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GribbleGrunger  +   1010d ago
'An interesting thing to note: Microsoft acquired the ZCam assets in 2009, so either Sony was able to come to terms with Microsoft in using the technology or it developed its own version.'

Of course they had their own, they've been developing it for years.
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1010d ago
Yes we know, just like the Move and Achievements, Sony were working on a prototype for this since even before tv's were made.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1010d ago
So you think that Sony have bought tech from Microsoft for their new camera? Really? LOL
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1010d ago
Last I checked the nextbox is rumoured to have bluray in it and SONY Vaio's come with Windows installed. So they are partners and rivals in business. . .who knew right??
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1010d ago
clearly we don't know if they've come to terms on a partnership in regards to this. But Sony normally build their stuff with a lot foresight.

I doubt that the name EYE Toy would've been chosen lightly. It seems like if you start with 1 eye, the next evolutionary step is to get 2 eyes (two lenses)

I mean, Sony makes 3D camera's with 2 lenses as well, did they copy the Idea from Microsoft? You guys have to keep in mind that Sony have their hands on lot of different technologies since they manufacture a plethora of non-gaming related stuff.

But it's totally possible that it was just a simple matter of them agreeing to trade technologies.
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room414  +   1010d ago
"Yes we know, just like the Move and Achievements, Sony were working on a prototype for this since even before tv's were made."

Sony pioneered camera based motion control with the ps2 eyetoy. That evolved into the more powerful playstation eye for the ps3 with motion control and voice recognition well before kinect was released. And now the natural evolution of that is coming to the ps4.

I really don't know why people have such a hard time with this. Be reasonable.

edit: also, as far as achievements are concerned, that was an original idea by activision for the atari 2600
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ABizzel1  +   1010d ago

I have to disagree with you as well. Sony is a camera manufacturer, and they just bought out Olympus making them one of the biggest in the industry if not the biggest. They also develop you know camera for you know film, HD / 3D games. So you don't think they have the means to make their own, especially considering they've been making camera peripherals for the PlayStation for going on 3 console generations.

This is there tech.
Christopher  +   1010d ago
I'm not sure people here remember or not, but Microsoft bought the company that Sony utilized to build and test camera technology when making Kinect.

So, gee, if there are similarities, it's kind of obvious why.
zebramocha  +   1010d ago
Did anyone read the spec of the ps eye 2? They did show any depth sensing parts,it's just two hd web cam duck taped together.
Ritsujun  +   1010d ago
Duct taping zebra and mocha together you get zebramocha.
zebramocha  +   1010d ago
My comments has an error it should say didn't instead of did,zebramocha is a type of coffee like a latte,macchiato and cappuccino.
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finbars75  +   1010d ago
Actually Sony and Nintendo passed on this technology because it wasnt really good to go although it was enteresting.Im glad they passed on this since Kinnect was not up to par on release and all the issues and hiccups it has.The eye has been around alot longer then the kinnect technology has and it laways tracked 1:1 ratio properly.I think Sony has just improved there eye to a higher working technology to work more openminded areas that kinnect neglected.kinnect was a great idea that fell short of being great.Im sure Sony has a better idea and solution for there sensor bar then that of the Wii which sucked and Kinnect which will probally be improved as well on next console.
Nick_515  +   1010d ago
I think you have almost no idea about the technicals of any of these cameras. Bringing the wii into it doesn't really make an sense, either, as there is no actual camera.

I'm pretty sure the reason Sony didn't want to opt for better *body* tracking by using more parts, such as, another dedicated processor (Project Natal), an infrared camera, etc. is for two reason: 1. Money. They know they need to keep the cost down and only include what they really need to include, but at the same time including all of their peripherals to maximize saturation. Gamers should be able to appreciate this since they have a clear focus on the actual gaming aspect. Also, 2. Lag. Kinect came with a big problem and that was lag and being cheap enough for people to buy. Kinect would have been good if it was $300, but... it would've been $300. Also, I don't think it would have gotten rid of the lag, but the actual tracking would have been a lot more accurate.
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Knight_Crawler  +   1010d ago
Eyetoy does a 2D silhouette, Kinect takes a 3D image with depth. Allows for much more accurate motion tracking.

With eyetoy for example if you pull your leg up, it looks like you've just had everything below the shin blown off. With Kinect you can see how you pulled your leg up (Just bent the knee, raised your hamstring and kept your shin straight, etc).

Just looking at them both they'd look very similar, but 'under the hood', particularly in the software, there is a proverbial shit-ton of difference. S'like saying your Computer 10 years ago is the same as one today, because it has a power and reset button on the front and a CD drive with an eject button.
Cocozero  +   1010d ago
The PS Eye doesn't track body movement it tracks the controller. So they are not that similar.
GamerGuy153  +   1010d ago
The previous Playstation Eyes for the PS2 and Ps3 could do body tracking, granted they were just looking for general movement. I would say that the PS4 Playstation Eye will be able to do body tracking movement because it can track in 3D so it can actually distinguish a body now. Surely, its abilities won;t be on par with the Kinect because it does not have an infra red sensor.
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finbars75  +   1010d ago
Actually it does track body movements.Obvisiouly you havnt played some downloadable games to have seen this.It works 1:1 but like the kinnect it doesnt have the full range that it needed to be perfect.the eye actually tracks better then both wii and kinnect.It just wasnt really focused on by developers because alot of the gamers want controller base games.
Fatal-Aim  +   1010d ago
actually it does track more than the controller. check this out:

and this
(watch at 1:50)
etownone  +   1010d ago
Sony definitely is copying lately. Not that that's a bad thing.
But who doesn't copy these days.

Ms copied eyetoy with vision cam
Sony copied Kinect with new ps eye

Sony definitely copied Wii motes with Move.

And Sony went the MS route for next gen with a Pc based console as Ms has always done instead of going their own route and making great new hardware, but hard to develop for.
And Sony is trying to do same thing WiiU does using Psvita.

Not hating on Sony....
Actually I'm very impressed.
Why buy a WiiU, when ps4 /vita can essentially mostly the same.
Why use Wii motes when ps4 has MOVE
Why buy Xbox 720 with Kinect 2.0 when Sony has new P's eye.
Ritsujun  +   1010d ago
Dude, it's all about the exclusive games.
telekineticmantis  +   1010d ago
Not hating
just let me correct you. The move was in developement before the wii.

Sony announced Cross play/Transfarring capabilities before Wii U, Sega had a second screen before any of this.

Sony brought about memory concepts with memory cards before Microsoft evolved it, with going to hard drives.

Almost nothing these companies do today will be original.

It's just about evolution more than revolution. Now I'm curious as to what Sony will do with the touchpad on the DS4, can it be used as secondary fire in shooters, can it be used to control swords in RPGs or maybe bow and arrows? but weve all seen touchpads so it's about how they use it.
finbars75  +   1010d ago
Everybody copies everybody.They just try to improve on what the others faults have become.If they didnt try to out do each other by doing this then consoles would still be in the stone ages.not that I hate Atari or colecovision because they where great times no doubt but how consoles have progresed over the years just tells us that where on track to greatness.Just think about who invented the atari and what that has become.Apple anybody,or how Sony and Nintendo where partners for years before Sony wanted to get in on the action by creating the PS.everything just snowballs in this industry by learning from one another.
subtenko  +   1010d ago
The PS3 was classified as a super computer and all sorta of organizations for agencys used them for various things. The PS3 has contributed more than the xbox360 did.
Fatal-Aim  +   1010d ago

PSeye came out in 2007 AFTER Sony already tested out the Zcam in 2004 ( ) ( ) which was patent by 3DV Systems. In 2009, MS bought 3DV Systems out, used their tech and made Kinect.

The camera they are using NOW for the PS4 is not a Kinect type of camera due to Kinect having a "range" issue; it is a stereocopic camera ( ) ( )

Basically, it finds 3D space by looking for noise and different points in the video. Kinect does it with IR sensors. Big difference. To enhace the camera's tech beyond a normal 3D camera, Sony has implement Move and DualShock 4's light bar for even greater accuracy. So, they didn't copy. They simply found a cheaper more reliable solution.
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MasterCornholio  +   1010d ago
The technology in theory might be similar but they are done in a very different way. Kinect works by using infrared cameras while playstation eye uses 2 normal video cameras. Kinect is designed to track individual body parts while the playstation eye is designed to track the glowing ball on the move controller. In theory the playstation eye can detect some basic limb movement but not on the same level as the Kinect.

I wont mind if Sony bundles the playstation eye 2 with the PS4 since the tech behind it is relatively inexpensive however people should be worried if Microsoft bundles an expensive Kinect camera with the 720.


Heck even Nintendo copies which is something that Nintendo fans refuse to admit but i have solid proof of this.

Dum de da

Its the XBOX360 oops i mean Wii U pro controller.

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VonBraunschweigg  +   1010d ago
Well look at that, we all get to wave our limbs. But I think I made to much fun of Kinect to be happy right now:)
jizzyjones  +   1010d ago
85 degree viewing angle is actually wider than kinect2 leaked specs on eurogamer which is 70, so it actually be better in smaller rooms.
strigoi814  +   1010d ago
well kinect burst laser to track your body movement..this use HD cameras and track the color of the i can simply tell they are very different
lovegames718  +   1010d ago
Sony isn't copying anything right here eye you been out with controlerless play. This is an evolution of tht.

A controller is not the only thing Wiiu has copied lol it goes way beyond that. Miiverse although diff in some respects is an evolution of home and near yet they act as if it's a revolutionary thought lol
Wiiu trying to be a media hub with 3d and so forth is biting off Ps3 who already focused on being a media with blue ray, true stereoscopic 3d,, dolby surround and yes a browser for years.

There is nothing wrong with innovating past things but lets give credit where it's due. They all have copied at some time or another.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1010d ago
The good thing about Sony's next console launching with something similar to Kinect is that it will help keep fanboys at bay. I had the biggest smile when they busted the PS Move out at their show the other night.

Lets face it, Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo all are trying to garner as many different types of gamers as possible.
Stoppokingme  +   1010d ago
PS fanboys are so keen to hate kinect, but now that Sony has produced something similar, suddenly they come out defending the idea of motion control, or accuse MS of plagiarism.

Make up your mind, guys.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   1010d ago
i still hate kinect mostly because it hardly works,and is just plain stupid, and i had a ps2 eyeoty that worked 100x better, all im going to say is that now that im older, this motion control camera crap is a gimmick no matter who uses it sony,microsoft or nintendo,i mean it was cool when i was like 10 but nowi cant bear to see a grown man using this crap.
-Falaut-  +   1010d ago
"...tracked even more accurately, but that the motion tracking capabilities of the PS4 will likely be on par with the Kinect..." What? Last time I checked in terms of accuracy and fidelity, Move was better. Here is a quick example. What is faster and more accurate when playing Child of Eden? I played both "motion" versions.

Now this is by no means a stab against Kinect as it needs to do "more" to track something as opposed to tracking a very distinguishable glowing sphere. This statement alone underlines which is more technically accurate due to having to deal with less variables.


edit: what bothers me is this "so and so copies this and so and so copied that". Everybody copies everybody to an extent. But to go around saying factually incorrect things like "oh, well its the first thing that did motion tracking with a camera" is quite frankly BS. Its easy to forget Eyetoy for PS2, and even that was not the first motion tracking using a camera.
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kinetic100  +   1010d ago
I felt Kinect was a good idea, but as usual MS rushed it out and it didn't do what it said on the tin. it was less accurate that the wii mote (never mind the wii mote plus). It was advertised for core gamers, which has yet to come to pass. Maybe the 2.0 wont get slated as much as it may do what the originally said it would.
sjaakiejj  +   1010d ago
Infrared depth imaging, 3D camera and random forests are hardly patented technologies, and I think that's where the comparisons end.
oldassgamer  +   1010d ago
All of these unfinished/undecided specs and designs put a big question mark on a holiday 2013 release. Don't be surprised to see the release date slip.
joeorc  +   1010d ago
once Again Sony did not copy Move from the freaking WiiMote concept!
"They didn't invent a method for their motion control. They copied a method that had been created before them. That's not inventive or innovative. Sony didn't imitate Nintendo with the Wiimote they imitated the guy who made it"

and my Response to this claim:

the guy who made it was employed @ Sony!!!! this was Sony R&D LABS, HE HAS MULTIPLE Patents on the control scheme for pete's sake!

He showed off his demo in year 2000 running on the protype PS2!

you know who else was at that 2000 siggraph yearly event? Nintendo!

Well its very freaking simple. DR. marks in 2000 showed off the working Move concept with a working prototype software with a wand control scheme a wand with a multi- colored ball @ this is one freaking full year before gyration pitched the idea to Nintendo in 2001!

There is DR. Marks there on the left

see for your self 3rd picture down on the left! see for your self 3rd down picture on the left!

that was in the year 2000

the demo was called:

Medieval Chamber
Richard Marks

here is the freaking PDF:

once again when did Nintendo get their pitch for the WiiMote? not until 2001!

that is one full frwaking year before Nintendo got their pitch, hmm did they get the idea from Sony? Nope, Nintendo never does that! LOL

oh' what's that a wand with a big colored ball with motion control gaming from a freaking PS2 protype! ONE FULL YEAR BEFORE NINTENDO EVEN GOT THE PITCH FROM

so by that you heard it here first folk's Nintendo also invented Time Travel and DR. who is ripping off from Nintendo now also/ LMAO
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Y_5150  +   1010d ago
Good, hopefully Sony makes more use of the technology.
dcbronco  +   1010d ago
It seems Sony developed their own version of Kinect. But it was rumored sometime ago that Sony was going to license Kinect for their TVs.

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