but them games are being built for the west now.

WiiU sold 3.01 million units at the end of december,so 1 million units to sell in 3 months,thats the truth kids,and with MH3U,and LegoCity not to mention NFS U it will reach that goal easy.
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doublejj  +   1081d ago
yada yada yada whoopidy doo whoopidy doo the Wii U will fade into the mist and then Nintendo will turn into a third party developer and join Sony and they could make games for them cause the Wii U is not next gen its last gen with a current gen feel and it will faze out in about 2 years from this year. oh yea and Microsoft will close its doors on the console market and go complete PC and like i said Sony will then handle the home market and handheld division. keep the opinions coming lol cause that's all they are to me.
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MNGamer-N  +   1082d ago
Wii U + PS4 + 3DS + VITA, FTW! Who needs a Microsoft console? For what? So I can move my body all around pretending to kick a ball? Sounds awful. I want to sit in a comfy chair and move my fingers and eyeballs.
ElementX  +   1082d ago
I just bought a Vita and I'm happy with the purchase. I'm looking forward to PS4 connectivity. I think Wii U sales will pick up when major titles are launched, however I think the next Xbox and PS4 will be the most played consoles.
DivineAssault  +   1082d ago
E3 better have something that im looking forward to for wii u or im done with nintendo forever.. I should have Rayman Legends by now but MS screwed that up so im just stuck waiting for god knows how long before an exclusive i want gets released.. That nintendo direct offered me NOTHING to look forward to either.. Not buying monster hunter u so idk what to get.. Hopefully Bayonetta 2 gets released soon..

Anyway PS4 will definately have a place in my living room for nx gen.. Matter of fact, it will get the best spot on my entertainment center & the #1 HDMI plug in my TV.. wii u will be secondary if its not replaced by a 720..
kagamer79  +   1082d ago
This is my 2 cents and just mho. Ps4 sounds awesome graphics wise and i can imagine what there exclusive titles will look like. Breath taking probably and 720 who knows they been pretty quite so far. I know nintendos at a disadvantage power wise and ur a fanboy not to admit it plain n simple. I love all game systems never been one to only play one system cause i think its the best no matter what ppl say im a realist so to speak i give credit where credit is due. Will ps4 be a great system? I think so but will nintendo die and go software only? U got to be f%%%ing kiddin me they close dwn shop before selling out. The wii u has potential if it gets great 3rd party support and i think the graphical difference this gen wont be as big as alota ppl think. Nintendo isn't doomed at all ppl use common sense if they didnt know what the hell they were doing they wouldnt still be here making conoles and software 30 years later. I mean think about it they have seen alota systems come and go atari-turbo graphix16-sega-atari jaguar-3do-neo geo-etc. I may not always agree with nintendos decisions they've made mistakes aplenty but to say a company that has a 12 billion dollar bank roll and 30 yrs in the business is doomed? Thats ridiculous. You know what will happen if wii u dnt sell? Nothing cause they can afford to put out a power house console contender if they wanted or needed. You dnt have to love nintendo hell say fck mario n there kiddy games if thats how u feel fine by me but u should at least respect the pioneers of gaming that paved the way for what it is today. Gaming wouldnt be where it is without nintendo. Will nintendo ever call it quits? Maybe but ur having delusions of grandjure if you think you'll ever see mario or zelda on another console thats not an opinion thats a fact. Well u can all disagree now my rants over lol.
doublejj  +   1081d ago
WHAT? you should consider Rosetta Stone for your English lessons cause i don't have a clue of what this gibberish you just wrote. im sorry no offense but you should delete this comment.
Thepcz  +   1081d ago
people fear wiiu
so they slander it

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