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deanobi  +   764d ago
He apparently preferred the new Xbox to the PS4...
Gimmemorebubblez  +   764d ago
~Well I bet he justs loves Microsoft even more now~
deanobi  +   764d ago
Haha XD
majiebeast  +   764d ago
Most hilarious part of the Kotaku article.

"He said that one of the cops told him he was a "pretty boy" who would "most likely be someone's bitch in jail."

Cops be trolling.

Hipster Jesus that was funny as hell or socially awkward teenage jesus.
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TheBrownBandito  +   763d ago

You sure do have a pretty mouth boy.... Lol!
JsonHenry  +   764d ago
Must be nice MS to have so much money and clout you can use the FBI to bully and prosecute you over releasing info that is declared "secret" by a corporation. If a small business owner had something that was "secret" and got released on the internet do you think they would raid someone else in another country and jail them over it? NOPE! FFS they are acting like this guy is releasing national security secrets.
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B1663r  +   764d ago
Industrial espionage is actually considered a national security issue...
Ju  +   764d ago
It is one thing to gain illegal access to information and sell this for a monetary value to the competition or a corporation doesn't verify their cliental and send them information to be leaked publicly - without monetary interest.

Well, he was stupid to offer the dev box on EBay. This probably put some "cause" into the whole affair. But come on, this is ridiculous.

It worries me that mega corporations can get away with such an unfunded reasoning and the institutions which should not be tied into that corporate world. After all I would consider democratic elected governments to be responsible to protect their citizens - not corporate interests. But maybe I am just naive.
MikeMyers  +   764d ago
You are being naive into thinking breaking past security and releasing private information should be a democratic right.
Ju  +   764d ago
This is a corporation. They can use the legislation like any other entity and bring this in front of a civil court and sue for damages. Also, he did not "steal" that dev box. Somebody from MS must have sent it to him; voluntarily. So, if anything, someone at MS didn't do their homework. Sending the FBI (if that's even true) or escalating this in that form is abuse of power. Seriously. WTH. It is a little terrifying how much power corporations have these days; almost worse than in the early 1900s. Are we all really getting that blind? What he is guilty of, is a breach of NDA (or whatever conditions were bound to receiving a dev kit). But the truth of the matter is, MS sent him the material.
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dcbronco  +   764d ago
I am not a fan of corporations. But, he did sign an NDA. The reason for the NDA is to make sure a company remains competitive in whatever industry. Stealing and selling secrets is a huge side business. I used to handle proprietary corporate information and you wouldn't believe the amount of stuff you had to sign. But the reason is it's information that can ruin a company. Or help the one receiving the information.

If you think it's not a big deal, list all of your personal information on your next post. Social security number, address, phone, everything. See how important inside information is.
nukeitall  +   764d ago

In some sense, protecting corporate interrests are protecting citizens interrests as well. We *NEED* corporations (or businesses if you prefer) to provide said products to our citizens as well as jobs.

Keep in mind, corporations consists of citizens so yes, institutions should protect corporate interrests.

"Also, he did not "steal" that dev box. Somebody from MS must have sent it to him; voluntarily. So, if anything, someone at MS didn't do their homework."

So if I lent you my house and you listed it for sale, then I didn't do my homework and it isn't stealing nor fraud?

Get out of here!!! Thats a load of BS!

If you want to respect citizen's right, you also need to respect corporations right.
LOGICWINS  +   764d ago
U know u can get 2-10 years for those "secrets" right? Corporate spying is no joke. Its the most prevalent white collar crime.
gatormatt80  +   763d ago
I agree with most of your comment except I think that embezzlement is probably the most prevalent white collar crime.
Muffins1223  +   764d ago
Here we go again on the hipster hating Microsoft...i can see why they are mad,they leaked specs like 6 months ago and that gave sony valuable info and they could get a graphical advantage and upgrade the gpu and ram likely because of that.
Ju  +   764d ago
You mean this is different than MS walking into the IBM office with a suite case full of cash to buy into CELL development? I guess they both try hard reading the competition. Ok, MS found the leak. Awesome. Lets punish him; he must be the source of all evil.
Knight_Crawler  +   764d ago
Dude have you not played Fall Out 3? Industrial Espionage can start a world wide nuclear fall out.

Dont want the Korea getting MS secrets...they might actually learn how to make a rocket.
BrianC6234  +   764d ago
What's with more disagrees than agrees on your comment? You're right. The FBI had no reason to get involved in this. The police didn't either. It's a legal matter. If Microsoft was fooled into sending the guy a development kit it shows how dumb they are. Don't they check things like that? Can anyone just buy one if they have some money? If so they might want to change that.
MasterCornholio  +   764d ago
So i guess the rumors are true then if Microsoft made such a huge effort to crack down on someone releasing fake information.


You know SuperDae was the one who released the rumors on the Durango requiring a constant internet connection to function and you couldnt use it without Kinect 2 hooked up to it.

"Perhaps most importantly, this isn't an optional accessory. It's mandatory. Not only does a Kinect ship with every console, but it must be plugged in and calibrated for the console to even function."

EDIT: The constant internet connection didnt come from SuperDae my bad.
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Software_Lover  +   764d ago
He falsified his info and mailing address and credit card info, allegedly, to obtain the kit. Its credit card fraud. FBI will get involved regardless of MIcrosoft.
Viper7  +   764d ago
Depends where you live.

Many cyber criminals are located in countries simply inaccessible to the FBI or just not worth the potential trouble. E.g China.
Software_Lover  +   764d ago
This is true.
Turbotoby  +   764d ago
He looks a bit like a nerdy hipster Jesus.
r21  +   764d ago
Damn, he is one hardcore xbox fanboy. Look at his tweets before before the FreeSuperDAE. If MS did send that FBI squad to his house, I wonder if he'll remain loyal?
TheOneEyedHound  +   764d ago
I heard he was crying.
BanBrother  +   764d ago
And my shoes are white. Your point? LOL.
TheOneEyedHound  +   763d ago
That he is a crybaby, Funny to think you didn't conclude my point.
A quick tip, use you're imagination, it's much powerful than you're knowledge.
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deanobi  +   764d ago
I wonder what else SuperDaE knows.. hmmm
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BrianC6234  +   764d ago
The FBI sure are jack booted thugs in this story. Nothing that happened should involve the police. If anything Microsoft could sue the guy. To bring in the FBI is plain stupid. Good use of resources FBI.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   764d ago

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